Home Remedies For Cholera

Not long ago, cholera was a dreaded disease which claimed thousands of lives, but it is now a disease which can be cured. Modern medicines have been able to effectively control it as well. Cholera is caused by the bacteria Vibrio Cholerae and it affects the small intestine. According to experts, drinking contaminated water and eating contaminated food is the cause of cholera. Symptoms include severe diarrhea and severe vomiting. These cause loss of sugar and salt and this in turn results in the imbalance of the electrolyte mechanism in the body. Once this has occurred the rehydration process has to commence quickly. Depending on the severity, rehydration is done by adding intravenous solution through the veins.

There are many antibiotic medicines for regulating the infection. If the infection is not controlled, it could result in the lowering of blood pressure, lowering of skin turgor (wrinkling of skin) and, in extreme severe cases, it could be fatal. Recovery depends on the quickness of rehydration and the effectiveness in controlling the bacteria.

Normally, during summer bacteria causes cholera to become active. Poor sanitation, dirty water etc are the sources where the bacteria germinate. Because of this, many third world countries are susceptible to cholera.

Apart from antibiotics, there are many home remedies which are quite effective in controlling cholera. If these home remedies for cholera are properly administered the patient will recover soon with a minimum of medication. As said earlier, it is the quickness with which the caregiver responds to early symptoms that matters. With proper medication at home, the dependence on chemical-based medicines can be reduced to a large extent.

Now let us look into some of these home remedies for cholera.

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Home Remedies For Cholera

Bay essential oil As A Natural Remedy For Cholera

Properties: The botanical name of Bay is Laurus Nobilis. The plant is said to be native of France. It bears fruit which are almost black in color and the flowers are pale yellow with a mix of green. The leaves of this plant are time tested for their curative characteristics apart from being antibacterial, antiseptic and anti-neuralgic. The aromatic leaves have a place in every cuisine.

Natural Remedies for cholera using Bay essential oil:
Boil water and add some leave of the Bay essential oil to the water. Steep the leaves in the water for about one hour so that the ingredients in the leaves are absorbed into the water. Remove the leaves and start using this water. As an alternative, take about three teaspoons of powder of Bay essential oil which is available in stores. Boil water and add the powder of the Bay essential oil. Now start using this water.

Cloves As A Natural Remedy For Cholera:

Properties: Cloves are said to have originated from Indonesia. They are largely grown in Indonesia and India but are also grown in many other parts of the world. Cloves are used in cuisine as a spice. Cloves are actually flower buds which are thoroughly dried. Insofar as its medicinal value is concerned, cloves are considered to be the best pain killer. In fact, in dental emergencies clove oil is suggested as a remedy by most dentists. Apart from this, cloves are also known to increase hydrochloric acid which improves peristalsis and help in the proper functioning of the stomach meridians, spleen and kidney.

Home Remedies for cholera using cloves:
Take about 10 grams of cloves and put them in a cup of water. Boil the water until the level of water in the container reduces to half. Cool this decoction and give this medicine to the patient at regular intervals.

Rough Chaff As A Natural Remedy For Cholera:

Properties: This herb with many branches is largely found in most Asian countries. The egg-shaped green leaves and thorny branches are what give uniqueness to this herb. The medicinal uses of the herb are innumerable. It heals wounds and stimulates the spleen. The juice of this herb sets right all types of stomach disorders, the root cures eye related ailments, it cures cholera and the ash of this herb when mixed with honey cures cough and the list of its medicinal value goes on.

How to cure cholera using Rough Chaff:
Make a decoction of the leaves and add some honey and sugar and drink this at least four times a day depending of the severity of cholera.

Celery leaves As A Natural Remedy For Cholera:

Properties: This plant is largely grown in England and China. In fact, the Chinese system of herbal medicine has been using the celery plant as a medicine for the past 2000 years. The plant has a long stalk, the fruit is dark brown and has a unique taste of its own. The seeds of the celery plant are dark brown in color. It is considered to be one of the important spices in the kitchen. It is also known for its medicinal importance in curing kidney ailments like kidney stones, arthritis, disorders of the blood like leukemia and anemia, respiratory disorders, fighting bacteria, insomnia, ailments of the stomach etc.

Cure for cholera using celery leaves:
Take some celery leaves, wash and grind them and make a fine paste. Now, put some water in a bowl and add the paste of celery leaves. Boil the water until at least half the water in the bowl evaporates. Now, give about 3 to 4 teaspoons at least five times a day to the patient depending on the severity of the infection. Once the liquid in the bowl starts to thicken, stop giving this medicine because this is an indication that the curative process has commenced and the medicine which the patient has so far taken will completely eradicate the infection.

Ranwolfia Serpentina As A Treatment For Cholera:

Properties: This is one of the most fundamental medicines used by the Chinese in their traditional system of herbal medicines. The plant contains some of the most important bioactive compounds required by the body namely, Deserpidiene, Aimaine, Rescinnamine Serpentinine etc. It is known for its effectiveness in fighting bacteria and is the best remedy for snake bites, regulating blood pressure etc. Some of the most notable persons who have used this medicine include Alexander the Great who proposed this medicine to one of his army generals who suffered injury after a poisonous arrow struck him. The other person who used this medicine is Mahatma Gandhi.

Home Remedies for cholera using Ranwolfia Serpentina:
Take some leaves of Ranwolfia Serpentina and Aristolochia Indica and prepare a tea. Give this medicine at least thrice a day to the patient

Other Home Remedies for Cholera

Lime juice, if taken at regular intervals, can effectively regulate cholera.

Take about 50 grams of onion and 7 to 10 grams of black pepper. Grind the onion and crush the pepper to fine powder. Mix the two and give this medicine to the patient at least thrice a day. Increase the dosage depending on the severity of cholera.

Take some cumin seed powder and some rock salt and mix them well. Add this to one cup of butter milk and give this medicine to the patient.

Take some Tulsi leaves and put them in boiling water. Drink this medicine thrice a day.

When there are early symptoms of cholera, start taking mint juice at least five to six times a day. It will provide great relief.

Coconut water is generally administered by all doctors for those suffering from cholera. You can add cucumber juice along with coconut juice which gives much quicker relief.

Never eat junk food. It may aggravate the situation.

Yogurt is another reliable home remedy for those suffering from cholera. Give Yogurt at least thrice a day. You can add a little sugar or honey along with a pinch of salt.

Put some water into a bowl and add some Jeera to the water. Boil the water and drink this water. Even a healthy person can use this water.

Keep the environment clean. Never allow water to stagnate around the house.

If you cannot lay your hands immediately on an electrolyte infusion, do not panic; you can prepare the electrolytes yourself. Take a cup of water, put it in a bowl and allow the water to boil. Once it has reached the boiling point, add about three teaspoons of water and half teaspoon of salt. If you want you can also put three teaspoons of lime juice (fresh juice directly from the lime). Give this oral rehydration medicine at least seven to eight times a day.

Make juice of leaves of bitter gourd and give this medicine at least four to five times a day. This is very effective in the early stages of cholera.

Take some seeds of the Fenugreek tree. Make a tea of this plant. Experts say to give this tea to the patient at least thrice a day.

Take some lemon grass and make a tea from it. This is yet another effective remedy to fight cholera.

Make tea out leaves of the Margosa tree. Although it is bitter in taste, it is quite effective in fighting cholera.

Poppy seed is another effective way to control cholera. Take about one teaspoon of poppy seed powder which is available in most medicine shops. Add about three drops of honey and mix the honey and the powder. Take this medicine at least four times a day.

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