Home remedies for Cracked, chapped and dry lips

Lips are one of the most sensitive organs of the human body. Fleshy lips are something that everyone likes. Unfortunately, there could be situations when the lips becomes chapped or cracked. It presents a very bad look and in many cases it could also put the person in some embarrassing situations.

What causes chapping and cracking of lips?

Skin gets the oil and other vitamins from the sebaceous glands. It gets the oily substance called Sebum from the Sebaceous gland so that the skin can withstand different weather conditions, etc. Unfortunately, this natural protection is not given to the lips. So, lips should be protected from external sources. However, due to various factors like over exposure to the sun (as in summer) or cold, insufficient vitamins like Vitamin A, B, C and vitamin E, or even due to insufficient Riboflavin, dehydration, smoking, allergy, skin diseases, Sjogren’s syndrome (an ailment where excessive antibodies are created), even due to Macrocytosis (enlargement of blood cells makes the lips starts to crack or chapped). However experts are of the opinion that except in cases of Sjogren’s syndrome and Macroytosis which require medical attention in other cases of lips getting cracked or chapped may not require too much in the way of medical attention and it can be cured by minimum medication or even by home medicines.

Symptoms of cracked or chapped lips:

The feeling of dryness in the lips, tenderness of the lips, lips becoming reddish, peeling of lips, and a feeling of licking lips frequently are the early indications of lips becoming dry.


There are many medicines to address this problem. As said earlier, the doctors are of the opinion that except in case of Sjogren’s syndrome and Macroytosis, in other cases of dryness of lips, normally home medicines would do the trick. At the same time the doctors are of the opinion that dryness or cracking of lips is not life threatening.

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Home remedies for Cracked, chapped and dry lips

Olive Oil As A Treatment For Cracked, chapped and dry lips:

Properties: his is extracted from the olive tree. Olive oil is largely used in many of the European countries. Olive oil has been recognized as one of the best remedy for many of the ailments. It is also used for edible purposes.

Cure for Cracked, Chapped and dry lips using Olive Oil:
Take some cotton and dip it in olive oil and apply the oil on the cracked lips. Also drink about three teaspoons olive oil. Drink at least about two cups of water. The other method is to mix olive oil with some Vaseline and apply it is on the lips.

Lipstick As A Natural Remedy For Cracked, chapped and dry lips:

Properties: Lipstick is known to every woman and it does not require any introduction at all. Lipsticks are intended to keep the lips smooth and protect them against sun or cold weather, etc. Unfortunately many of the lipsticks are chemical based. With continuous use of such lipstick, the user is likely to develop a skin allergy. At the same time such chemical based lipsticks may not be useful when the person is suffering from cracked lips.

How to treat cracked lips using lipstick:
In such cases the best remedy is to use herbal based lipstick. This is a safe procedure because herbal lipsticks are not allergic and at the same time they also cure the disease.

Marigold As A Natural Remedy For Cracked, chapped and dry lips:

Properties: This beautiful flower is called Calendula officinalis in botanical language. It is also called a pot marigold. It is believed to be native of European countries. It is known for its medical properties, particularly for its anti-inflammatory properties. It is known to be the best cure for acne, controls bleeding and makes the tissue smooth.

Home remedies for Cracked lips using Marigold:
Many medicines with marigold as the base are available in the market. Choose a product from a reputed manufacturer which has at least 10% marigold. Apply this medicine after washing your face thoroughly with warm water.

Flax Seed As A Treatment For Cracked, chapped and dry lips:

Properties: Extensively grown in India and many parts of the Mediterranean regions, the flax seed has been time tested for its high medicinal value. It is used for edible purpose as well as for other commercial purposes like making dyes, fabric, manufacturing fishing nets, etc. Flax seed is rich in Omega 3 and this Omega 3 plays a vital role in healing cracked lips, etc.

Treatment for cracked lips using Flax seed:
Actually, many medicines are available which have flax seed as the base product. Take such products and use as per the directions given on the label.

Wheat germ oil, Watercress and nutritional yeast As A Natural Remedy For Cracked, chapped and dry lips:

Wheat Germ Oil:

Properties: Wheat germ oil is extracted from the wheat kernel. It is known for its high nutritional value. The oil is extracted through a special process. Wheat germ oil is rich in Vitamin E and, as said earlier, Vitamin E plays an important role in controlling and curing cracked lips.

Nutritional yeast

Properties : Nutritional yeast is produced by a special process which involves a process of culture of yeast and then mixing in molasses of sugar cane and beet molasses. The nutritional yeast, as the very name suggest, is very rich in its nutritional composition.


Properties: This semi aquatic plant belongs to cabbage family and is cultivated in large quantity. Furthermore, watercress is believed to have originated from Central Asia and Europe. Many researchers have proven that Watercress is rich in many vitamins and minerals. It is rich in antioxidants and diuretics and has anti-cancer properties also.

How to treat cracked lips using wheat germ oil, watercress and nutritional yeast: Take two tablespoon of wheat germ oil, one table spoon watercress, one glass of tomato juice, two table spoon of Spinach juice and carrot juice and one table spoon of nutritional yeast. The combination of all these natural produce is a very good source of energy containing vital nutrition and minerals. Drink this mixture at least thrice a day and you will certainly observe wonderful results in containing the cracked lips.

Mentholatum As A Natural Remedy For Cracked, chapped and dry lips:

Properties: This is actually a combination of menthol with camphor. Using these natural products, an ointment is manufactured called Mentholatum. This medicine is found to be of great use in treating cracked lips etc. Both camphor and menthol are easily available in the open market.

Home remedies for cracked lips using Mentholatum ointment:
Ointment is
available with camphor and menthol as the basic ingredients. Apply this ointment every day before you venture out in the morning or in the evening.

Other Home Remedies for Cracked, chapped and dry lips

Tomato is rich in Vitamin C. Take some fully ripe tomato and gently rub it against the cracked lip. It may cause little burning sensation in the beginning. However, the Vitamin C present in tomato helps to heal it quickly.

Take a lemon and cut it into two. Take one of the portions and rub it gently on the lip.

Take about two teaspoons of mustard oil and apply it on the lips. Some even suggest that mustard oil should be applied on the navel.

Gently rub the cucumber on the lips. It is really unbelievable, the healing is so fast.

One of the oldest remedies is to apply pure ghee or pure butter (not the one mixed with salt etc) or milk cream on the lips. It removes the dead skin.

Never peel the dead skin from the lips. This is because, if you forcefully remove then it only aggravates the situation. The only remedy is to keep applying Vaseline or ghee etc and the dead skin will come out automatically.

Normally those who have cracked lips have the habit of licking the lips frequently. Experts say this should not be done. This is because each licking means watering the lips and more watering only takes away the moisture and it aggravates the situation.

Some people may be allergic to certain toothpaste. So, ensure that you are not allergic to the toothpaste you are using.

Take some aloe vera and Vitamin E gel. Mix them thoroughly and apply it on the lips.

If you have dentures which are not properly fitted, it could cause cracking of lips. In that even take the help of your dentist.

Mix honey with sugar or in the alternative mix sugar with olive oil and this mixture can be used for exfoliation of the dead skin.

Stop smoking because tobacco can also cause cracking of lips.

Take some rose petals and dip them in milk. After about one hour, crush the petals and allow it to soak in the milk for some more time. Now, apply this medicine and it is one of the best medicines for curing cracked lips.

Take some milk cream and mix rose petals in it. Now, apply this mixture on the lips.

Take some Neem leaves, crush them and extract the juice. Apply this juice on the lips. If you are buying Neem Juice extract, ensure that you buy it from a reputed manufacturer.

Take fruits and vegetables which are rich in vitamins and minerals. Experts say that constipation is yet another cause for cracked lips. So, they suggest that fruits and vegetables should be rich in fibers.

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