Home Remedies for Gaining Weight

A person’s weight has caused a lot of concern among many people due to various individual reasons. Many people have tried to match their weight to their height without much success. There are others who like more weight to have a good natural look, among other reasons. An excess amount of energy intake is the main reason why people add weight, especially fat. The foods we eat have a lot of energy, especially carbohydrates and proteins, so when food is eaten in excess, the unneeded energy is stored in the body as fat. The accumulated fat in the body does not have any place where it can be stored and therefore accumulates on various parts of the body, increasing body mass. It is also good to note that there is no medical treatment for weight gain but food supplements and other remedies can be used.

Another reason why some people gain weight is the fact that the energy consumed has little work upon which to be expended. The main purpose for the intake of food is to provide enough energy for the body to enable major organs in the body to perform their duties. If food containing a lot of energy is consumed and yet there are few duties to be performed, then the excess energy is stored in the form of fat thereby increasing body mass. Energy intake should equal the energy used and if the energy taken in is more than the energy used, then the result is weight gain. The other major reason for body mass increase is the rate at which food is digested. Most people with slow digestion rates have experienced weight gain as there is a lot of energy not being used by the body which is stored as fat. Eating habits can also contribute to weight gain. Food should be eaten only when needed in the body or when one is hungry. If excess food is consumed, it will be digested and stored in the body as fat since it ieightto masstribute to massive nds not needed by the body. Various methods can be used as a treatment for weight gain as highlighted below.

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Home Remedies for Gaining Weight

Gentian as a Natural Remedy for Weight Gain

Gentian Properties: Gentian is known for its properties which increase the appetite for those people who want to gain weight. The herb is very bitter and is almost impossible to use it in raw form as a remedy for weight gain. This herb contains glycosides and amarogentin which stimulates the body to crave more food than needed in the body. The herb has been in use especially in the European region to increase body weight. Apart from being used to increase the appetite, gentian is also used in various activities in the body such as increasing gastric secretions and the rate of bile flow during digestion. It therefore stands among the most useful natural remedies for gaining weight.

Use of Gentian as a Cure for Weight Loss:
Look for the root of the herb and wash it well. Cut the root into small chips so as to extract the enzymes easily. Then boil the chips with handful of water for 25 to 30 minutes. Allow the concoction to cool in the shade. Then consume about half a glass continually on a daily basis until you attain the desired weight. It is also good to drink the herb a few minutes before a meal.

Ginger as a Natural Remedy for Weight Gain

Ginger Properties: Ginger is among the most useful and effective natural remedies for gaining body mass. The rhizome has a long history of treating body mass-related conditions as well as other ailments. The basic feature of this remedy is that it aids in stimulating appetite thus giving a person more cravings to eat food. This herb is easily found in most areas, which is the reason it has gained such popularity as a natural remedy that causes an increase in body mass. Not only is it a natural remedy for treating this condition, ginger has a long history of being used to treat abdominal pain.

Use of Ginger as a Cure for Weight Gain:
Rhizomes of this herb are the most effective part of the herb as they contain a lot of enzymes which cause the desired appetite if used. Wash the already-grown rhizomes well before cutting them into small chips. When making your daily tea, mix in these chips and allow the tea to boil for not more than 10 minutes. The tea made from ginger can be taken for as long as is necessary to attain the desired weight. It is good to note that when drinking a concoction of this herb, it is very bitter, requiring that it be used with tea.

Dandelion Root as a Home Remedy for Weight Gain

Dandelion Root Properties: Dandelion root has been in use as far back as the 16th century by the Chinese as well as the Africans. The ancient Africans used this herb during the period when there were upcoming wars with their neighbors. They believed this herb had the potential to give their soldiers more weight and in the process gain strength. The dandelion root has various substances such as glycosides which stimulate the quick digestion of food in the stomach. The herb also has some very useful substances that help in increasing the appetite and making one eat more food.

Use of Dandelion Root as a Treatment for Weight Gain:
Prepare this herb as a tea. Take the dandelion roots, wash them and cut them into small pieces. When making the tea, cook these pieces together with the tea since it is only the way to make this remedy. The tea should be allowed to boil for quite some time before serving. The herb is very bitter and a sweetener, either sugar or natural honey, should be added to it.

Chen Pi as a Natural Remedy for Weight Gain

Chen Pi Properties: Chen pi has been widely used in China for a long time for treating indigestion and abdominal discomfort as well as being used to increase body mass. This herb has a property that eases digestion. It is also useful in stimulating appetite, giving a person the craving to eat more food. The difference between chen pi and other remedies is that this remedy gives a person an appetite for food rich in proteins and fats. During digestion, the herb has some properties which stimulate the production of gastric juice which plays a big role in breaking down food so that it is easily assimilated by the body.

Use of Chen Pi as a Treatment for Weight Gain:
Chen pi should be boiled at a high temperature for about 25 minutes. The useful property of the herb is extracted in the boiling process. Boiling also helps in extracting important oils found in the herb which play a major role in easing digestion of food in the stomach. The liquid should be taken on a daily basis until the desired weight is attained. This remedy can not only be used as a concoction, it can also be mixed with normal tea. Chen pi is among the most effective natural remedies for increasing weight which is still in use today.

Milk as a Home Remedy for Weight Gain

Milk Properties: Milk has been categorized among the most effective home remedies for increasing body mass. Milk contains major diet constituents that are needed by the body such as fats and carbohydrates. The growth of the body is supported by carbohydrates which constitute more than half of the milk. Milk is not only consumed due to the large amount of carbohydrates but also because it assists greatly in breaking down foods in the stomach. However, the effect of milk can be increased by adding natural honey to the milk. Milk eases the breakdown of food into small components that can be easily digested in the body. Natural honey, if used together with milk, helps to increase the appetite for foods rich in proteins and carbohydrates.

Use of Milk as a Treatment for Weight Gain:
The milk of cows and goats has been regarded as the best remedy to use. There are two ways one can use milk to treat weight loss. One can choose to use the milk in making tea or to consume plain boiled milk. After boiling the milk, add a little honey or sugar to it. Consuming one glass of milk per day is enough until the desired weight is attained.

Banana as a Natural Remedy for Weight Gain

Banana Properties: Banana has been among the most used home remedies for increasing weight and has been in use for ages. It contains a lot of carbohydrates which is one of major constituents in a diet for increasing body mass. It contains not only carbohydrates but is also rich in other minerals and nutrients essential for body growth. Although raw bananas are regarded as containing the largest amount of nutrients, ripe bananas also provide a good amount of nutrients.

Use of Banana as a Cure for Weight Loss:
Using banana as a home remedy for weight gain does not involve a lot of activity. When using bananas, you need to look for mature bananas before peeling and cooking them. Allow them to cook well and then mash them while adding a little milk. Eating such a meal frequently is part of a good diet for increasing weight as well as an overall healthy diet. Mashing bananas with milk is one way to make a good diet for weight gain.

Fig as a Home Remedy for Weight Gain

Fig Properties: Fig has a great history of adding weight and has been in use for ages, especially in the Middle East. These fruits are known to be additives for weight gain due to the fact that they increase the appetite. They also assist in digestion of food in the stomach by increasing the flow of gastric acid in the stomach during digestion. It also contains some very helpful substances that help in breaking down nutrients, especially fats, into small components that can be absorbed easily by the body.

Use of Fig as a Cure for Weight Loss:
Fig can either be used in raw form or by making juice from it. Look for ripe figs and consume at least three times per day, especially a few moments before eating a meal. This will cause a craving for more food as the appetite will be increased by eating them. The figs can also be mashed together to make juice. Do not use overripe figs as they are not nearly as effective as those that are moderately ripe.

Other Home Remedies for Weight Gain

Flaxseed is useful in increasing weight due to the fact that flax seeds have a high percentage of oil and have been a cure for weight loss. The flax seeds are not used alone but may be added to daily meals. Flaxseed has a high fat content and when consumed, the excess fat is stored in various body parts to be used later when there is a deficiency of energy in the body.

Consuming avocados regularly has also been advocated as a home remedy for increasing body mass due to their high percentage of fat. They can be eaten alone when ripe or mixed with the meal.

Most nuts also contain fats that help the body to gain weight. Such nuts include cashews, groundnuts, peanuts as well as coconuts.

Raisins have also been considered among the greatest natural remedies for increasing weight due to the fact that they increase the appetite and stimulate a craving for a diet rich in proteins and carbohydrates.

Regular exercise has a hand in increasing body mass. There are some exercises which stimulate cravings for more food. Although not all exercises increase the appetite, those resulting in muscle increase are associated with increased weight. Increasing the intervals at which the daily meals are consumed also plays a vital role in increasing body weight. One can opt to consume meals more than the typical three times a day, probably four to five meals a day. This causes the body to have more energy at its disposal, storing the excess energy in the form of fat.

Mango shakes are also among the most useful home remedies for weight gain as these shakes play a large role in easing the digestion of food in the stomach due to their huge percentage of fiber. Drinking mango shakes continuously for a month will provide great results in the form of increased body weight.

Diet for Increasing Weight

In order to increase weight one should look for meals that have a large amount of proteins and carbohydrates as they are considered essential in a diet for increasing body mass. Sources of food rich in proteins include fish, meat, eggs and particular grains. One should not consume a lot of red meat as it causes abnormal weight gain, especially in the abdominal area. Chicken is another good source of meat that can cause an increase in body weight.

Milk products such as cheese, yogurt and butter should be consumed regularly as they also cause body development as well as weight gain.

Some fruits are recommended for weight gain either directly or indirectly. Fruits such as pear help in weight gain as they increase the appetite for food. Carrots and papaya also fall in this category as they increase the craving for food. They also assist greatly in the digestion of food in the stomach by easing the absorption of food by the body.

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