Home Remedies for Common Digestive Disorders

In most cases, digestive disorders which occur commonly are ignored by many as they do not come with any serious symptoms. It is however very important to note that these disorders could lead to health problems that are serious if they are left untreated or not taken care of. It is believed that most of the ailments the human body goes through are as a result of stomach problems and it is of importance that disorders of the digestive system should be taken seriously.

When one is suffering from a digestive disorder, one is likely to experience symptoms such as vomiting, constipation and nausea. You may also have diarrhea, acid reflux, indigestion and heartburn; all of which should be taken care of to reduce suffering and relieve the symptoms which can be quite disturbing and irritating. In other cases, you may find that you need to pass stool just after eating and experience abdominal discomfort which could be a sign of irritable bowel syndrome.

The different digestive disorders have differing causes making it important to understand them if you are to treat the disorders effectively. For instance, you may experience vomiting and nausea when your body tries to flush out foreign substances from your system. An infection of the digestive system could lead to diarrhea while lack of enough fiber leads to constipation. Infections of the digestive track could also lead to irritable bowel syndrome and other disorders which need to be taken care of before they bring about more serious issues.

Before rushing to get medications from your local drug store in order to take care of these disorders, it is always advisable to try the different simple home remedies available for the treatment of common Digestive Disorders. The home remedies for digestive disorders are natural meaning that they are very safe and they have proved to be very effective in curing digestive disorders and treating them as well.

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Home Remedies for Common Digestive Disorders

Garlic As A Natural Remedy For Common Digestive Disorders

Properties:Garlic is widely used in the treatment of various diseases and illnesses all over the world because of its great healing properties. This is a great remedy for people suffering from diarrhea as it gets rid of the bacteria that is responsible for the diarrhea.

Cure for common digestive disorders using garlic:
You can effectively take care of common disorders of the digestive system by mixing garlic with ginger juice and adding some honey to taste and then drinking this twice daily. This will give you quick relief from several disorders within a few hours of use and continued use will completely treat them.

Coriander As A Natural Remedy For Common Digestive Disorders

Properties:The compounds found in coriander provide quick relief from pain you might be going through apart from improving your appetite and keeping your body energized. This home remedy is effective in taking care of disorders of the digestive system as well as other serious conditions.

Treating common digestive disorders using coriander:
Mix coriander with grinded cardamom seeds, ginger and cloves and make a decoction, then drink it. Drinking this twice a day is enough to give you all the relief you could be looking for. It is an especially good remedy for aiding the digestion process, making it smooth.

Lemon As Home Remedy For Common Digestive Disorders

Properties: Lemon has anti-inflammatory and anti-biotic properties which make it stand out in the treatment of digestive system disorders. This is a great natural remedy especially for those suffering from heartburn.

Treatment for common digestive disorders using lemon:
The very best way of treating digestive disorders using lemon is to squeeze the juice and mix it with grinded cloves and then drinking this for the fast relief of heartburn. You can also take this together with almonds to effectively treat the condition.

Chamomile As Home Remedy For Common Digestive Disorders

Properties: Chamomile has a soothing effect on the stomach and the digestive system as a whole making it a very effective home remedy in dealing with the various disorders of the system. It is also used in treating various other more serious conditions of the digestive tract and has proved to be effective.

Treating common Digestive Disorders using Chamomile:
You can make an infusion using chamomile flowers and take it twice daily or simply make chamomile tea and drink it several times during the day. This home remedy is great for those suffering from indigestion as it assists in the process.

Holy Basil As A Treatment For Common Digestive Disorders

Properties: Holy Basil contains compounds which have healing properties and has been in use medically for the longest time. The juice extracted from the leaves of the plant is used to treat several conditions and diseases and has proved to be effective every single time.

Cure for common digestive disorders using holy basil:
The best method to use for the herb to work for you is to mix its juice with an equal amount of ginger together with double the amount of jaggery. You can then prepare pellets using the paste and take a single one everyday with water. A few days of taking the pellets and your disorder will be history.

Cumin seeds and Pomegranate As Home Remedy For Common Digestive Disorders

Properties: Cumin seeds are rich in nutrients and minerals that work wonders in treating disorders of the digestive system including other diseases and conditions. When used together with sweet pomegranate which has soothing effects, the remedy is sure to work on anybody.

Natural Remedies for common digestive disorders using cumin seeds and pomegranate:

Extract sweet pomegranate juice and ensure that it is indeed sweet and not sour for the sake of taste. Then roast cumin seeds and make a paste using the two. You can add some jaggery to come up with a paste which you have to take at least twice daily for the effective cure of the disorders affecting the digestive system.

Bael Fruit As Home Remedy For Common Digestive Disorders

Properties: The fruit from bael tree has been used to treat digestive problems over the years. The fruit contains laxatives and the fact that it is all natural makes it one of the very best home remedies for the treatment of the various conditions. The fruit should be ripe when taken to effectively give good results.

Treating common digestive disorders using bael fruit:
You can eat the fruits raw or make a pulp out of them and take it with a glass of water. If the mixture turns to be too intolerable to consume, add some sugar and milk to improve the flavor and then take this twice a day to take care of your digestion problems.

Bishop’s Weed As Home Remedy For Common Digestive Disorders

Properties: The weed has wonderful healing properties which have made it very popular; especially among the Asian countries where it has been widely used to improve digestion. This is a valuable home remedy that can easily be found in the local stores.

Home Remedies for common digestive disorders using bishop’s weed:

The weed is normally taken after every single meal to improve the digestion process keeping most disorders at bay. You can also eat a spoonful of bishop’s weed seeds after you take your meal for the same effect and to give the food proper motion while in the digestion tract.

Other Home Remedies for common Digestive Disorders

Take cabbage juice and ripe papaya juice to treat common digestive problems which result into constipation. You can also take bananas, lentils and garlic to effectively take care of diarrhea.

For those people suffering from dyspepsia, grapes can be of great help when eaten raw. You can soak dried figs in a bowl of water overnight and consume the water first thing in the morning when your stomach is empty to take care of piles and hemorrhoids.

Drink carrot juice to effectively heal digestive disorders as well as drumstick juice mixed with honey. You can add this to coconut water to get rid of conditions like diarrhea. Another natural way of taking care of most disorders is using arrowroot water and barley water.

Add fennel seeds into boiling water and let them sit for 30 minutes. After it cools, take the mixture to cure common disorders of the digestive system. This natural home remedy is very friendly to children suffering from such disorders as well.

Drink raw spinach juice together with water twice daily to effectively treat and cure common disorders of the digestive system. Regular consumption of the juice is a great and permanent way of keeping ailments of the digestive system at bay.

Chew ginger that has been soaked in lime juice after your meals to get over disorders characterized with flatulence or gas. You can chew peppermint as well for the same effective effect.

Meadowsweet, bay berry and agrimony act as astringents and are natural, making them perfect remedies for disorders of the digestive system. You can prepare juice using the herbs and then take this at least twice daily to effectively take care of them.

Consume yogurt and buttermilk as a means of improving your digestive health generally and drink ginger tea regularly to take care of disorders such as nausea, heartburn and indigestion.

Drink milk when suffering from ulcers to calm them down and soothe any pain they could be bringing you. Goat’s milk is especially considered the best when it comes to easing the pain that comes with the ulcers and so is carrot juice.

Eat curd and bananas to replace all lost fluids and salt as a result of diarrhea and take peepal tree bark powder to deal with indigestion which can be very uncomfortable. The powder should be mixed in a glass of water and taken daily to effectively deal with the problem.

Prepare a mixture of water and neem leaves powder to treat indigestion together with other disorders. For children suffering from indigestion, a banana does work well especially when used with a spoonful of pure ghee which is a little warmed.

Include celery leaves in your meals or in salads to facilitate proper digestion of food. You can also take celery seeds and soak them in buttermilk and after letting them sit for around six hours, drink the buttermilk to relieve indigestion immediately.

Cinnamon water is also a very good home remedy for indigestion especially that associated with heavy meals. The water enhances proper and fast digestion of food.

Diet and Precautions for common Digestive Disorders

To keep digestive problems at bay, always ensure that you take a balanced diet that is healthy. Include lots of vegetables, cereals and fruits in your meals to keep problems such as constipation away.

Drink enough water daily to keep the digestive system well hydrated facilitating a smooth process for the digestion of food. The water is also good in keeping your body well hydrated and making all bodily functions smooth and right.

A balanced diet should have all the essential food groups to ensure that your body gets all the necessary nutrients and minerals for its smooth operation. It should also contain enough amounts of fiber and roughage for the smooth passing in the alimentary canal.

Avoid foods like black pepper, medications containing aspirin, coffee and other types of food which amount to heartburn. Instead, take lots of cabbages and apples which fall under vegetables and fruits.

When taking your meals, avoid taking beverages along with them. Instead, it is better to wait for at least 15 minutes after you eat. You can sip your drinks or simply drink what you want to drink 10 minutes before your meals.

Always eat your meals slowly and ensure that you thoroughly chew them to make the digestion process more smooth and fast avoiding issues that may emanate from this. When it comes to fruits, never break the rule of eating them before meals and not after meals.

Eat your food at fixed times of the day but ensure that the gap in between the meals is at least four hours and include green salads when taking meals that have meats.

Avoid taking cold and hot foods at once and try as much as possible not to end up overeating. Your choice of foods should be compatible in all ways and ensure that you do not take foods you are allergic to or those which do not agree with your body.

Avoid undercooked or stale foods to keep most of the disorders away.

After taking your meals, it is always advisable that you maintain an upright posture to allow metabolism to take its course thoroughly. People who lie down soon after taking their meals will find that they experience digestive disorders more frequently. Always allow the food to settle by staying upright for at least an hour or so.

Most of all, try your hardest to lead a stress free life and always take food that you enjoy eating and which is well balanced. Even though you could be in a hurry, avoid taking your food in a hurry as this could turn out to be disastrous since you will be consuming lots of air along with your meals.

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