Home Remedies for Corns

Corns are toughened and thickened patches found on the skin. The patches are normally found on top of the toes and extend inside the subcutaneous tissue making them painful. The small but painful patches can either be hard corns which are on the toes or the outside of the little toes or soft ones which form in between the toes. When under pressure, they can be extremely painful.

The very first symptom you will have is inflammation and pain around the area of infection, then swelling will occur creating the cone. The skin will get thick around the fingernails and the color may turn brown. You will find that the affected area becomes dry, rough and painful because of continued pressure. The corns can also appear on the soles of your feet and take a pyramid shape with the apex inward. It is however easy to confuse between sole warts and corns.

Corns are caused by several factors which include incorrect footwear and pressure on the toes. Ill fitting socks, high heeled shoes and nonporous shoes are also major causes of corns on the toes. People suffering from diabetes are likely to get corns as well and so are those who walk on hard surfaces without wearing any protective shoes. The good news however is that there are very good and effective natural home remedies for corns that one can use without having to spend much and undergoing too much pain.

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Home Remedies for Corns

Pineapple as a Home Remedy for Corns

Pineapple as a Home Remedy Properties: Pineapple peel contains a good acid content and other important enzymes which are very effective in treating corns and curing them completely. It works by first softening the corn and then eventually removing it and clearing it from the skin.

Using Pineapple as Treatment for corns:
Cut and wrap a small piece of fresh pineapple peel and let it stay overnight. This should be done every single day for an entire week to get effective and positive results. This home remedy is among the very best cures for corns. You can also use pineapple juice on the corns since it is another great remedy.

Papaya as a Treatment for Corns

Properties:Papaya juice has antibiotic and antiseptic properties making it a good remedy for treating painful corns and getting rid of them eventually. You will find relief soon after you start using the juice on the corns which then leads to complete healing.

Using Papaya as Treatment for Corns:
Squeeze and apply fresh papaya juice gently on the affected area of the corn and allow it to dry by keeping it for a few hours. You can measure the juice using a tablespoon and repeat this procedure daily till you get the desired results. This remedy is very useful in treating corns.

Mustard Oil as a Home Remedy for Corns

Properties: Mustard oil is known to contain compounds which are effective in reducing pain and swelling associated with corns. The compounds are what make the oil an effective and simple home remedy for corns.

Using Mustard Oil as Treatment for Corns:
Mix and apply mustard oil with liquorices on the affected area, then allow it to stay overnight. When this is done on a regular consistent basis, the corns will eventually stop swelling, thus getting rid of the pain and enhancing healing. This is among the very best home remedies for corns.

Lemon and Corns as a Treatment for Corns

Properties:The acid found in lemon contains antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties which make this fruit a good remedy for the treatment of corns. Apart from being used on corns, lemon is used in the treatment of various other conditions, especially those affecting the skin.

Home Remedies For Corns Using Lemon:
Slice and apply a fresh lemon onto the infected corn area and let it stay intact for a few hours. Apart from getting rid of pain and giving you relief, it will soften the corn and eventually get rid of it when used over a period of time.

Castor Oil as a Home Remedy for Corns

Properties: Castor oil contains medicinal properties that have proved to be very effective in dealing with corns among other skin and digestive system problems. The good thing about the oil is that it is easily accessible and it does not require any kind of preparation to use.

Using Castor Oil as Cure for Corns:
Take and apply a few drops of the oil onto the infected area using your finger and let it stay for several hours. This procedure should be done thrice per day till desired results are seen. Although it is a slow remedy, it is very effective when it comes to healing and completely curing corns.

Banana Leaves and Peels as a Home Remedy for Corns

Properties:Banana peels and leaves have healing properties that are essential in treating corns. Although not many people know how important they are, this is maybe the simplest home remedy that is effective in dealing with painful hard and soft corns.

Natural Remedies For Corns Using Banana Leaves and Peels:
Take and rub the insides of a banana peel on the affected area. If you have banana leaves, tie one on the area of infection and let it stay overnight for best results. This is also a great way of getting relief from pain and irritation which comes with corns.

Turmeric as a Home Remedy for Corns

Properties:Turmeric is famed for the various healing properties it has and has remained a good natural home remedy for people suffering from corns.

Using Turmeric as a Cure for Corns:
Take and mix 50 g of turmeric with at least 3 spoonfuls of olive oil and smear this on the corns letting it sit for a few hours. This remedy is especially very good for corns that are painful and you will find almost instantaneous relief from the pain.

Garlic as a Home Remedy for Corns

Properties:Garlic remains to be one of the best remedies for most conditions including corns. It contains anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties which make it quite useful for almost all conditions affecting the human body.

Natural Remedies for Corns Using Garlic:
Take and cut garlic cloves into big slices and tie them on the corns using a bandage for a whole night. After removing the cloves in the morning, use Dead Sea mud on the wound and cover it using a bandage. This should be done until the corns completely disappear from the skin.

Fig Juice as a Home Remedy for Corns

Properties:Green fig juice has medicinal properties which have proven to be very essential in taking care of corns. The milky juice softens the corns and eventually gets rid of them, giving you complete cure.

Using Fig Juice as Cure for Corns:
Extract and apply half a teaspoonful of the juice onto the area and allow it to sit for a few hours. This should be done at least three times a day till results are satisfactory.

Other Home Remedies for Corns:

Grind and make a paste using four liquorice sticks and mix with sesame or mustard oil before rubbing this on the rough patches that are corns. This should be done when going to bed and allowed to stay overnight to soften and decrease the size of the corns. The procedure should be done every night till the results are satisfactory.

Clean and dry your feet, then apply medicated powder gently onto the corns and between your toes. You will find relief by doing this and it will help the healing process of the corns. You can also wash your feet in warm water using a medicated solution to relieve pain and get rid of dirt.

Tie tea bags onto the affected area for at least an hour every single day to get amazing results over a short period of time.

Boil oatmeal in water for about five minutes, then strain the water in a basin and soak the affected foot to get rid of the pain caused by corns. Dandelion is also a very effective home remedy for corns and actually cures them after a period of use.

Make a paste using lemon juice and brewer’s yeast and apply it on the corns allowing it to remain intact overnight. This is among the best home remedies for corns you can use.

Grind a small piece of chalk and make a paste using a reasonable amount of water, then apply it on the area of infection for several days to get best results. Chalk powder is found to be very beneficial in treating corns.

Prepare a solution using warm water and Epsom salts and soak your feet or the affected foot to treat corns. You can also make a solution using chamomile tea and soak your feet in it for several minutes every day to take care of corns.

Take aspirin tablets and crush them into powder, then make a paste using lemon juice and water. After applying the paste onto the corns and area of infection, use a plastic paper bag to put the foot and tie a warm towel onto it. Let this stay for around ten minutes before unwrapping and scrubbing the foot using pumice stone. This way, you will get rid of callused and hard skin easily, allowing healing.

To soften corns, apply lanolin gently onto the area of infection and pad the entire area to get rid of pressure that can make the condition worse. You can also place a cotton piece that can absorb or small gauze onto the area and cover with a thin moleskin piece to help in treating the corns.

It is advisable to stretch your shoes every now and then to get rid of any pressure which can eventually cause friction. This is a great way of relieving the pain that comes with hard corns.

Take a small piece of cloth that is clean and soak in vinegar before binding it onto the affected toe. This should be allowed to stay in place for a whole night or day to remove the corn from the root.

Reduce pain and friction while walking by applying petroleum jelly on your toes. This is a good remedy for mitigating the sensation of corns effectively and remains among the most useful home remedies for corns.

Another great home remedy is using ivy leaves that have been soaked overnight in vinegar. After removing the leaves in the vinegar, take a piece of bread and apply it onto the area of infection. This is a wonderful way of relieving pain and eventually treating corns.

Take a bulb of Indian Squill herb and roast it before applying on the area of infection. After placing it on the corn, secure it using a bandage. This is best done at night and then removed at dawn.

Jangli pyaaz is another important herb for the treatment of corns. All you need to do is roast it and apply on the wound securing it overnight for best results. This is a great corn cure when used consecutively till results are experienced.

Take a clean piece of cloth and soak it in apple cider vinegar, then tie around the affected toe or area for a whole 24 hours. This remedy is great in relieving pain.

Mix some water with baking soda and then soak your feet or infected foot for 20 minutes. The home remedy works wonders in relieving pain and helps in the healing process of corns.

As a preventative measure, always wear shoes that fit properly. They should neither be too tight nor too loose as these are some of the major corn causes. Cleaning and drying your feet thoroughly before wearing shoes is another great way of keeping your toes in top shape.

Diet for Corns and Other Precautions

The best diet for corns is one that is rich in minerals and vitamins. This is best found in fresh vegetables and fresh fruits. It is also advisable to always have a diet that is well balanced.

A balanced diet for corns is essential in keeping your immune system in top shape. It is also important to do some exercises in order to burn excess calories to keep your immune system as strong as it should be.

Always keep your toe nails well trimmed to ensure that the tips of your toes do not protrude. Keeping the nail edges smothered and wearing shoes that are comfortable and well fitting also help a great deal to keep corns at bay.

When you develop corns, avoid cutting them up as this could lead to infections and heavy bleeding that can be dangerous. Instead of cutting them up, it is better to use a pad before wearing shoes to keep unnecessary pressure at bay.

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