Home Remedies for Malaria

Malaria is a very common disease mostly affecting people living in subtropical and tropical regions of the world. It is caused by the Anopheles female mosquito that carries various malaria causing parasites which get into the blood stream through bites. The condition is most common in people who live in conditions that are unhealthy as well as those whose immune systems are weak.

This disease has a variety of symptoms with the most common being headaches, shivering and body chills as well as high fever. When left untreated for a long time malaria will advances to more severe stages, causing conditions such as dysentery, kidney failure and anemia. There are patients who will also experience painful limbs and profuse sweating when suffering from malaria. It is advisable for patients to seek the right and helpful treatment when they see the symptoms as a way of preventing the disease from getting to the worse stages.

The Anopheles mosquito, which breeds in water, is the main cause of malaria although it is argued that poor nutritional habits and faulty living styles do greatly contribute to the disease. This occurs when the system is clogged with morbid matter and provides a good breeding ground for the malaria germ in the body. The development of malaria can also be triggered by intakes of foods which are denatured products and canned foods as well as alcoholic drinks.

Malaria symptoms can be very uncomfortable and can leave one feeling lifeless making it important to get treatment as soon as it is possible. The good news, however, is that there are tested and proven natural remedies for treating malaria. This has now made it possible for patients suffering from malaria to get the right treatment fast without the need to spend much money or go too far to get medical assistance.

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Home Remedies for Malaria

Grapefruit as a Home Remedy for Malaria

Grapefruit Properties: Grape fruit contains important substances which act as natural quinine which is useful in treating malaria cases. This is one of the best natural remedies for malaria, and a number of people all over the world use it for this purpose as it has proven to be very effective.

Using Grapefruit as Treatment for Malaria:
Take a half piece of the fruit and boil it to get the essential extracts. This should then be strained and the pulp taken on a regular basis as treatment for malaria. When used for a period of a few days, the symptoms should go away thereby dealing with the problem effectively.

Fever Nut as a Natural Remedy for Malaria

Fever Nut Properties: Fever nuts are commonly used for the treatment of fever and other respiratory conditions and have been found to be a good remedy for patients suffering from malaria. It is especially great for the high fever that comes with the disease because of the various minerals it has that have a cooling effect on the body.

Using Fever Nut as a Cure for Malaria:
the seeds are easily available in herbal stores and 6 grams can be taken in water. This is best taken when one has a high fever and should be taken at least twice daily to get effective results within a short period.

Datura as a Home Remedy for Malaria

Datura Properties: Datura contains compounds and minerals essential in treating malaria by getting rid of symptoms like high fever. It is especially good for fevers and body chills as it helps boost the immune system bringing the levels back to normal. This is also among the best natural remedies for malaria.

Cure for Malaria Using Datura:
The fresh leaves of the plant can be steeped in boiling water and then strained and cooled before consumption. Another quicker way of getting rid of the fever is making a paste using the leaves and then applying this on the various parts of the body such as the forehead and the chest areas.

Cinnamon as a Natural Remedy for Malaria

Cinnamon Properties: Cinnamon contains antibacterial and antiseptic properties making it very good in dealing with cases of malaria. It works by fighting the malarial germs causing the disease and boosts the immune system. The remedy is widely used for the treatment of most other conditions and diseases affecting the human body, as it is very beneficial

Using Cinnamon as a Cure for Malaria:
A tablespoonful of cinnamon powder should be added in water, most preferably boiling water, and then sipped while still hot or when warm. A little honey and pepper can be added into the mixture to make it more effective in dealing with the condition. The remedy is very beneficial to patients suffering from malaria as it gives fast relief from most of the symptoms.

Chiravata as a Home Remedy for Malaria

Chiravata Properties: Chiravata is an Indian herb that helps in lowering the high temperatures that are a result of malaria infection. The herb is medicinally very beneficial even in treating other common conditions, especially those affecting the respiratory system and the digestive system.

Using Chiravata as a Treatment for Malaria:
Just like most home remedies for malaria, the herb can be made into a decoction which should then be taken at least twice daily until the symptoms are gone. Cinnamon and cloves can be added into the mixture to increase effectiveness.

Lemon as a Home Remedy for Malaria

Lemon Properties: Lemon is beneficial in the treatment of Malaria as it contains a variety of essential minerals and compounds among them anti-inflammatory properties which help to alleviate symptoms that come with the disease.

Treatment for Malaria Using Lemon:
Add lemon juice into a glass of water by squeezing the citrus fruit directly into the water and then take this at least three times a day. It is the best remedy for fevers that come with malaria and is quite effective.

Alum as a Natural Remedy for Malaria

Alum Properties: Alum gives quick relief from malaria symptoms as it contains all the important minerals and compounds found to be beneficial in treating the condition. This is one of the best home remedies for malaria and is widely used for this purpose.

Treatment for Malaria Using Alum:
Roast the seeds and then grind them into powder which should then be added into water and taken regularly during the day. The powder can also be used to make a paste which is then applied to the different parts of the body to get rid of fevers and get rid of the limb pain that comes with the condition.

Holy Basil as a Home Remedy for Malaria

Holy Basil Properties: Just like most herbs, holy basils contain anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antibiotic properties making it a very essential natural remedy for the treatment of malaria. It remains to be among the very best natural remedies for malaria.

Using Holy Basil as a Cure for Malaria:
Take the leaves and crush them to get juice with the help of a clean piece of cloth. You can then mix the juice with pepper and then take the mixture three times per day. The symptoms should disappear within a few days of using the remedy.

Fenugreek Seeds as a Remedy for Malaria

Garlic Properties: Fenugreek seeds contain antibiotic properties making them very good in the treatment of malaria. The seeds are also widely used for the treatment of several other conditions affecting the proper functioning of the human system. This is one of the very best and most effective home remedies for malaria.

Cure for Malaria Using Fenugreek Seeds:
To boost immunity, the seeds should be dried and then ground into powder which should then be added in water and consumed. Drinking the water for a week is effective in getting rid of the problem, promoting good health and keeping the immune system as strong as it should be in fighting illnesses. The seeds can also be taken with meals on a regular basis as a diet for malaria prevention and treatment.

Other Home Remedies for Malaria

Take warm water on regular intervals during the day to clean bowels as a way of treating malaria cases which are a result of accumulation of refuse in the body. The water is also very essential in keeping the body well hydrated promoting proper body functions.

Take a large sheet of cloth and dip it in water, then wrap it around the whole body. This cold pack application helps in lowering the high temperatures associated with malaria. This should be allowed to stay on the body for at least ten minutes. This activity should be repeated every three hours to effectively get rid of the high temperatures.

Dissolve a few grams of lime in a half cup of water, then add a little lemon juice before consuming as a treatment for malaria. This remedy can also be taken on a regular basis as a preventative measure for malaria attacks.

Squeeze orange juice into a glass and consume this as a simple way of treating malaria. Oranges have been found to contain essential minerals helpful in the treatment of the disease. The fruits can also be eaten after meals on a regular basis as a diet for malaria.

Take ice cubes and wrap them in a piece of cloth, then place them on the forehead as cold packs. The remedy is beneficial in lowering body temperature and offers fast relief every time one is faced by the high fevers.

Take a glass of water and add ginger and raisins. The ginger root can be cut into small pieces and each piece used in every dose together with 3 Tbs. of raisins. This should then be boiled into a decoction and then left to cool before consuming. This natural remedy for malaria remains to be among the most effective.

Add cinnamon, pepper and some honey in a reasonable amount of water and then bring the water to boil. After cooling, drink the water as an effective way of dealing with malaria cases. The home remedy is one of the simplest and the most effective when treating the ailment.

Squeeze grape juice in a glass and drink several times in a day as a good way of getting rid of malaria symptoms. The grapes can also be used regularly as a diet for malaria. The leaves of the grape fruit are also effective in dealing with malaria when made into a decoction.

Diet for Malaria and other Precautions

Diet has always played a very important part in promoting good health although a number of people always take this for granted. Improving dietary habits can greatly help in improving the general health of the human body, making it very important to take good measures with regards to the kinds of foods we expose to the body.

People suffering from malaria should first make a point of going on a fruit juice fast to help in the cleansing of the body. The fast should only contain fresh fruits and fruit juices and should be done for at least five days. Orange juice is the best in the cases of malaria.

After the juice fast, patients can then add some milk in their daily intakes of the fruits for a few days. A healthy and balanced diet should then be adopted and should include fresh green vegetables and natural foods. It is important to always ensure that the meals one takes are well balanced with all essential food groups are well incorporated.

Avoid taking spicy and salty foods as well as foods that are too oily. Junk foods should be avoided or limited as they only make malaria cases worse.

Avoid taking foods which are over processed, canned and refined as they lack the proper nutrients that the body needs in maintaining good health.

Ensure that your surroundings are clean and well taken care of to avoid offering favorable breeding grounds for mosquitoes. Stagnant water should be taken care of, as this is where the mosquitoes breed exposing people to bites.

When living in mosquito-infested areas, ensure that you sleep under a net. One can also use an insect repellent to kill the mosquitoes. However, ensuring that the area does not have any breeding grounds for the mosquitoes is the best way of keeping malaria at bay.

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