Home Remedies For Common Fever

Common fever is characterized by body temperatures which are beyond normal as a result of normal functioning disturbance of the human body system. The fever can attack both adults and children and varies from one person to the other in relation to the types of food taken, atmospheric temperatures and exercise amounts one is involved in. You will find that body temperatures are highest between 4 to 9 p.m. while the lowest are experienced at around 1.30 to 7 a.m.

Some of the symptoms coming with common fever include headaches, shivering, painful body parts and profuse sweating. You may also find that your pulse and respiration are faster than they normally are because of the disturbance your body is experiencing. Other people also experience morbid matter accumulation in their systems as a result of wrong habits of feeding and unhygienic living conditions. In this aspect, the body tries to get rid of the toxic matter in the system, thereby leading to a fever.

When faced with cases of common fever, most people tend to panic and rush to the nearest drug store to get medications for easing the fever. Before turning to medical alternatives, there are simple home remedies that can easily be used at home in relieving and treating common fever. Most of the remedies are from natural herbs and plants as well as things that are easily found in most kitchens making them very convenient apart from being effective in dealing with common fever.

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Home Remedies For Common Fever

Holy Basil As A Natural Remedy For Common Fever

Properties:Holy basil has been in use for years because it has healing properties that effectively deal with several diseases and infections as well as common illnesses. The herb is widely used in treating disorders affecting the digestive system and the serious conditions that the disorders could bring about.

Natural Remedies for Common fever using holy basil:
You can effectively treat common fever at home by making a decoction using 12 gm of basil leaves and boiling them in half liter of water. The decoction should be taken daily with a cupful of milk mixed with a small amount of cardamom powder and sugar to taste. Taking this twice daily will effectively bring your temperature to normal levels.

Fenugreek As A Natural Remedy For Common Fever

Properties: Fenugreek has valuable properties which are very effective in the reduction of fever. Apart from soothing your system, it helps in cleansing it thereby getting rid of toxins that could be the cause of your fever as the body tries to flush them out. The herb has many medical properties and is widely used around the world.

Treatment for common fever using fenugreek
Simply take the herb’s seeds and let them moisten in water till they are a bit mucilaginous. After this, take the water and prepare tea using it to dissolve all sticky substances that could have accumulated in your body, hence reducing the tedious work of your body trying to get rid of toxins. You can take the tea twice daily for faster results.

Saffron As A Natural Remedy For Common Fever

Properties:Saffron has a soothing effect and has properties which have the ability to balance the body functioning. Although not many people know about the medical values of saffron, in some regions it is largely used in treating common diseases and illnesses.

Home Remedies for common fever using saffron:
To achieve great results with saffron, the best you can do at home as a way of treating and curing common fever is making tea using it. You need to put half a teaspoon of the product in 30 ml boiling water and drink this on an hourly basis till your temperature comes down to normal.

Raisins As A Natural Remedy For Common Fever

Properties: The medicinal value of raisins is great as they act as medicines for most problems including fevers. This is a wonderful natural home remedy that is sure to bring your temperature to normal levels within hours

Treating Common Fever using raisins:
Prepare raisin extract by soaking them in a cup of water for about 25 minutes and then crush them in the water. Strain the water to get rid of the skin and make a tonic using the water. Use half a teaspoon lime juice and mix it in the tonic and take the mixture twice daily to treat common fever.

Apricot As A Natural Remedy For Common Fever

Properties: Apricot is famed for the various minerals and vitamins it has which help in the toning up of the stomach, liver, nerves, heart and eyes. This is a fruit which is very beneficial and should be taken regularly as a way of maintaining good health.

Cure for common fever using apricot:
To treat common fever, extract juice from a couple of apricots and take a cupful mixing it while still fresh with a teaspoon of honey or glucose. The juice is very good in cooling off the high temperature as well as quenching thirst. It is also a very good way of eliminating waste and toxic matters from your body keeping you healthy and fit

Grapefruit As A Natural Remedy For Common Fever

Properties: Grapefruit has valuable nutrients and minerals which have proved to be very good in maintaining good health as well as enhancing proper functioning of the various body organs keeping them smooth and in top shape. It is also used in treating common diseases of the digestive system among other conditions.

Home Remedies for common fever using grapefruit:
Simply extract grape juice from the fruits and take a glass of the juice mixed with an equal amount of water. This should be able to bring down your high temperature removing all the burning sensation you could be experiencing as well as quenching your thirst. The effects of the juice are very fast making this home remedy quite reliable in treating fever.

Orange As A Natural Remedy For Common Fever

Properties: The natural nutrients and minerals found in the orange fruit are very essential when it comes to dealing with problems affecting the digestive system among other conditions. They are also perfect in bringing down common fever as they hasten recovery by promoting infection resistance, provide all the necessary energy and increase the output of the urinary tract ensuring that all toxins are flushed out of the body.

Treating common fever using orange:
To get the very best results, make fresh orange juice and take it several times during the day to cool off the high temperature. Apart from bringing down the heat, the juice is also a great way of quenching your thirst and eliminating blood poisoning.

Bloodwort As A Natural Remedy For Common Fever

Properties: The herb has the ability to induce perspiration which is very important in expelling toxins and cooling common fever. In the real sense, the herb remains to be one of the very best herbal remedies for treating fevers because of its amazing properties.

Treating common fever using bloodwort:
Prepare a hot infusion using about 15 grams of the herb in 250 ml of water. Let this boil and take it while still hot twice a day to effectively deal with your fever.

Hog Weed As A Natural Remedy For Common Fever

Properties: Just like the bloodwort, this herb is effective in treating common fever by inducing perspiration which is copious, hence getting rid of toxins and cooling off the high temperature. This is a very beneficial home remedy in the complete and fast treatment of common fever and is quite recommended.

Natural Remedies for common fever using hog weed:
Prepare a hot infusion by steeping 15 grams of hog weed in 250 millimeters of water and drink this while still a bit hot. The infusion should be taken twice daily to effectively take care of common fever and keep your body free from toxins that can be harmful.

Other Home Remedies for Common Fever

Bring a cup of water to boil and add turmeric powder, onion pieces, lemon grass, ginger pieces and black pepper together with several basil leaves. The mixture should be taken thrice daily to effectively treat common fever.

Crush 10 grams of raisins together with ginger, then immerse in water. Let this sit for an hour before boiling it till the 200 ml water goes down to 50 ml and drink while still warm. This is an effective remedy for the cure of common fever.

Use tamarind leaves to make juice and add turmeric powder using cold water. Drink the mixture to effectively eliminate common fever and any other infections you could be having.

Take ginger juice, lime juice and mix with a tablespoon of honey and take the remedy to treat common fever within hours. This is a very simple but effective natural home remedy for dealing with fevers.

Another great remedy for taking care of a common fever as soon as it attacks is to use cold packs of water on your skin to bring down the temperature. Ensure that the water is not chilled to avoid making the situation worse. The cold packs work by evaporating the water your skin excretes keeping the entire body cool.

You can also mix several herbs such as tulsi, sahdevi, aamlaki and saptala to make a single therapy for treating common fever effectively and fast. The herbs have proven to be very valuable in the cure of common fever.

Coffee aromas are another great home remedy for common fever. The aromas from Canephora and Arabica tree classification contain antioxidants which soothe your respiratory system, thereby reducing fever. Camphor is also very effective in dealing with fevers. All you have to do is get the oils and smell them frequently till your temperature comes down.

Steam camphor oil and inhale it to effectively treat common fever. The wood has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties which are very good in taking care of various conditions including all forms of fever.

Relieve common fever, reduce infections and relieve all kinds of muscle pain using lemongrass oil which can be found in food stores and drug stores. The oil has antiseptic agents which enhance the healing of various conditions affecting the human body.

Drink boiled and cooled water rather than taking cold water as a measure of keeping common fever at bay as well as dealing with a fever that is already in existence.

Fasting a few days is also considered a good home remedy for people suffering from common fever. Use a normal sponge to cool your body with water of normal temperature rather than cold water to take care of your fever.

Take hot water bottles and place them against your body sides and feet to relieve high body temperature. You can also take warm water enema daily as a way of cleansing your bowels as well as use cold compresses on your head to bring down the temperature.

When suffering from a common fever, it is important to wear comfortable and light clothing as a way of trying to bring the temperature down. By wearing loose fitting clothes, your sweat glands will be able to release moisture allowing the fever to subside faster and effectively.

Diet and Precautions for Common Fever

Soon after managing to bring your body temperature to a normal level, strictly take a fruit diet for a few days which should consist of fresh juicy fruits in three meals per day. After the fast you can then ensure that you take a balanced diet and increase your intake of vegetables and fruits.

Always take a diet that is easily digestible giving up diets which are too heavy for the body to digest with ease.

Avoid or limit spicy foods and junk foods as well as those which are refined like pizza and white bread. It is also very essential to restrict the amount of cold drinks you take to keep fever attacks at bay.

Avoid taking alcohol and smoking as they tend to increase and worsen your condition. Instead of taking alcohol, take enough fluids and beverages to keep your body well hydrated and flush out toxins. The fluids can include fresh fruits juices and water.

Ensure that you take enough rest every single day to allow your body to repair damaged cells keeping common fever attacks at bay as well as to be healthy enough to fight diseases and infections that the body is likely to get exposed to.

Avoid foods such as fast foods, fried foods, meat, raw food as well as fish and chicken as they are considered heavy and take time to digest.

It is recommended that you take hot beverages such as hot water, hot tea and lemon juices among others as a way of bringing your body temperature back to normal level. The hot beverages will make you sweat which is a great way of flushing out toxins and cooling the body and they will also keep your body well hydrated.

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