Home Remedies for Nosebleeds

Nosebleeds are common and can vary from the tiny trickles of blood to much bigger gushes. The condition is however not that serious and should not get anybody worrying too much as there are easy ways of managing the situation. Although the condition is harmless and not painful, it can be annoying and embarrassing especially when it happens at the oddest places and times. Most people tend to freak out on seeing the blood as it seems much although it does not make any difference in the body levels.

The inner nose is comprised of blood vessels that are lined and near the surface. This makes the vessels prone to getting irritated by several things that can cause the bleeding. Some of the known causes of nosebleeds include high altitudes, trauma to the nose, injury, dry air, sneezing, hard nose blowing, allergies and rubbing of the nose. Those who love picking their noses will often find that they have cases of nose bleeding. Age and infections of the upper respiratory system are some of the other causes of nose bleeding and so are tumors although in very rare cases.

There are two kinds of nosebleeds with the first being that which occurs anterior or from the front part of the nose. This kind of bleeding comes as a result of breakage of the fine blood capillaries found in this area. The other type of nose bleeding is one that occurs on the posterior part of the nose which lies much deeper into the nose. This may cause the blood to flow to the throat area. It is common in people who have suffered facial injuries.

There are effective home remedies for nosebleeds that effectively take care of the situation. The natural remedies for the condition are easy to use and give fast treatment for those suffering from the condition. The remedies come in handy to people who are normally confused about what to do when faced with nosebleeds especially those that look as though they won’t stop.

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Home Remedies for Nosebleeds

Lemon Juice as Natural Remedy for Nosebleeds

Lemon Juice Properties: Lemon contains antiseptic properties which promote proper blood coagulation hence deals with the bleeding within a short period of time. This is one of the best and simplest natural remedies for nosebleeds.

Using Lemon Juice as Treatment for Nosebleeds:
Squeeze juice from a lemon and then use a dropper to put a few drops into the nostrils. The bleeding should stop within a few minutes after dropping. This should be done in a lying position and patients should remain this way for at least 20 minutes to allow the remedy to work effectively.

Salt Water as a Natural Remedy for Nosebleeds

Salt Water Properties: Salt water has dehumidifying and anticoagulant properties which help in the treatment of nosebleeds. This is especially a good home remedy for bleeding that is triggered by nose dryness as it helps in keeping the membranous lining moist getting rid of the bleeding.

Using Salt Water as Cure for Nosebleeds:
Warm a small amount of water and then add a small amount of salt. A sprayer can then be used to get the solution into the nose. The remedy should stop the bleeding within a few minutes although it is essential for those suffering to remain lying down till the bleeding stops. This is one of the best home remedies for the condition.

Indian Gooseberry as a Home Remedy for Nosebleeds

Indian Gooseberry Properties: Also known as amla, the juice of the Indian gooseberry is rich in Vitamin C which happens to be a natural antioxidant. This helps in the repair of damaged cells in the nose thereby stopping the bleeding. The vitamin is also essential in reducing cold severity offering fast relief from this common occurrence.

Using Indian Gooseberry as Cure for Nosebleeds:
Prepare juice from the berries and then put a few drops of the juice into both nostrils. The juice is very effective and positive results should be visible within a short period of time. A piece of clean cloth can also be dipped into the juice and then placed onto the nostrils to stop the bleeding.

Apple Cider Vinegar as a Natural Remedy for Nosebleeds

Apple Cider Vinegar Properties: The various compounds found in apple cider vinegar work by clotting the blood thereby eliminating the bleeding. This is a simple way of getting rid of the annoying bleeding and is considered to be among the best home remedies for the condition.

Using Apple Cider Vinegar as Cure for Nosebleeds:
Take a glass of water and add two tablespoons of the vinegar and then drink this at least thrice a day. A cotton ball can also be dipped into the vinegar and then placed onto the nostrils to stop the bleeding. The remedy is very popular and is widely used by those who know how beneficial it is when it comes to dealing with nose problems.

Ice as a Natural Remedy for Nosebleeds

Ice Properties: Ice has the ability to constrict the blood vessels. By constricting the vessels, bleeding is stopped within a few minutes. This makes ice a great home remedy for those suffering from nosebleeds and is actually the simplest of all home remedies when it comes to treating the bleeding.

Using Ice as Treatment for Nosebleeds:
Take a few cubes of ice and wrap well in a piece of cloth or towel. This should then be placed onto the cheeks just outside the nose for a quick stoppage of the bleeding. This can be done while lying down and the towel should be allowed to stay placed for at least 10 minutes to effectively get rid of the bleeding.

Baking Sodas as a Natural Remedy for Nosebleeds

Baking Sodas Properties: Baking soda has essential compounds which help in stopping nose bleeding. The remedy is easy to use and has proven to be very effective in dealing with the condition.

Using Baking Soda as Treatment for Nosebleeds:
Add a little baking soda powder to warm water and then irrigate the nose to help stop the bleeding. This is best done while lying down although rinsing can be done in an upright position. It is among the simplest natural remedies for nosebleeds.

Wheat Bread as a Home Remedy for Nosebleeds

Wheat Bread Properties: Whole wheat bread has good amounts of zinc which help in blood vessels maintenance. It aids quick healing of damaged vessels thereby dealing with the bleeding. Brown rice can also be used in place of the bread as it also contains that essential mineral.

Using Wheat Bread as Cure for Nosebleeds:
Cut a small piece of bread and dip in water before placing onto the nostrils. This should be left to stay put on the nostrils to allow proper absorption of the zinc. The bleeding should stop soon after using the remedy. The bread and the rice can also be included in meals as diet for the condition.

Other Home Remedies for Nosebleeds

Take green vegetables and make juice by crushing and then drink the juice as a way of treating nosebleeds. This can be used as diet for the condition as the vegetables contain high concentrations of Vitamin K. To get fast relief from the bleeding, a few drops of the juice can be put into the nostrils.

Squeeze or blend juice from a couple of oranges and put a few drops of this into the nostrils as a quick way of getting rid of the bleeding. The juice helps form collagen thereby stopping the bleeding. This juice can also be taken on a regular basis as diet for nosebleeds to aid proper healing from the condition. It is also a good home remedy for keeping the nose well moistened.

Take a small towel and dip in water. This should then be placed on the forehead as good way of keeping the membranous lining well humidified. By so doing, the bleeding is stopped. It is among the simplest home remedies for nosebleeds and is very effective especially when the individual is not in a place where the home remedies can be accessed.

Hold the nose by the bridge and gently but firmly squeeze on it to stop bleeding. This should be done while leaning forwards to avoid cases where the blood goes back to the throat area. Stay in this pinching position for at least five minutes to completely stop the bleeding and avoid blowing the nose immediately after the procedure.

Boil a small amount of water and then slowly inhale the steam. This can be done with a towel placed onto the forehead and should be done when leaning forwards. Inhaling the steam from a hot cup of tea can also be helpful in stopping bleeding or preventing possible cases of breathing difficulty as the nose is kept well moistened.

Take a piece of cotton and insert inside the upper lip when faced with case of nose bleeding. This home remedy for nosebleeds works since the blood vessel supplying blood to the nose passes through here and adding a little pressure on it actually gets the job done. This is one of the simplest and most effective natural remedies for nosebleeds.

Take a small amount of goldenseal and add in an equally small amount of water. The solution should then be placed on a pan and put on a fire. The treatment here is to get the snuff into the nostrils once the mixture boils and dries. This remedy should be repeated several times a day to effectively take care of nosebleeds.

When suffering from nosebleed caused by dry air, a good humidifier can come in handy. By keeping the air well humidified, it is possible to stop the bleeding as soon as it begins. It is also a long term solution of keeping nosebleeds at bay as it ensures that the nose does not end up overworking hence causing bleeding.

Bring a little amount of water to boil and add a small amount of salt into it. This can be taken orally or simply sprayed into the nostrils as a simple way of getting rid of the bleeding.

These natural remedies for nosebleeds do work and it is actually not possible to use them without succeeding so long as the right method is used. The remedy one chooses to use will highly depend on the resources available at the time the bleeding occurs.

Diet for Nosebleeds and other Precautions

A balanced diet is essential in dealing with all types of conditions and illnesses attacking the body and should therefore never be taken for granted. Always ensure that you take meals that are well balanced and healthy.

To keep the body well hydrated and free from conditions such as nosebleeds, take enough water every day. This will not only promote good body functions including breathing but is also a good way of flushing out toxins and wastes from the body.

Resist blowing or touching the nose after treating a nosebleed as this could easily trigger another attack.

Always avoid picking you nose as this is a major cause for nose bleeding. Instead of picking the nose using fingers, one can use a soft tissue or alternatively perform nasal irrigation to get rid of any debris that may be present.

Ensure that every time you blow the nose you do it in a gentle manner and deal with one nostril at a time to keep cases of bleeding at bay.

Avoid smoking as this only dries the passages hence causing dryness and eventually bleeding. Secondhand smoke should also be avoided by staying away from environments that are smoky as it can cause the condition.

In case you have allergies, ensure that you treat them to avoid too much sneezing which known to cause nosebleed. Constant blowing and sneezing only makes the membranes prone to damages giving room for nose bleeding.

Medications such as aspirin should be taken under supervision as they are known to hinder clotting which is necessary in dealing with bleeding cases. People prone to nosebleed should actually avoid the medications.

Get regular blood pressure checks to help curb the condition preventing nose bleeding cases as a result of the condition.

Women using oral contraceptives should be careful when selecting what to go for as estrogen plays a part in mucus production inside the body. When the levels are compromised, nose bleeding cases may be experienced. Estrogen balance should be maintained to avoid such cases.

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