Home Remedies for Measles

Measles is a disease mainly caused by a virus, which is very contagious. It is actually one of the most infectious diseases and is common during childhood. It is transmitted mostly in the initial stages through nose and mouth droplets when a person suffering from it sneezes or coughs. Although it is as a result of viral infections, unhygienic conditions of living and unhealthy eating habits can easily cause the disease. People and children from all parts of the world are prone to getting the disease.

The very first symptoms of the disease show after two weeks of infection. They are a dry cough, watering eyes and a cold that comes with a fever. Within the next few days after the symptoms have come, the skin is attacked by a rash, mainly on the face and neck areas. The rash later develops to the rest of the body and can be either reddish or pinkish in color. The round spots then turn from red and pink to black as days pass by. Other symptoms of the disease are high fever, diarrhea, and delirium. In more severe cases, conditions such as bronchitis and pneumonia may develop.

The viruses causing the disease are transmitted through coughing during the very first stages of the condition. It is believed that the viruses come as a result of bad eating habits and unhygienic living conditions, especially among little children. It is common for children to eat everything that they come in contact with, which is why they are more prone to getting the disease compared to adults. It is always advisable to ensure that the surroundings and the food that children eat are well prepared as a way of protecting them from the disease.

There are several natural remedies for measles which have proved to be very effective in the treatment of measles. The best thing about these home remedies for measles is that they are simple to get and are natural, therefore they do not pose any health risk to individuals who choose to use them.

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Home Remedies for Measles

Orange as Home Remedy for Measles

Orange Properties: Oranges contain important minerals which help in overcoming the many drawbacks of measles. The fruits are helpful in cases where a patient lacks saliva and is also a very good remedy for dealing with lack of appetite that comes with the disease, besides quenching thirst.

Using Oranges as Cure for Measles:
Squeeze orange juice from several oranges and drink the juice several times in a day. It is better to take the juice every time one feels thirsty or dry in the mouth. This should be done every single day till the symptoms of measles subside. This is one of the simplest remedies there is for measles.

Lemon Juice as Natural Remedy for Measles

Lemon Juice Properties: Lemon contains antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties which help in the treatment of measles. It is also a very good home remedy in terms of quenching thirst.

Using Lemon Juice as Cure for Measles:
Squeeze 25ml of lemon juice in a jug and dilute in water before drinking the mixture. The mixture can be taken at least thrice a day as an effective way of quenching thirst and also in assisting the healing process of measles. This is one of the best home remedies for the treatment of measles and is not too hard to get.

Liquorice as Natural Remedy for Measles

Liquorice Properties: The valuable minerals and compounds found in liquorice come in handy in the treatment of cough that is associated with measles. This helps in getting rid of the contagions and can be taken on a regular basis as diet for measles.

Using Liquorice as Cure for Measles:
Take liquorice and grind into powder. Then, take half a teaspoon and mix it with an equal amount of honey. This can be done twice a day for at least five days as an effective way of relieving the symptoms of measles.

Barley as Natural Remedy for Measles

Barley Properties: Barley contains antiviral properties which work by eliminating the cough that comes with the condition. This is also a very good home remedy for the treatment of the high fever that comes with measles.

Using Barley as Cure for Measles:
Barley water should be taken several times in a day for effective results. To improve on the taste, fresh almond oil can be added and well mixed before consumption. This is one of the most effective natural remedies for the treatment of measles and is highly used.

Egg Plant Seeds as Home Remedy for Measles

Egg Plant Seeds Properties: Egg plant seeds have stimulant properties which help in treating measles within a short period of time. The seeds work by stimulating and boosting the immune system which then works hard in the healing of the disease, making it among the best remedies for measles.

Using Egg Plant Seeds as Treatment for Measles:
The seeds can be taken daily in the measurements of a gram per day. They can also be ground and added to a glass of water to boost the immune system. The seeds are also very preventative when used regularly as a diet for measles since they are known to keep the body well protected from measles attacks.

Margosa Leaves as Natural Remedy for Measles

Margosa Leaves Properties: The margosa leaves contain antiviral and antiseptic properties which are helpful in dealing with cases of measles. The leaves are also used for the treatment of various other conditions especially those affecting the respiratory and the digestive system.

Using Margosa Leaves as treatment for Measles:
The leaves should be added into hot bathing water to soothe itching that comes with the rash. Patients should stay immersed in the bathing water for at least 20 minutes to get effective relief from the itchiness. They can also be steeped in boiling water and taken several times a day to treat measles.

Bitter Gourd Leaves as Remedy for Measles

Bitter Gourd Leaves Properties: Bitter gourd leaves contain important minerals which work effectively in the treatment of measles and are therefore highly recommended. They remain one of the best natural remedies for measles as they are very effective.

Treating Measles Using Bitter Gourd Leaves:
Take the leaves and add into boiling water before allowing to cool. After cooling, the water should then be strained and taken twice a day as an effective way of treating measles. The leaves can also be mixed well with turmeric and a little honey then taken after meals as treatment for the condition.

Calendula Flowers as Home Remedy for Measles

Calendula Flowers Properties: Calendula has essential minerals and compounds which help in speeding up the healing process of measles and work by inducing sweating. This is a good home remedy for measles.

Using Calendula Flowers as Treatment for Measles:
Boil three cups of water and add one tablespoonful of ground flowers. After draining, peppermint oil and sugar can be added to improve the flavor and improve effectiveness of the remedy. The drink is best taken twice a day till the symptoms of measles finally go away.

Other Home Remedies for Measles

Take warm water several times a day as a way of flushing out toxins and waste materials from the body. Wastes which have accumulated in the body are a common reason why the body gets exposed to various conditions. The water is best taken every morning on an empty stomach and in the evenings.

Take mud packs and apply to the chest and abdomen areas to reduce itching. The mud can also be applied to the rest of the affected parts of the body as a way of treating the disease. Taking warm baths several times a day is a way of keeping the body well hydrated and inducing sweating, which in turn, gets rid of measles.

Take turmeric roots and grind into powder. The powder should then be mixed with bitter gourd leaves, juice and honey before consumption. This is one of the simplest and best natural remedies for the treatment of measles.

Take neem leaves and add into warm bathing water every time you take a bath as an effective way of treating the rashes and also to reduce any itchiness that comes with the rashes. The remedy is very useful in the treatment of measles, as neem contains essential minerals and compounds aiding in the treatment.

Take tamarind seeds and turmeric, grinding and mixing the two well. The mixture should then be taken with water in small doses every single day till the symptoms of measles disappear. 400 grams of the powder can be taken in a glass of water as a single dosage.

To keep the body well hydrated, thereby promoting proper functions of the immune system and other body organs, ensure that you drink enough fluids, especially water every single day. This is a simple way of keeping illnesses away and getting rid of most symptoms by elevating and enhancing proper functioning of the body.

Mix lemon juice and orange juice in equal amounts and take every time thirst strikes to quench thirst and to also help in the healing process of measles. The juices can also be taken in the long run as diet for measles, as they have proved to be very good home remedies for the disease.

Collect fresh leaves of neem and crush them to extract juice or make a paste. This should then be thoroughly applied onto the body parts affected by the measles rash. The paste can be applied in the morning and evenings to effectively take care of measles.

Make juice from green vegetables mixed with other kinds of vegetables and then drink the mixture at least thrice a day as a way of supplying the body with nutrients and minerals it needs to maintain good health. The juices are also essential in boosting the immune system and in keeping it strong in the fight against diseases.

Diet for Measles and other precautions

Diet plays a major role on how healthy the body remains and how well the immune system manages to fight diseases and illnesses. For this reason, there is a great importance of ensuring that all meals are well balanced and healthy.

Include lots of green vegetables and fresh fruits in the daily diet for preventing measles. This will help in the treatment of measles and boost the immune system, by keeping the body well supplied with all essential nutrients and minerals.

On the onset of the first symptoms of measles, patients should go on a juice fast. This should include the intake of fresh fruits and fresh fruit juices, which should be taken in three meals a day to help in getting rid of all toxins that could be present in the body, aggravating the problem. This is also very advisable when suffering from lack of appetite, even in small children.

After the juice fast, balanced healthy diets should be taken every single day, ensuring that all essential food groups are represented with every meal.

Avoid taking milk and milk products when suffering from measles, as they are known to aggravate the problem and are, therefore, highly discouraged. In cases where one cannot do without the products, it is best to limit the intake.

Ensure that you stay and sleep in a room that is well ventilated. The eyes should be protected from sunlight, as normally the eye’s internal tissues are damaged, which is why patients experience watery eyes. Shading the eyes helps in the healing process.

Ensure that you get enough rest when suffering from measles to help the body rejuvenate and restructure destroyed tissues. Getting enough rest and sleep also helps the remedies in place to work to their full potential speeding up the healing process.

Always ensure that surroundings are kept clean and tidy especially where small children are to ensure that they do not end up collecting germs from the many things they put into their mouths.

Avoid taking medications, especially without advice from a medical practitioner, as some of the medications are known to worsen the problem, which can in turn lead to more serious diseases.

Patients suffering from measles should be isolated to avoid the spread of the disease. They should most importantly avoid too much interaction with other uninfected people when suffering from coughs, as this is the main way the disease is transmitted.

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