Home Remedies for Hangover

A hangover is a common phenomenon characterized by large alcohol consumption after effects. It can also be as a result of large drug dosages and is determined by factors such as the person’s physical condition, the diet one has before drinking, mental state and the age of the person in question. People are different and while two drinks will affect one person, another can experience hangover after drinking more than five drinks. There are also people who do not experience this condition even after large alcohol consumption.

The effects of hangover are dehydration, loss of concentration, headaches, irritability, light and sound sensitivity as well as fatigue and dizziness. More serious effects of the condition are nausea, diarrhea, flatulence and vomiting. Some people also experience erratic motor functions, anxiety and depression which are the physiological effects of too much alcohol intake. A dry mouth is also very common with the person suffering feeling the need to keep wetting the throat and tongue. One may also wake with swollen or bloodshot eyes.

Hangover can leave one feeling terribly sick and desperate, hence the need to get help. There are several natural remedies for hangover that work in dealing with any sort of hangover leaving the patient feeling better and bringing him back to the world of the living. The home remedies for hangover are easy to access, inexpensive and quite effective in treating hangovers.

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Honey as a Home Remedy for Hangover

Bananas as Home Remedy for Hangover

Properties: Bananas contain antacids and potassium which work on hangovers by relaxing blood vessels and clearing nausea. This is one of the best home remedies for hangovers and apart from dealing with headaches and nausea; they also replace lost fructose and potassium.

Using Bananas as Treatment for Hangover:
Peel a banana and immerse the peels in a cup full of hot water. After cooling, drink the water to treat hangovers. You can also directly eat bananas first thing in the morning to quickly replace lost minerals.

Bifidus Powder as a Home Remedy for Hangover

Properties: Bifidus powder contains good bacteria which help in the detoxification of acetaldehyde. Acetaldehyde is an alcohol by-product which acts as toxin to the body thereby causing the hangover. This home remedy works effectively since it eliminates this by-product from the body curing your hangover.

Using Bifidus Powder as Cure for Hangover:
Take a teaspoonful of the powder and add it to a glass of water before drinking. The remedy is best taken when one is going to bed so as to wake up without the bad effects of drinking too much.

Honey as a Home Remedy for Hangover

Properties: Honey contains potassium and high levels of fructose which are the things the body loses when one drinks too much. This combination makes it a very effective remedy for the treatment of hangovers as it counteracts all the effects caused by alcohol intake.

Using Honey as Treatment for Hangover:
Take several teaspoons of the natural remedy a few minutes after you wake up in the morning. The dosage should depend on how severe your hangover is so as to provide the necessary replacement of the lost minerals thereby dealing with the hangover effectively. The remedy has worked all the time and remains to be among the best you can find.

Peppermint as a Natural Remedy for Hangover

Properties:Peppermint has properties which work by removing the excessive gas accumulation from your intestines giving you relief and calming your nerves. The remedy relaxes the bowels giving room for toxins to be flushed out, thereby curing the hangover.

Natural remedies for Hangover Using Peppermint:
The herb can be used to make tea or the leaves chewed to give faster relief. Boil a cup of water and add the herb in powder form to the water. You can use one or two teaspoons for one cup of water and let this steep for about 15 minutes before straining. Drink the mixture as soon as you can to start the process of treating the hangover. If possible, take two cups of the mixture.

Thyme Leaves as a Home Remedy for Hangover

Properties:Thyme has laxative properties which help calm and relax the body taking care of hangovers quickly and effectively. The herb is also used in treating various health conditions because of the many medicinal properties it has.

Using Thyme Leaves as Cure for Hangover:
Thyme leaves can be used to make tea. After placing a few leaves in water, mix well and allow simmering under a medium flame for about 10 minutes. You can then remove the leaves and drink the liquid. This remedy works effectively and should be able to deal with the condition within a few minutes of taking it.

Chocolate as a Home Remedy for Hangovers

Properties:The minerals found in chocolate help in boosting sugar levels in the body which eventually treats hangovers by allowing faster digestion of alcohol and hence faster flushing out of toxins.

Treating Hangover Using Chocolate:
Take chocolate and add to water, then drink the mixture. The water is needed as it helps hydrate the body promoting proper digestion and smooth bowel movement. The remedy is very good when used at the very first sign of a hangover.

Lime Juice as Natural Remedy for Hangover

Properties:Lime is known to have great laxative properties which are essential in dealing with and preventing the effects of too much drinking. The remedy can be termed as the simplest treatment for hangovers.

Using Lime Juice as Cure for Hangover:
Take 8 water ounces and add 2 spoonfuls of lime juice that is fresh. Then add a teaspoonful of sugar before drinking the mixture. The mixture should be drunk slowly to allow absorption thereby dealing with the effects faster and effectively.

Milk as a Home Remedy for Hangover

Properties:The minerals found in milk are great in relieving nausea making it a very good remedy for hangovers. This remedy is also very good in quenching thirst, getting rid of that dry mouth and throat that comes with the condition.

Treating Hangover Using Milk:
You can choose to drink 2 glasses of milk before you go to bed or take the same dosage when you wake up in the morning to fight the effects of hangover. The natural remedy is very effective and highly recommended.

Other Natural Remedies for Hangover

To prevent blood intoxications, eat raw almonds before you start drinking. This is a great way of preventing hangovers. You can eat up to 6 raw almonds.

Take chicken soup after drinking as a remedy for hangovers. All other types of soup are also recommended in the treatment of hangovers.

Chew raw ginger to get over your hangover. The spice can also be used to make tea which you can drink or it can be taken in the form of capsules that are easily available. This is one of the best natural remedies for hangovers. It is also used in the treatment and cure of various diseases.

Make fresh sauerkraut juice and add tomato juice to effectively deal with headaches and vomiting that are a result of heavy drinking. The mixture may not be pleasant but it remains to be a great natural remedy for the condition. The juice is also a great way of replacing lost nutrients.

Take milk thistle capsule to help in the removal of toxins from the body enhancing the treatment of hangovers. Apart from helping flush out toxins, the herb protects your liver from infections and diseases. You can find the herb in capsule form in the market. 70 mg of capsules are enough to deal with the effects of your hangover.

To completely get rid of that headache, take persimmon in its raw natural form. Raw cabbage is another effective remedy for dealing with headaches caused by heavy alcohol drinking and remains to be a very good remedy for hangover.

As unbelievable as it may seem, pulling the hair into clumps stimulates the scalp thereby reducing and eliminating headache. The pulling calms pounding vessels which are the root cause of the headache.

Take a hot bath to help sweat out toxins from your system. This is a good remedy even though you may experience some dizziness before feeling fresh and relieved.

Take a multivitamin tablet before retiring to bed and drink lots of water with it. If you have electrolyte, then drink this in the place of water to help you wake up fresh and without any after effects of large alcohol consumption.

Take coffee to relieve nausea. Coffee that contains no bubbles is best in dealing with the condition and you can achieve this by using honey in it rather than using sugar. Honey contains fructose which is quickly absorbed compared to sucrose that is found in sugar.

Take ginseng herb in a glass of water to keep your body well hydrated to eventually deal with hangovers. Another very beneficial remedy is drinking a glass of milk mixed with drinking chocolate before retiring to bed. This is among the best cures there is for hangovers.

Make black coffee and add lemon juice and then drink without sweetening it and without adding milk. The remedy works effectively in treating hangovers and is very popular.

Apply a cold pack onto your forehead as a way of relieving a throbbing headache. Drinking lots of water when you wake up in the morning is also a good way of draining all alcohol contents from your body thereby getting rid of hangovers. It also helps to drink fresh fruit and vegetable juice to keep the body well hydrated considering that dehydration is a major cause of hangovers. However, ensure that you do not take too much acidic juices.

To regain lost energy and glucose, take sports drinks which are high in glucose. Other liquids are also very good in hydrating the body and restoring lost minerals. For instance, grape juice and tomato juice are good fluids for hangovers as they replace the lost fluids and minerals, effectively curing hangovers.

Eat a juicy orange several times a day to recover from hangovers. Another remedy that works all the time is eating an egg that is raw or softly boiled as a way of fighting toxins.

Make and drink pickle juice to treat hangovers. You can also use vinegar free pickle brines to cure your hangover.

Another remedy which works effectively as a treatment for hangover is strong coffee. Taking a few cups of this lessens the effects of heavy drinking. You can add ginger or peppermint to the coffee for better and faster results.

Dip a piece of cloth in chilled water and place on your forehead as a cold treatment. This is a good way of dealing with headaches, lessening the hangover. You can also use aspirin to cure headaches although it is not advisable to take it when preparing to go to bed.

Apply honey, banana and peanut butter on your bread, preferably whole wheat and eat it. The remedy is beneficial in the treatment of hangovers and is quite simple and delicious.

Diet for Hangover and Other Precautions

As diet for hangover, increase your intake of Vitamin C which helps in alcohol break down. This can be found in citrus fruits and should be taken first thing in the morning. Orange juice and tomato juice are some of the fluids rich in this essential Vitamin.

Take foods which are rich in Vitamin B complex which reduces the length of your hangover greatly.

Before you go for your drinks, ensure that you have eaten a meal or eat some food with your drinks to keep alcohol rates low in the blood.

Avoid foods and drinks that are too sugary while drinking. The sweetness can confuse you into drinking too much alcohol.

Have enough sleep and rest after drinking as a way of keeping hangovers at bay.

Always ensure that you do not take your drinks on a stomach that is empty as this can result into severe results. Instead, try to eat foods that are rich in starch to keep alcohol absorption low as diet for hangover.

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