Home Remedies for Low Blood Pressure

Also known as hypo-tension, low blood pressure is the falling of blood pressure to levels which are considered to be below normal. The heart becomes weak in its function of forcing blood into the arteries, thereby causing the low pressure. This results from a system that is devitalized and weakened.

This condition remains absolute and relative compared to its opposite which is high blood pressure. It is a condition that can attack any person and comes with a variety of symptoms and is also likely to be caused by various aspects. Some of low blood pressure symptoms include lightheadedness since the proper oxygen levels are down, dizziness, headaches and fatigue. These are the most common symptoms that people suffering from the condition will experience.

People suffering from chronic hypotension may also experience lethargy which could eventually lead to fainting. The reduced blood flow to the heart, brain and other muscles and organs causes the weakness and patients may require immediate medical attention to avoid further complications. Others may experience mild depression characterized by general body weakness.

There are several causes linked with hypotension and include malnutrition or bad nutrition habits. Diets which are not well balanced and healthy and lack important vitamins and minerals have been discovered to be a major cause for low blood pressure. Loss of blood, emotional instability, heart diseases, excessive alcohol intake and dehydration are some of the other causes of low blood pressure. There are also some medications containing compounds which slowly lead to decreased blood pressure.

When faced with the condition, most people tend to get scared and worried that the worst could happen. Besides the medications that can be taken to control the condition and take the levels back to normal, there are several home remedies for low blood pressure which work well in controlling and managing the disease and treating and curing it. These natural remedies for low blood pressure are convenient and effective and pose no harm to the general health of the patients.

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Home Remedies for Low Blood Pressure

Beetroot as a Home Remedy for Low Blood Pressure

Beetroot Properties: Beetroot contains a variety of minerals and compounds that have been found to have the ability of rejuvenating and enhancing blood circulation keeping blood pressure levels at good levels. The raw root is one of the best natural remedies for the condition and is quite effective in dealing with the condition.

Using Beetroot as home remedy for Low Blood Pressure:
Take the raw root of beet and squeeze juice by crushing or blending. It can be cut into small pieces before then blending well to make smooth juice. A cupful of the juice should then be taken at least two times every day as treatment for the condition. Patients should see positive results within the first week of using the remedy.

Indian Spikenard as a Natural Remedy for Low Blood Pressure

Indian Spikenard Properties: This Indian herb has been in use for a long time as treatment for various conditions especially those affecting the heart and the respiratory system. It contains minerals which help in enhancing proper blood flow to all organs of the body keeping it as healthy as it should be. It is one of the best home remedies for strengthening the heart and other important muscles.

Using Indian Spikenard as Cure for Low Blood Pressure:
The grains of the herb are the most important when it comes to treating hypotension. Patients can simply take about forty grains together with cinnamon and camphor. Another way of using the herb to cure low blood pressure is steeping it in boiling water for several minutes before straining and drinking the infusion thrice daily. This is a good home remedy for the condition and is highly recommended.

Epsom Salt as a Natural Remedy for Low Blood Pressure

Epsom Salt Properties: The essential minerals of Epsom salt are what make it a great home remedy for people suffering from low blood pressure. Apart from strengthening the heart and other organs, the salt is good in enhancing their proper functions and giving enough oxygen to the organs. It is also a great way of relaxing body muscles thereby improving on the flow of blood.

Using Epsom Salt as Cure for Low Blood Pressure:
Dissolve a good amount of the salt in warm bath water. Patients should then get into the bath tab and remain immersed for at least twenty minutes to help relax the muscles. The best time to take the Epsom salt bath is before retiring to bed and should be done on a regular basis to get positive results. This is one of the simplest and most effective natural ways of bringing blood pressure to normal levels.

Salt as a Natural Remedy for Low Blood Pressure

Salt Properties: Salt contains high concentrations of important minerals which promote proper organ functions effectively dealing with cases of low blood pressure thereby treating it. This is a very simple way of dealing with the condition as salt is available in every household.

Using Salt as a Cure for Low Blood Pressure:
The salt is simply used in meals as a dietary remedy. Patients suffering from the condition can also add the salt in a warm glass of water and then drink this on a daily basis as an effective home remedy for treating hypotension. Relief from most of the symptoms should be experienced within the first days of using the remedy.

Basil Leaves as a Natural Remedy for Low Blood Pressure

Basil Leaves Properties: Basil leaves have been in use for a long time as they contain essential compounds and minerals which work as medicine for a variety of diseases and conditions affecting the human body. The herb has also been found to be amazing in dealing with cases of low blood pressure as it brings the pressure to normal level and gets rid of the problem.

Using Basil Leaves as Cure for Low Blood Pressure:
Crush about 15 leaves to extract juice and then drink the juice at least once daily. To improve on the taste, a little honey can be added. It is easy to extract the juice using a clean piece of muslin cloth. Take this in the morning when the stomach is still empty. It is one of the best natural remedies for increasing blood pressure.

Almonds as a Natural Remedy for Low Blood Pressure

Almonds Properties: Almonds are rich in vitamins and other essential minerals all of which are important in preventing low blood pressure as well as in treating the condition by increasing blood pressure. The remedy is widely used for the treatment of other conditions as it is quite effective.

Using Almonds as Treatment for Low Blood Pressure:
Take at least seven almonds and soak them in water overnight. In the morning, peel the almonds before grinding into a paste. The paste should then be added into milk and boiled before consumption. It is best to take the milk while still hot or warm to get full effects of the almonds. This is one of the most effective home remedies for low blood pressure.

Other Home Remedies for Low Blood Pressure

Take lots of water on a daily basis to help prevent dehydration which is a major cause of low blood pressure. Dehydration leads to reduced blood volumes which then eventually drop blood pressure to abnormal levels. Taking enough water is one of the simplest natural remedies for treating hypotension and is also a good way of promoting good health.

Prepare strong black coffee and then take regularly throughout the day, or every time you feel low blood pressure symptoms setting in as a way of preventing more serious cases of the condition. The coffee works by stimulating organs thereby increasing the blood pressure.

Dip several raisins in water bowl then leave them overnight in the water. The raisins should then be chewed first thing in the morning best while the stomach is empty as a way of treating low blood pressure. After eating the raisins, patients should then drink a glass of water and wait for a few hours before consuming anything else. This remedy works by boosting blood pressure levels.

Warm a few glasses of water and then drink several times in the day as a way of keeping the bowels clean. This helps in keeping body functions in good levels and has been found to be good in boosting blood pressure easily getting rid of low pressure levels. The simplest way of keeping the body healthy is ensuring that it is free from toxins and wastes and the lukewarm water ensures just that.

Take licorice in reasonable amounts and then crush into four cups of cold water. This should then be left for about two hours before then bringing to boil for around five minutes. The mixture should then be added into bathing water before the patient takes a bath. It is helpful to stay immersed in the water for several minutes to allow the important compounds found in the root to get absorbed in the body.

Although it is said that a good way of preventing low blood pressure is to avoid alcohol, a small amount of alcohol has been found to work in treating the condition as well. Take alcohol or brandy in small quantity and dilute using warm water and then drink. The remedy does not completely treat the condition but offers temporary relief from the various systems before proper treatment can be taken.

Ammonia aromatic spirit has been found to be effective in treating low blood pressure. Although the foul smell can be quite disgusting, the remedy is very effective. Patients should add a teaspoonful of the ammonia aromatic spirit and add an equal amount of water and consume this. It offers relief from many of the symptoms besides boosting blood pressure levels.

Take some time on a regular basis to meditate. Meditation is a great natural treatment for low blood pressure as it helps in regulating the pressure. Since the condition is also caused by emotional instability, meditating comes as a great remedy for the treatment of the condition and can also be used as a preventative measure of the condition.

Diet for Low Blood Pressure and other Precautions

People suffering from low blood pressure should make a point of increasing foods rich in Vitamin C and Vitamin B in their diets as an effective way of treating and preventing low blood pressure.

Always ensure that you take enough fluids throughout the day as a way of keeping the body well hydrated to avoid episodes of low blood pressure.

Ensure that every meal of the day is well balanced and contains all essential nutrients minerals. Green vegetables and fresh fruits should be included in daily meals as a diet for keeping the body healthy and boosting the immune system.

Take enough salt in your daily diets as it has been proven to be effective in increasing blood pressure and is also a good remedy of keeping symptoms of the condition at bay. This does not however mean that salt should be taken in excessive amounts.

Patients suffering from low blood pressure should first go on a fruit juice fast as diet for five days to help in eliminating toxins and wastes from the body. The fruit juice diet should contain fresh fruits and juice and should be taken on specific times of the day during the five days. After the fast, milk can then be added into the diet for another three weeks before then embarking on taking balanced and healthy meals on a daily basis. This is a great and effective way of treating blood pressure.

Avoid working excessively or being too anxious about anything as this only worsens the cases of hypotension. Instead, ensure that you get enough rest and that you sleep enough every single day to help the body rejuvenate and re-energize for the next day’s activities. If possible, avoid engaging in debates and arguments.

Perform exercises whenever you can as a way of treating low blood pressure. The best forms of exercises found to work well in managing the condition include cycling, swimming and light walking as they help in regulating blood pressure. Breathing exercises also work well in treating the condition and should therefore be adopted.

Ensure that you get fresh air and that you take time to sun bathe or relax, avoid overworking and keep negative thinking at bay. It is always helpful to engage in something that one loves doing to keep the mind off negative thoughts thereby reducing chances of having low blood pressure.

It is important to note that the kind of lifestyle we lead can have a negative or positive impact on our health. It is therefore important to make small positive changes to promote good health and also keep disease and infection at bay.

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