Home Remedies for Constipation

Constipation is characterized by infrequent movements of the bowel, weight or volume reduction in excretion and incomplete bowel evacuation. It also refers to the passing of dry, hard and small amounts of excretion which can be very painful and irritating sometimes resulting in serious conditions.

When the toxins and wastes are not completely and properly removed from the digestive system, they are absorbed into the blood-stream after which they find their way into the various body parts causing all kinds of malfunctioning. People who experience constipation on a regular basis may be prone to develop piles which is an extremely painful and uncomfortable condition. It is for this reason therefore that correct measures should be taken in treating and keeping constipation at bay all the time.

Among the many causes of constipation are: Diet low in fiber, abdominal muscles that are weak, less fluid intake, holding stool back when under pressure and meals that are irregular. Other causes include chewing food incompletely, taking highly refined foods and diseases such as colitis, tumors, sluggish liver, diabetes and hyperacidity.

There are simple but very effective home remedies that have been proven to work very well in dealing with constipation. There is therefore no need to rush for medications when you can take care of constipation safely and naturally at home using the various natural remedies available.

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Home Remedies for Constipation

Fennel Seeds as a Natural Remedy for Constipation

Fennel Seeds Properties: Fennel seeds contain curing properties and are used in the treatment of various conditions especially those affecting the digestive system. The seeds are a great way of keeping constipation at bay and will work wonders in easing stool-passing.

Using Fennel Seeds as Cure for Constipation:
Add fennel seeds into a glass containing warm water and drink the mixture. The water should be taken every single night before retiring to bed to help normalize the functioning of the digestive system and to prevent constipation. This remedy is quite useful and is considered to be among the best home remedies available.

Bael Fruit as a Home Remedy for Constipation

Bael Fruit Properties: Bael fruit is famed for its laxative properties which help in toning and cleaning the intestines. The remedy is a great way of flushing out accumulated body wastes and toxins.

Using Bael Fruit as a Treatment for Constipation:
The fruits can be eaten on a regular basis for a period of two months to effectively take care of constipation problems. The fruit is best taken before dinner and should be taken raw. After treating the existing constipation condition, one can continue to take the fruit on a regular basis along with other fruits to keep the bowel movements smooth.

Pear as a Home Remedy for Constipation

Pear Properties: Pear contains medical properties which make it very beneficial for people suffering from constipation. The fruit is a great way of keeping the digestive system in check thereby allowing proper bowel movements and eliminating the accumulated wastes.

Using Pear as a Treatment for Contstipation:
Chronic constipation sufferers should make a habit of taking this fruit for a number of days for relief. The fruit’s juice is also very effective in the treatment of chronic cases. Taking a pear after dinner will maintain good bowel movements. It can also be taken while eating breakfast in the morning.

Guava as a Home Remedy for Constipation

Guava Properties: Guava contains important roughages which make bowel movement smooth and easy. The fruit is known to effectively treat constipation as well as keeping the digestive system in top shape.

Using Guava as a Home Remedy for Constipation:
The fruit is consumed raw together with its seeds along with daily diets. You can take up to two guavas daily to effectively take care of constipation. This natural remedy is very popular as it is effective.

Grapes as a Natural Remedy for Constipation

Grapes Properties: Grapes contain organic acid, sugar and cellulose properties making them very good laxatives. Apart from clearing the bowels, they relieve chronic constipation and tone up the stomach and intestines.

Using Grapes as a Treatment for Constipation:
One can treat constipation using grapes by removing the seeds and adding the grapes in a glass of milk and drinking this mixture before going to bed. This is a great remedy for preventing constipation and is very effective in dealing with the existing condition of constipation as well.

Orange as a Home Remedy for Constipation

Orange Properties: Orange juice has important stimulating influence which is wonderful in triggering peristaltic activity hence effectively deals with constipation. The fruit is very good in relieving and treating constipation since it stimulates the bowels when taken in the morning or before retiring to bed. It is also very effective in helping to prevent food residue accumulation inside the colon.

Using Orange as a Treatment for Constipation:
Make orange juice using two oranges and take the juice on an empty stomach in the morning. The juice can be taken for up to 10 days for better results although one can adopt eating of oranges as a regular measure of keeping constipation at bay.

Spinach as a Natural Remedy for Constipation

Spinach Properties: Spinach contains organic materials which are very effective in reconstructing, regenerating and cleansing the intestines. For this reason, the vegetable is considered very vital in dealing with digestive tract problems such as constipation.

Using Spinach as a Cure for Constipation:
Since the vegetable is best eaten raw, one can make spinach juice and add water and then drink the mixture twice every day. This is the very best of remedies when dealing with severe cases of constipation and works effectively within a few days.

Prunes as a Home Remedy for Constipation

Prunes Properties: Prunes are fruits which contain dihydrphenylisatin which is a natural laxative thereby making them very effective in dealing with constipation. They are also a very good source of fiber which is important in keeping bowel movement smooth.

Using Prunes as a Treatment for Constipation:
The fruits can be taken in their natural form when one experiences constipation or they can be used to make juice which is very effective as well. They should however not be taken over a long period of time especially in large quantities as they can be addictive.

Other Natural Remedies for Constipation

Eating apples on a regular basis is a way of preventing constipation especially chronic cases. The fruit is rich in fiber and contains lots of water which are both good in getting rid of body toxins. It is however important to make sure that you chew the fruit thoroughly.

Take castor oil to inhibit the absorption of fluids in the intestines and to also stimulate peristalsis. The oil should be used as directed and is available in drugstores. The oil may not taste good but is a very quick and effective laxative.

Use Cascara Sagrada to stimulate the bowels through its laxative properties. This home remedy works by contracting the muscles. It is a very strong formulation and thus it is important to use as directed.

Eat papaya slices to make stool-passing easy and smooth.

Dates are also very effective in treating constipation and are among the best home remedies for the condition. You can eat dates with a glass of milk before retiring to bed. This is a great way of preventing constipation.

Cut up a lemon into slices and let the slices sit for a whole night, then make juice from them in the morning and drink the juice to effectively cure constipation. It is however not advisable to put the lemon slices in the refrigerator but they should be in a clean insect free place.

Slice cabbage leaves and take at least two bowls of this twice a day. Cabbage is essential in maintaining proper bowel functioning as it contains high concentrations of fiber. This is one of the simplest and best constipation cures.

Before retiring to bed, take a glass of milk mixed with almond oil. This mixture keeps stool soft and easy to pass the next morning without much effort. The mixture can be taken up to 4 days to effectively deal with digestive problems.

Grind dry ginger into powder and use the powder together with senna leaves powder to make a drink. The drink should be lukewarm and taken every night to make stool-passing easy and smooth in the morning. This is also considered one of the very best home remedies for constipation.

Take at least two spoonfuls of blackstrap molasses the last thing before retiring to bed. Since the molasses is rich in calories it makes bowel movements very smooth. You can add fruit juice or milk to taste since it has a very strong flavor.

It also helps to take a walk after taking your dinner. The walk can be up to 5 km and helps in proper food digestion.

Take Spiegel seeds and dip them in warm milk, then add sugar to taste. Take the mixture before going to bed. You will find that moving bowels in the morning is made much easier and smoother by this home remedy.

Dip figs in water and take the mixture in the morning to effectively sure chronic constipation. This home remedy has proved to be very effective in curing constipation and should therefore be considered by those suffering from the condition.

Keep drinking water in a vessel made of copper. Let it sit overnight before drinking it on an empty stomach in the morning. This remedy gives immediate constipation relief and is considered the best and simplest remedy.

Mix a small amount of Epsom salt in glass of water and drink it to treat constipation.

Another great remedy is mixing orange juice and half a cup of olive oil to relieve constipation.

Mix carrot juice and spinach juice and drink this for the immediate relief of constipation.

You can also drink mixture of teaspoon linseed mixed in water before retiring to bed to provide enough lubrication thereby preventing constipation. This remedy is also effective when taken in water before every meal to provide all necessary lubrication for digestion to effectively take place.

Mix triphala powder in warm milk or water to get constipation relief.

Hot lime water which happens to be sour is also very effective in treating constipation.

Take rose petals and cut them from the base then pour orange juice, lemon juice, white cane sugar and clear honey in water using a stainless pan. Let the mixture stay till all the sugar is completely dissolved and then add the rose petals and heat as you stir. After the petals are nearly dissolved, cool the mixture and seal it then take a teaspoon daily to improve your bowel movements.

Infuse dry petals of peach blossom in boiling milk and take at least two times daily.

Help cleanse your system by taking enough water on a daily basis. The normal recommendation is at least 8 glasses a day to enhance proper digestion and absorption of nutrients.

Another great remedy of relieving constipation is eating chapatti made using roasted black gram and wheat. Apart from helping in the relief of constipation, the home remedy is also very nutritious and healthy.

Diet for Constipation

Constipation, just like most other conditions can be taken care of by change of diet and lifestyle. The diet of constipation includes taking lots of vegetable juices. Carrot juice together with spinach juice is for instance very effective in preventing constipation when taken before going to bed.

Another dietary measure that should be taken is drinking enough water every single day as this is what enhances proper digestion and the absorption of food. This also allows proper excretion of wastes from the body. You need to take enough water in your diet since the colon has a tendency of extracting water resulting into hard stool.

Increase your fiber intake to retain enough water in your stool, making bowel movements as smooth as they should be.

Increase your intakes of ground seeds and oat bran. You can add them in your muffins and cereals among other types of foods. It is also important to increase your vegetable and fruit intakes to keep your fiber levels reasonable. To get the very best, try eating fruit with their skins.

Avoid or limit your intakes of processed and sugary foods. It is better to take whole foods rather than fried foods or processed items. This way, you will keep your body well balanced and the digestive system will remain in top shape.

Take lots of vegetable and fruit juices ensuring that they are as fresh as possible. Apart from taking care of constipation, they will keep you healthy as they contain loads of minerals and vitamins that are beneficial to the body.

Avoid taking foods which you know your body is allergic to and ensure that you thoroughly chew your food to enhance effective digestion. Another dietary measure for constipation is eating small but regular meals, well spread throughout the day and ensuring that you do not skip meals to avoid overeating the next time you eat.

It is important to exercise to enhance and stimulate the metabolism.

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