Home Remedies for Itching

Itching is a condition normally caused by stimuli in different parts of the skin. The itch can be as a result of the many unavoidable irritants the skin is exposed to. Humans respond to an itch through scratching as it gives momentarily satisfaction although a cycle can be created from this where the itch does not go away and one has to scratch over and over again.

While scratching is a way of dealing with an itch, too much scratching could end up causing damage or injury to the skin exposing it to infection or causing pain. Itching can vary from the mild common nuisance to the much more damaging and disrupting bouts. The main causes of an itch are sunburns, allergic reactions, insect bites, reactions to detergents and soaps, dry weather and some medications. One may also feel the need to scratch the skin when suffering from skin infections.

Severe cases of itching could be caused by diseases such as psoriasis which may need to be treated to get rid of the itch. While scratching is a good temporary way of getting relief from itching, there are several home remedies that work well in dealing with the condition completely. The home remedies for itching can easily be found in the house and are quite simple to use.

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Home Remedies for Itching

Lemon as a Natural Remedy for Itching

Lemon Properties: Lemon has an aromatic substance that contains anti-inflammatory and anesthetic properties. The properties help a great deal in reducing itching and are a good way of treating the condition at home. Apart from treating itching, lemon will leave you smelling fresh.

Using Lemon as a home remedy for Itching:
Take a couple of lemons and squeeze their juice and apply on the affected part. You can also squeeze them directly onto the skin and then allow drying before washing off. This remedy should give instant relief from itching.

Juniper Berries as Natural Remedy for Itching

Juniper Berries Properties: Juniper berries have been in use for medical purposes for the longest time as they contain very beneficial compounds. The berries have volatile substances which have anti-inflammatory properties effective in treating itching. They are normally used together with cloves which have compounds to numb the nerve endings giving an end to the itch.

Using Juniper Berries as Treatment for Itching:
Melt unsalted butter in a pan and beeswax in another pan. When completely melted, mix the two together and then add at least five spoonfuls of juniper berries and three spoonfuls of ground cloves and then stir thoroughly. After cooling, this should then be applied to the skin. This is one of the most effective home remedies for itching.

Basil as a Natural Remedy for Itching

Basil Properties: Basil leaves contain high concentrations of Eugenol, which is a topical anesthetic, making them good remedy for the treatment of itches. The home remedy is also used largely in the treatment of various other infections and diseases because of its medicinal benefits.

Using Basil as a Treatment for Itching:
Make basil tea by boiling the leaves in water after which it is splashed onto the skin to relieve itching. After boiling, the water should be allowed to cool while covered to avoid losing the beneficial aroma. Take a clean piece of cloth and dip into the tea and apply onto the areas of infection as many times as you may feel necessary.

Mint as a Natural Remedy for Itching

Mint Properties: Mint has high concentrations of menthol which is rich in anti-inflammatory and anesthetic properties. For this reason, the herb is very beneficial and effective in treating and curing itching. Rosmarinic is the anti-inflammatory acid found in the menthol and is easily absorbed by the skin giving quick relief.

Using Mint as Treatment for Itching:
Take dried leaves of mint and add into boiling water. After a few minutes of boiling, remove from heat and allow cooling while covered. Then strain the water and apply onto the itchy skin using a clean piece of cloth. The remedy is simple but very effective among natural remedies for itching.

Thyme as a Natural Remedy for Itching

Thyme Properties:Thyme is a herb containing high amounts of thymol which acts as an anti-inflammatory and anesthetic essential in the treatment of itching. It works by reducing inflammation thereby relieving itching.

Using Thyme as Treatment for Itching:
Take dried leaves of thyme and add to boiling water. After a few minutes, allow cooling while well covered before straining and using a clean cloth to apply onto the areas affected by the itch. Dandelion root can be added into the mixture for better remedy results as it contains the same properties as thyme.

Aloe Vera as a Natural Remedy for Itching

Aloe Vera Properties:Aloe Vera contains an abundance of anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties making it very useful and effective in treating itching, burns and inflammation. It is widely used for the treatment of various diseases and infections as it has been tested and proven to be amazingly beneficial. It is one of the best natural remedies for itching.

Using Aloe Vera as a Treatment for Itching:
Snap a leaf from the plant and slice into large pieces. For better handling, cut down the middle and then gently rub the sticky gel onto the itching skin. This should then be allowed to dry before washing off. The procedure can be repeated as many times as possible or in the instances when itching attacks.

Neem as a Natural Remedy for Itching

Neem Properties: Neem has important compounds and minerals effective in treating itching among other conditions affecting the skin. The herb is easily accessible making it among the very best home remedies for the condition.

Using Neem as Treatment for Itching:
Bring neem leaves to boil and then use the water in your bath water for the treatment of itching. Neem oil easily found in drug stores can be applied onto the skin to get quick itching relief.

White Vinegar as a Home Remedy for Itching

White Vinegar Properties: White vinegar contains anti-inflammatory properties which are beneficial in dealing with skin itching episodes. The remedy is especially good for itches which seem to be creating endless cycles.

Using White Vinegar as Cure for Itching:
Add a cup of the vinegar into your bath water and sit in the water well covered for around 15 minutes. If you do not have access to this vinegar, apple cider vinegar can be used in its place as it is just as effective.

Milk as a Home Remedy for Itching

Milk Properties: Milk has been found to contain essential minerals in the treatment of itching. It also contains soothing properties which ease itching situations greatly.

Using Milk as Cure for Itching:
Add milk to your bath water to get quick relief from itching. The milk can also be mixed with baking soda or oatmeal to give better results from itching. This is one of the effective natural remedies for itching.

Chickweed as a Home Remedy for Itching

Chickweed Properties: Chickweed has important minerals and compounds proven to be effective in the treatment of itches. Although not commonly mentioned, the weed is very beneficial in dealing with a variety of skin conditions.

Using Chickweed as Cure for Itching:
Soak chickweed poultice in a reasonable amount of water till soft. When cooled, you can then apply onto the skin to effectively treat itching episodes. This is a great remedy for people suffering from itching which can be damaging besides being irritating and embarrassing.

Baking Soda as Home Remedy for Itching

Baking Soda Properties: The various compounds found in baking soda makes it an effective remedy for itching and other skin conditions. Apart from reducing inflammation, it effectively gets rid of the itching caused by insect bites and prickly heat giving quick relief.

Treating Itching Using Baking Soda:
Add powder to cool water and then soak your body into the water for at least 20 minutes to get the soothing effects. You will find that this remedy also takes care of other skin ailments with ease.

Other Home Remedies for Itching

Add peppermint to your bathing water every time your skin feels itchy as an effective remedy for the treatment of irritating itches.

Take a good amount of cornstarch and add to your bath water to get quick relief from itching. The powder can also be dusted onto the skin to effectively treat itching. The remedy also works very well when dealing with rashes caused by heat.

You can effectively cure itching by making a paste using coconut oil and lime juice. The paste should then be applied thoroughly onto the skin areas to give relief. This home remedy is a good cure for the condition.

Add at least two cups oatmeal to your bath water. Lukewarm water is preferable in this case as it works well in soothing the skin. Ensure that your skin is well soaked into the water for around ten minutes to effectively treat the condition.

Mix bicarbonate soda and carbolic acid lotion before gently applying onto the area of infection. This remedy has been in use for the longest time as it has proved to be very effective in treating itching among other skin conditions.

Take cold compresses and apply onto the areas feeling itchy to get quick relief. This may however only give temporary relief in severe cases of itching.

Take stinging nettle oil and apply onto the skin to relieve itching. The plant can also be used in its natural form by taking the leaves and adding into boiling water. After cooling, the water can then be applied onto the skin to get relief from itches. Another way of using stinging nettle is taking at least two cups of the water on a daily basis to effectively cure itching.

Take burdock root and crush before applying onto the skin to reduce itching. The root’s oil is also very effective in dealing with the condition and is highly recommended for those suffering from the condition.

Mix cinnamon powder and honey in equal amount then make a paste using a small amount of water. The paste can then be applied onto the itchy parts of the skin every time the condition begins. This is a great remedy to stop irritating and damaging itches.

Mix witch hazel and cod liver oil and then apply onto the skin. Other things such as lemon juice and aloe Vera can be added into the mixture to come up with an effective paste for the condition.

Mix yellow dock and peppermint in your bath water to get relief from itching. The remedy reduces inflammation giving quick relief from the condition.

Grind poppy seeds and mix with lime juice in equal amounts in water. This should then be taken orally or applied onto the skin to get quick relief from itching.

Mash almond leaves and use the paste onto the area of infection. This common home remedy has soothing effects and gives quick relief from the condition making it a beneficial remedy.

Take papaya seeds and mash then to make a paste. This should then be applied to the affected parts of the skin to effectively treat itching.

Another amazing and simple remedy for itching is petroleum jelly. After washing the skin, apply a thick layer of petroleum jelly and some baby powder to get fast relief from itching. This remedy works by inhibiting direct contact of skin with air which contains allergens.

Take tea tree oil and apply onto the skin. The plants leaves can also be used to make a paste through crushing or can also be added into boiling water and the water splashed onto the skin.

To get immediate relief from itching, apply hot water onto the skin areas feeling itchy. This is the simplest home remedy for itching and is very effective in dealing with the condition.

Add Vicks Rub into hot water and then apply onto the skin to provide quick relief from itching. This is a great cure for the skin condition.

Use a moisturizer after taking your bath to avoid instances where you feel itchy all over the skin. A well maintained skin is less prone to itching.

Diet for Itching and other Precautions

Proper dietary habits play a big role in the prevention and treatment of itching especially in cases where the condition is caused by food allergies. Always eat a balanced diet and avoid foods which you are allergic to.

Increase your daily intakes of foods rich in Vitamins C and E as a way of keeping the body and skin well nourished keeping itching at bay.

Take foods which are rich in zinc and beta-carotene as diet for itching since they contain all the essential minerals and vitamins the body requires to keep healthy

At all times, avoid scratching itchy skin areas as you could end up damaging the tissues making the condition worse. Your fingernails should be kept neat and short to avoid damages which come with scratching the skin.

Wear light and loose nightwear when retiring to bed to give the skin enough breathing space especially when feeling itchy as a way of treating the condition.

Avoid getting into contact with humidity and high levels of heat and keep all body parts clean and dry as dampness can cause itching to get worse.

Avoid foods which are too salty as salt is known to make the condition worse. Your diet for itching should accommodate foods which are less salty or add reasonable amounts of salt into your foods to keep skin irritations at bay.

Always ensure that you drink enough water on a daily basis as a way of keeping the body and skin well hydrated. Dry skin is more prone to getting itchy compared to that which is well hydrated and moisturized making it important to take all measures to keep the skin moist enough.

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