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There are a couple of reasons why people prefer to lose weight rather than gaining it. However, to determine if one is overweight, one should consider the simple calculation of dividing body mass by height. The major reason is that excess weight may have a negative effect on a person’s health as there are diseases and ailments that go hand in hand with being overweight. One of the major conditions associated with excess weight is high blood pressure. It has been proven that when the body has a lot of fat, it retains a lot of sodium which is a major component of blood. This sodium causes fluid retention which increases the volume of blood. This causes straining of the blood vessels and the heart in transporting and pumping this increased amount of blood in the body. People with excess weight experience conditions such as sleep apnea, gallstones and physical discomfort. Finally it can lead to stroke and heart attacks.

There are various reasons why people gain weight involuntary while others increase their body mass willingly. First and foremost, it has been proven that most people who are overweight inherit the disposition towards weight gain in the genes from their parents. Diet also plays a major role in weight gain for body building as there is a specific diet for increasing weight. However not all people know the best diet to gain weight. Some people believe that eating only fatty foods causes an increase in body mass but there are other foods which can cause weight gain. Gender is also associated with an increase in weight. It has been proven that women tend to add more weight than men due to the fact that their bodies have fewer toned muscles on average as compared to those of men. Muscles play a significant role in burning fat in the body, so women have a harder time burning fat and energy. It has also been noted that pregnant women increase their body weight due to biological needs in their system. Age also has a relative relationship with weight gain due to the presence of muscles in the body. As one becomes older, one becomes more sedentary and the muscles become less toned. The muscles then consume less energy, leading to weight gain. There are other factors that contribute to weight gain such as daily activity and medication. It is therefore necessary to find the best cure for weight gain before age-related ailments and associated conditions distort one’s health.

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Home Remedies for Weight Loss

Evening Primrose Oil as a Natural Remedy for Weight Loss

Evening Primrose Oil Properties: Evening primrose oil has very useful properties that assist in curbing weight gain in the body. This remedy has powerful properties that help to burn the calories which cause an increase in body weight. Evening primrose oil also has some very remarkable properties that stimulate the metabolism of the body. This remedy is one of the most effective natural remedies for losing weight that can be used at any age as it has no major side effects.

Use of Evening Primrose Oil as a Cure for Weight Gain:
Extract the oil from the plant and shape it into small tablets of equal size. Take the tablets at least once per day, especially in the evening, as it is one of the best remedies for reversing weight gain. Weight loss can be accelerated by doing regular exercise for twenty to thirty minutes after taking the tablets.

Apple Cider Vinegar as a Natural Remedy for Weight Loss

Apple Cider Vinegar Properties: Apple cider vinegar is a very wonderful remedy that offers a huge benefit to that pursuing weight loss. This remedy has some very powerful properties that help to increase the rate of metabolism in the body. Thus it helps to burn calories in the body at all time when the body is in motion or at work. This remedy has been in use for ages as a cure for excess weight and has been approved by medical practitioners for curbing this condition. Apple cider vinegar has also been used as a major component in making drugs and pills that are used in weight reduction. It also burns calories in obese people and is among the most useful natural remedies for achieving weight loss.

Use of Apple Cider Vinegar as a Cure for Weight Gain:
Making this remedy is not hard compared to other natural home remedies for this condition. Just mix about 16 ounces of pure water with about 2 teaspoons of the apple cider vinegar. Stir the concoction well until the vinegar is no longer visible in the solution. There is no definite dosage for using this remedy as one can be drinking sips of the concoction throughout the day. Drinking once a day is discouraged as it can be less effective. Positive results will be seen after few weeks of use, placing apple cider vinegar among the most effective methods of reducing weight.

Green Tea as a Home Remedy for Weight Loss

Green Tea Properties: Green tea is among the most used home remedies for weight loss due to the low cost and availability in many places. Green tea has been in use for a long time in helping people lose weight due to the presence of properties that reduce the appetite. Green tea is also useful in boosting the metabolic rate of the body and helps to burn excess calories in the body.

Use of Green Tea as a Treatment for Weight Gain:
Make green tea and drink at least one glass three times a day for several weeks. After drinking the green tea, relax for a while to allow the ingredients to be digested by the body. Then do some exercises such as jogging, running, pushups or weightlifting for an interval of ten to twenty minutes. When these exercises are done for several weeks together with drinking green tea, rapid weight loss will be experienced.

Lime and Honey as a Home Remedy for Weight Loss

Aloe Vera Properties: The combination of honey and lime has been very effective in weight loss and is among the first home remedies for weight loss to be considered by the obese and by people choosing to reduce weight. This remedy has been in use for ages, especially by Asians, as it has shown positive results within a short time frame. The combination of lime and honey helps in burning excess fat in the body. The remedy also acts as a cleansing agent as it plays a large role in removing toxic materials that have a hand in causing weight gain. This remedy has some very powerful properties in reducing appetite as it eliminates the craving for certain foods, especially meat and other animal proteins.

Use of Honey and Lime as a Cure for Weight Gain:
The lime juice should be warmed for few minutes. Then add a quarter liter of honey. Mix the concoction well until the honey in the concoction disappears. Drinking this liquid three times a day will be enough to curb weight gain. The effectiveness of this remedy can be enhanced by adding pepper although it is not necessary to add it. Reduction of weight is seen after few weeks of continuous use of this remedy and has been recommended for weight loss by paramedics. The best way to use this remedy is by drinking it a few minutes after finishing the usual daily meals.

Indian Plums as a Natural Remedy for Weight Loss

Indian Plums Properties: The leaves of the Indian plum herb have some very powerful properties that help in burning fat in the body and also increasing the rate of metabolism. They also have some very important properties which curb the appetite for food, especially the fatty foods. A person who takes Indian plum herb as a treatment for weight gain may experience some discomfort and even vomiting after eating fatty meals. Indian plum herb has been in the category of the most effective natural remedies for weight gain that show positive results within days of use.

Use of Indian Plum as a Treatment for Weight Gain:
Making this remedy does not involve a lot of processing and is thus regarded among the most used natural remedies for weight loss. One just needs to soak a few leaves in clean water and let them stay in the water overnight. Soaking the leaves in water will help to extract the useful ingredients from the leaves that are important in burning calories in the body. In the morning, strain the water and then drink half a liter of the water before eating or drinking. Positive results will be seen after using this remedy for a while and its effectiveness can be increased by doing some regular exercises 15 minutes after drinking the concoction.

Dandelion as a Natural Remedy for Weight Loss

Myrrh Properties: Dandelion is a very useful herb for curbing weight gain as it has properties that help in removing toxins which cause weight gain from the body. Not only that, dandelion has some very powerful properties that burn calories and excess fat in the body. There are other very important properties that are found in this herb which decrease the appetite and cravings for certain foods, especially animal proteins. This herb has some outstanding properties that increase thirst, causing a craving for more water which is a very important method for curbing weight gain.

Use of Dandelion as a Cure for Weight Gain:
The most important parts of this plant which have the most properties for curbing weight loss is the stem and the roots. Wash the stem and/or the roots well to remove any dirt or germs that may be attached to them. Boil either of them for a few minutes and then drink the concoction in equal measured doses of one quarter liter on a daily basis. The leaves of the dandelion plant can also be used as a salad in the daily diet for weight loss as it can offer results within a few weeks of use.

Caffeine as a Home Remedy for Weight Loss

Green Tea Properties: Caffeine has been regarded as being among the best home remedies for weight loss though it can be used only by adults. It has gained a lot of popularity due to the fact that it is cheaply found and easy to use. It plays a very big role in helping to lose one’s appetite and cravings for fatty foods. It also helps in burning fatty foods in the stomach and also by increasing the metabolic rate during digestion.

Use of Caffeine as a Treatment for Weight Gain:
Coffee contains high caffeine content and is the best caffeinated substance to use in curbing the appetite. Make a tea by boiling the coffee beans, making sure they boil for several minutes. Drinking two cups will be enough for the day as it can take a few days to show some positive results. It is also good to do some exercise 15 minutes after taking this remedy to increase its effectiveness. If used well, caffeine will offer an effective home remedy for losing weight.

Other Natural Remedies for Weight Loss

Among the effective natural remedies for weight loss is the garcinia camgogia though it is the least known in most parts of the world. This herb has some very powerful properties that help in increasing the metabolic rate in the body and aid in burning calories. The herb also plays a role as an appetite suppressant, thus making the body take in insufficient food and acts as a treatment for weight gain in the body.

Cayenne is also a very useful herb that plays a big role in weight loss due to the fact that it has powerful properties which increase metabolism and also aid in burning fat. Cayenne can be added to the daily diet for weight loss as a spice, so there is no need to worry about how to use it. For effective use, the fruit of the plant is ground into a fine powder which can be used in a dose of one teaspoonful per plate on a daily basis which will help to reduce body weight within a few days of use.

There is also a very important herb that acts as treatment for weight gain as it helps the body to shed some weight. Ginseng contains very powerful properties that stimulate the metabolic rate of the body and burn body fat. The efficiency of the herb can be increased by doing regular exercise after taking the herb although it should not be taken by pregnant women, lactating mothers and young children as it can have some negative effects in these particular individuals. Ginseng has been in use as a home remedy for obesity for many years, especially by Asians.

Diet for Weight Loss

Fiber and whole grains would be the best diet for curbing weight gain because they cause the fat to move faster through the digestive system, causing less fat to be absorbed by the body. The other reason why fibers and grains are recommended as a treatment for weight gain is that they take a long time to be digested and absorbed by the body and keep the stomach feeling full. The person does not feel hungry very quickly and feels no need to eat more food.

One should avoid eating food or drinking liquids containing sugar on a regular basis as they play a part in increasing body weight. When sugar is taken in by the body, insulin causes the cells in the body to consume sugar for energy and if not used in the body, the sugar will be stored as fat. Most people are cautious when buying snacks and beverages as well as other foodstuff by checking the fat content on the list of product ingredients. It is good to remember that “fat free” does not mean “calorie free” as calories can be found in sugars and food flavors. It is good to check the components of foods when choosing the diet for the family.

It also essential to look for the best way to prepare meals as some methods increase the fat content in the daily meals. When preparing food, avoid excessive frying of food, especially those foods containing fat content like meat and eggs, as the frying further increases the fat content.

Eating mainly fruits and vegetables would be best for curbing weight gain as they help to reduce the calorie intake by the body. Due to their low fat content, fruits and vegetables also ensure that during digestion very little excess food will be stored in the form of fat.

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