Home Remedies for Conjunctivitis

Conjunctivitis is the inflammation and irritation of the conjunctiva, which is a thin transparent membrane covering the eye and forms the inner part of the eyelid. The condition is also referred to as “pinkeye” or “sore eye” and happens to be very common among all known eye problems. This eye disease is highly contagious and can easily spread from one person to the other, via direct contact.

Conjunctivitis will in most cases attack one eye and then eventually spread to the other eye especially in children. The inflammation causes excessive itching, pain and tearing hence there is a need to have the condition under control or well treated to keep such discomfort at bay. In some cases, it causes allergies and bacterial infections and can attack people of any age. The most common causes of conjunctivitis include unhealthy conditions of living, dirty surroundings, bacterial and viral infections as well as substances and materials that irritate the eye. Symptoms of the condition include inflammation of the eyeball and the eyelid’s underside. The inflammation may cause the eyes to be itchy and red and later develop a watery secretion. In more advanced stages, pus may form making the eyelashes stick together especially during sleep making it very painful when trying to open the infected eyes.

Since this condition can be extremely painful and uncomfortable not just for small children but also for adults, there is a great need to get treatment. There are very effective and good home remedies that have been proven to work well in treating and curing the condition. The good thing about these simple home remedies is that they are easily accessible at home and are inexpensive besides being effective.

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Home Remedies for Conjunctivitis

Coriander as a Home Remedy for Conjunctivitis

Coriander Properties: Coriander has been in use for the longest time in the treatment of different conditions because of its healing properties. When used in cases of conjunctivitis, it effectively reduces the swelling and pain that come with the inflammation and is also effective in reducing burning.

Using Coriander as Treatment for Conjunctivitis:
To effectively treat pinkeye, take a handful of coriander that is well dried and make a decoction using 60 ml water. The decoction provides one of the best eye washes in curing the eye condition. Apply the wash to the affected organ and rinse off after a few minutes to get rid of the pain and swelling. This should be done on a daily basis.

Fennel seeds as a Home Remedy for Conjunctivitis

Fennel Properties: Fennel seeds have various medicinal benefits and are used in dealing with various conditions affecting the human body. The seeds have healing properties which are very effective in reducing pain, redness and inflammation which occur as a result of the infection of the conjunctiva.

Using Fennel Seeds as a Cure for Conjunctivitis:
Take fennel seeds and boil them in a reasonable amount of water to come up with a wash for the affected eyes. Use this to wash the effected eye daily till you feel better and the infection is reduced. This is one of the most effective home remedies for pinkeye.

Honey as a Home Remedy for Conjunctivitis

Honey Properties: Honey contains antibacterial properties making it very effective in dealing with conjunctivitis. It not only soothes the eye and helps in relieving pain but also promotes quick healing of the affected area.

Using Honey as a Treatment for Conjunctivitis:
Take honey and put a few drops directly into the affected eye. You can use up to two drops in the eye on a daily basis till you are satisfied with the results. The other way of using honey for the treatment of pinkeye is boiling 3 tablespoons of honey in at least two cups of water and cooling the mixture slightly. Using this to wash the eye several times daily will help in relieving the symptoms and also speed up the healing process.

Raw Potato as a Home Remedy for Conjunctivitis

Raw Potato Properties: Potato acts as an astringent thereby reducing inflammation. This home remedy is very simple to access and use, making it among the best in all home remedies used for the treatment of pinkeye.

Using Potato as a Cure for Conjunctivitis:
Place a slice of grated potato on the affected eye to relieve pain. You can also make a poultice using raw potatoes and place this on the affected eyes for around twenty minutes. This should be done for a minimum of three consecutive days to get better results. It is however best done during night time.

Barberry Root as a Natural Remedy for Conjunctivitis

Barberry Root Properties: Barberry root bark contains berberine which happens to be an antibacterial compound. This property of the barberry makes it very effective in the treatment and effective curing of conjunctivitis.

Using Barberry as a Home Remedy for Conjunctivitis:
Take powdered barberry root bark and make a cup of tea. After boiling this for half an hour, use the solution as eyewash. The solution can also be used with a compress to get the best results.

Calendula as a Home Remedy for Conjunctivitis

Calendula Properties: Calendula contains antiseptic properties making it very good in soothing and healing inflammation of the eye. It is very effective in dealing with viral and bacterial conjunctivitis.

Using Calendula as a Home Remedy for Conjunctivitis:
TCalendula can be boiled in water to make a wash to be used in cleaning the eye on a daily basis. It can also be used as a compress for the affected eye. If you don’t have the access to the plant, you can get it in eye-drop form from local drug stores.

Goldenseal as a Home Remedy for Conjunctivitis

Goldenseal Properties: Goldenseal contains natural antibiotic and anti-inflammatory properties effective in treating and curing conjunctivitis. It kills bacteria and reduces swelling by removing fluids accumulating around the eye.

Using Goldenseal as a Natural Home Remedy for Conjunctivitis:
A few drops poured into the affected eye is an effective cure. Another great way to use goldenseal is boiling it in water to make an eyewash to be used on the affected eye on a daily basis till the infection is cured.

Other Natural Remedies for Conjunctivitis

Combine raw spinach juice and carrot juice; add raw parsley to effectively treat conjunctivitis. This combination has proved to be very effective in treating and curing the eye condition.

Mix Indian gooseberry juice with honey and take at least two teaspoons of the mixture twice every day to effectively treat pinkeye. This home remedy gives fast relief from the pain coming with the eye inflammation and is considered to be among the best natural home remedies for conjunctivitis.

Use marigold plant to make a cold infusion which you can then use as eyewash. This is good remedy of relieving pain and quickening the healing process.

There are also very effective herbal disinfectant soaps that can be used to wash the face as a means of dealing with conjunctivitis.

Make sure that you take foods which are easily digestible and which allow normal bowel movements since constipation is closely linked with conjunctivitis. It therefore helps a great deal to go for foods which make bowel movements normal and easy.

Place cool but moist tea bags of chamomile onto the affected eye. This should be done only when the eye is closed and should be allowed to sit for at least 10 minutes. This exercise can be repeated several times a day and if possible on an hourly basis to relieve the symptoms of pinkeye. This home remedy is very effective. You can also use chamomile flower tea to wash your eyes on a daily basis till the condition improves.

Take aloe vera, extract the juice and make a solution using water. Then apply this over the affected eye using a clean cloth soaked in the solution. Apart from reducing pain, you will also effectively take care of the itchiness that comes with the inflammation.

Use rose water solution to wash inflamed eyes on a daily basis to soothe affected eyes hence assisting in the complete healing of the eyes. This ancient remedy, well-known to practitioners of traditional medicine systems, has also proven to be very effective in dealing with conjunctivitis.

Use elderberry blossom tea as an eyewash for the treatment of conjunctivitis. This natural remedy is also considered to be among the very best in dealing with sore eyes.

Warm milk is also a very good and simple home remedy of treating the same. The milk can be used as a compress or an eyewash to take care of the condition effectively.

Take turmeric and make a solution using water. Its antimicrobial properties make it a very effective cure for infections. This turmeric-and-water solution can be used to make a warm compress for the affected eye. Make the solution using a cup of water and 2 tablespoons of turmeric. You can then use the compress daily till the eye is effectively cured.

Make poultice using live yogurt and apply it on the area of infection on a daily basis. The poultice is known to reduce inflammation in an amazing way giving way to effective healing of the condition.

Take a tablespoon of baking soda and mix with 2 cups water. Use the solution as eyewash to soothe the infected eye. This remedy is very efficient in curing pinkeye. You can also make a solution using boric acid in water to make an eyewash. The solution should be applied using a clean cloth and allowed to sit till it dries completely before rinsing the eye off thoroughly.

To reduce inflammation and soothe itching, place cold bread onto your closed eyes. This simple remedy works wonders on eye conditions such as conjunctivitis.

Putting castor oil drops directly into the eyes at least thrice daily is a very effective treatment for conjunctivitis.

Mix chamomile flowers with Oregon grape root in boiling water. After the mixture sits for 20 minutes, let it cool before straining. Use as an eyewash.

Take a few drops of eyebright herb and use directly into the affected eye to cure conjunctivitis. The herb can also be used internally for better results.

Use goldthread to make tea for the effective treatment of conjunctiva inflammation as well as other forms of eye infections. Apart from drinking the tea, it can be used as eyewash to relieve the pain associated with such inflammation.

Use a flannel dipped in warm water as an eye compress. Apply this at least three times every single day and allow the compress to sit for around ten minutes every time.

Slice an apple and take few pieces and bend them with the skins in the sides till you have squeezed out some juice which you can then apply gently onto the infected eye lids. Apart from dealing with the redness, you will realize that that pus will disappear after a few applications.

Diet and Precautions for Conjunctivitis

Take a balanced diet at all times and most of all increase your fresh fruit intakes. However, it is very important to avoid bananas as they tend to aggravate the problem even more. People suffering from acute conjunctivitis should consider going on a juice-fast for at least three days.

After the juice-fast, you can then take a fruit diet that should consist of fresh fruits, vegetable salad, wheat tortilla, nuts, steamed vegetables and whole meal bread.

Increase your intakes of Vitamins B2 and A. Foods such as butter, carrots, tomatoes, and mangoes, green leafy vegetables contain high concentrations of these vitamins and should therefore be considered.

Avoid foods which are starchy, refined and sugary. It is also very important to keep off strong drinks such as coffee and strong teas.

As a protective measure, you can wear goggles to help inhibit further spread of the infection. This is also a very good way of keeping the infected eye clean helping in the healing process. If you wear contact lenses, avoid wearing them till the infection is under control and well cured.

Avoid alcohol and smoking.

To avoid irritating your eyes further, keep away from very bright light or sunlight.

As far as possible, avoid rubbing or touching your eyes unnecessarily and also wash your hands thoroughly immediately after handling the infected eye. Rubbing the itchy eye will make the condition worse; therefore look for an effective remedy that will keep the itchiness away instead.

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