Home Remedies for Gray Hair

The human hair naturally loses color as one advances in age thereby turning gray. Whereas this is not a problem for most people, premature hair graying can be quite disturbing for some. Sebum is an oily substance that is secreted by the scalp and supplies hair with all the necessary nutrition from the bloodstream. It is also responsible for how black one’s hair is depending on good nutrition among other factors. Most people do not know that the hair is alive and needs nutrition to be in best shape.

There are various causes for premature graying of the hair but the most common is faulty diet. People who take diets that are low in Vitamins, copper, iodine and copper tend to be more prone to hair graying compared to those who take healthier diets. Mental worry is another cause for gray hair as it causes tension to the scalp skin thereby hindering proper absorption of nutrients that keep the hair healthy. An unclean scalp can also lead to hair graying and so does regular washing of hair using hot water. Other causes are hair dyes, drying the hair using an electric dryer and genes.

The good news however is that there are some precautions that one can take to treat gray hair. There is no longer a need to worry too much that you look older than you really are because of the gray hair since there are simple and natural home remedies for graying hair which work effectively in restoring the natural color of your hair. Hair dyes are preferred by most people as soon as they notice a few gray hair but they could end up damaging the hair even further, hence the need to go the natural remedies for gray hair in dealing with this condition.

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Home Remedies for Gray Hair

Indian Gooseberry as a Home Remedy for Gray Hair

Pineapple as a Home Remedy Properties: Indian gooseberry contains hair enriching tonic properties which makes it a great home remedy for the treatment and prevention of gray hair. The properties enhance hair pigmentation and growth leaving the hair looking beautiful and healthy. This is one of the most beneficial home remedies for gray hair.

Using Indian Gooseberry as Cure for Gray Hair:
Cut the fruit into pieces and dry it in shade before boiling the pieces in a good amount of coconut oil. This should boil till you are left with a matter that looks solid almost charring to dust. Apply this on the hair on a daily basis. You can also soak gooseberry pieces in water overnight and use the water to rinse your hair after every wash as an effective treatment for gray hair. Gooseberry juice can be massaged into the scalp when it is well mixed with almond oil and lime juice as gray hair treatment as well. These multiple uses of Indian gooseberry in treating gray hair makes it stand out in the list of natural remedies for the condition.

Amaranth as a Natural Remedy for Gray Hair

Properties:Amaranth has essential properties which enhance hair growth as well as keep it soft. The vegetable properties also help in maintaining the natural color of hair thereby keeping it well protected from premature graying. This home remedy has proved to be very beneficial not just in the treatment of the condition but also in the prevention of gray hair.

Using Amaranth as Cure for Gray Hair:
Squeeze and make juice from the vegetable and then gently apply into your hair and scalp. The application should be thorough and done on a daily basis if you are to get positive results within a shorter period of use and get all the protection you need from graying.

Curry Leaves and Gray Hair

Properties: The various medicinal properties found in curry leaves provide the hair roots with strength and vitality allowing stronger and healthier roots to grow. This in turn prevents and treats gray hair effectively.

Natural Remedy for Gray Hair Using Curry Leaves:
Squeeze the leaves in buttermilk to make a condiment and apply this onto your hair daily. The leaves can also be effective when boiled using coconut oil to make a hair tonic. The tonic is good in triggering hair growth as well as bringing back your natural hair pigmentation, thereby treating hair graying. The vegetable can be taken regularly as diet for gray hair and as a preventative measure for the same.

Ribbed Gourd as Remedy for Gray Hair

Properties:Ribbed gourd has enriching minerals which are good for hair roots as well as in restoring natural hair pigmentation. The properties have made this remedy very popular as it is effective in dealing with gray hair.

Using Ribbed Gourd as Cure for Gray Hair
The vegetable should simply be cut into pieces and allowed to dry in shade. The pieces should then be soaked and left in coconut oil for four days before being boiled to a black solid residue which should be massaged thoroughly into the scalp. This home remedy never fails and you should be able to see results within a few weeks of use.

Butter as a Home Remedy for Gray Hair

Properties: Butter has minerals which prevent hair graying prematurely. The good thing about this remedy is that it is easily available in most kitchens as well as food stores and anybody in need can have access to it. Butter made using cow’s milk is best in this case.

Using Butter as Treatment for Gray Hair:
Take a small quantity of butter and make a roll which you can take on a daily basis. It can also be massaged into the scalp and hair roots in small quantities at least twice every week. The massaged butter should be left for at least an hour before washing off.

Sandalwood Powder as a Natural Remedy for gray Hair

Properties:The various compounds and minerals found in sandalwood are good in polishing and soothing the scalp and skin thereby removing tan. The remedy works well as a preventative measure for gray hair although it also works as treatment for the same.

Using Sandalwood Powder as Cure for Gray Hair:
Take the powder and make a paste using rosewater and then apply this twice daily onto your hair and scalp. The paste should be left until it dries before washing off.

Ginger as a Home Remedy for Gray Hair

Properties:Ginger possesses various medicinal benefits making it a great way of treating varying diseases and conditions, among them gray hair. Ginger has the ability to protect the hair from premature graying making it a great home remedy for people suffering from this condition.

Natural Remedies for Gray Hair Using Ginger:
Grate the root and mix with honey. You should then take a teaspoon of the mixture together with your meals. The routine can be adopted even after the graying has gone as a protective measure from future attacks. This remedy also works for other problems and conditions related to hair.

Other Home Remedies for Gray Hair

Mix lemon juice and coconut oil and massage onto the hair and scalp on a daily basis. The mixture should be left on the hair for 15 to 30 minutes to protect the hair from graying as well as treating already existing gray hair.

Make a cup of black tea that is strong and mix well with oil before applying this over your hair. This is a good remedy for preventing the graying of your hair. The procedure can be done twice daily for best results. You can also add salt into the black tea and strain it after cooling. You can then use the strain to massage your hair roots on a daily basis. The solution should be washed off only after staying for around an hour on the hair for best results.

Fight gray hair by massaging the scalp with almond oil. This should be done on a regular basis even if you are not suffering from the condition as a protective measure.

Mix lemon juice with castor oil and blend till you end up with a frothy solution. You can then add the solution to your hair henna and apply. After allowing this to sit for a whole hour, wash off using herbal shampoo as treatment for gray hair.

Soak a few acacia pods and rithas overnight and boil the mixture after adding a good amount of water, then cool the mixture and strain. The strain should then be used as hair shampoo. You can also blend the mixture well with gooseberry juice to make a good remedy for gray hair and other hair problems you could be experiencing. Apart from dealing with the condition, this remedy will leave your hair looking shiny and smooth.

Take almond oil and mix well with Indian gooseberry juice in equal amounts. Then add lime juice drops before applying this onto your hair and scalp. This should be left to stay overnight before washing off in the morning. This remedy works wonders in treating hair graying and is highly recommended.

Take a tablespoonful of yeast and mix with a liter of natural yoghurt. You can then take a bowl of this before taking your daily meals as an effective way of dealing with hair graying.

Heat curry leaves in coconut oil and allow cooling before applying and massaging the mixture on your hair. This is an effective way of getting rid of gray hair.

You can also use raw milk to wash your hair as a way of cleaning and opening up hair follicles and cleaning the scalp in general. The cleansing property of milk makes it a very good treatment for grey hair and is very effective, especially for those people suffering from the condition because of neglecting their scalp hygiene.

Diet for Gray Hair and Other Precautions

Premature hair graying can be tamed using a proper diet for gray hair which also works in preventing the condition from even attacking your hair. There are various diets for gray hair as well as precautions which when taken into consideration can make a lot of positive changes in your life and should therefore be considered.

Ensure that you take a balanced healthy diet that contains all the essential nutrients for the proper functioning of the body. A healthy balanced diet is the key to better health and should therefore never be taken for granted.

Increase your intake of foods rich in protein as a way of treating and preventing gray hair problems. The best foods in this case include soymilk, peanut butter, cereals, meat and whole grain foods.

Increase your Vitamin A, B and iron intake to successfully get over gray hair. The minerals can be found in sunflower seeds, parsley, chicken, dried apricots and red meat. Other good sources are eggs, green vegetables, corns and whole grains.

As for foods rich in iron, you can consider taking cashew nuts, kidney bean, figs, soya beans, paprika and almonds as diet for gray hair. Fresh fruits are also rich in essential nutrients and Vitamins which help a great deal in gray hair condition.

Avoid taking food that contains refined sugar, white flour and products such as soft drinks, jellies, pastries and jams since they tend to gray the hair, cause wrinkles and even take away your body energy.

Take lots of Vitamin A, C and E rich foods to help improve the texture of your hair and skin. You can achieve this by taking citrus fruits and cod liver oil which is rich in the essential Vitamins.

Eat plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits to supply your hair with all the nutrients it requires to remain healthy and free from all diseases. It also helps a great deal to drink as much buttermilk as you can as diet for gray hair. You can add wheat germ and yeast to the milk to make it more effective in dealing with gray hair.

Avoid harsh hair chemicals which only leave your hair damaged and very sensitive, hence more prone to graying. It is important to follow a strict diet keeping it as natural as possible. This is the only way you can keep your hair natural and healthy.

Take some time to gently massage your hair roots and ensure that you maintain proper hair hygiene to keep dead cells accumulation at bay. Also avoid excessive conditioner use on your hair as it leaves the hair greasy, thereby compromising hygiene.

You can also use natural hair dyes to cover gray hair if most of the listed remedies to not seem to work for you. It is however important to choose a dye color that looks natural to avoid more hair complications in the future.

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