Home Remedies for Amoebiasis

Amoebiasis is a common disease caused by small parasites that infect the large intestines. The disease is commonly found in tropical climates in countries such as Mexico, India, South America and Central America. This disease is spread by drinking infected water and people are advised to be aware of what they drink or eat. After malaria, this disease is among the top three diseases caused by parasites that are known to cause deaths. The parasite that causes this disease is known as entamoeba histolytica which is so tiny that it cannot be seen by the naked eye but only through microscope.

Amoebiasis is a parasitic infection of the large intestine. Amoebiasis is also a very infectious disease and general cleanliness and hygiene is one of the recommendations many health experts have given. The disease can affect any person regardless of age or gender but is commonly seen in young adults and children. The disease is likely in areas with few sanitation facilities as stagnant water is the breeding place for these parasites. People are advised to wash their hands with clean water and a disinfectant soap to avoid infection. It is also advisable to drink clean boiled water to kill any germs that may be present in the water. However, apart from cleaning the hands before eating and drinking boiled water, it is advisable to eat clean, well cooked food.

It is very rare for a person infected with this disease to be aware of this infection, unless that person seeks the services of a medical practitioner. The major symptoms of this disease include poor appetite, severe pain in the abdomen and slack stools. The intensity of the infection may also cause symptoms such as bloody stools, nausea and fever. This may result in severe weight loss over a short period of time. There are some allergic symptoms on the body of an infected person due to the toxic excretions of the parasites. It is good to seek early medical attention for this illness as it can leave the body vulnerable to attack by other illnesses. It is very important to note that this disease cannot be diagnosed by the eyes alone and to realize that medical facilities are very essential for proper diagnosis using tools such as blood tests, biopsies, ultrasound and testing of the stool. Also, apart from observing cleanliness, there are natural remedies for amoebiasis that are very helpful in eliminating this condition

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Home Remedies for Amoebiasis

Drumstick as a Natural Remedy for Amoebiasis

Drumstick Properties: Drumstick is one of the useful natural remedies for amoebiasis as it is known to contain some properties that are antibiotic. The enzymes of this plant are able to kill most microscopic parasites, among them the parasite that causes amoebiasis. The herb has been in use for a long time by the Chinese and is not only being used to treat amoebiasis but also to treat other abdominal illnesses.

Use of Drumstick as a Cure for Amoebiasis:
First wash the drumstick leaves thoroughly with clean water and dry them to ensure they do not contain any traces of water. Use at least 500 grams of leaves of the drumstick and squeeze them well to extract the juice. Mix the extract with sesame seed oil in equal proportions. Then heat the mixture until all water evaporates. You should allow the mixture to cool down before storing. Then consume the mixture for duration of two to three weeks after which the effects will be seen. You can also choose to apply the mixture on the affected areas on a daily basis where the bacteria will be destroyed.

Bael Fruit as a Home Remedy for Amoebiasis

Bael Fruit Properties: The fruit of the bael tree is known to contain some substances that help to kill all micro biotic elements. The fruit has some acidic affects that helps to kill away all the germs in the body. It’s very important to note that unripe fruits are recommended as it has higher content of this acidic property. The riper the fruits becomes, the lesser the effect.

Use of Bael Fruit as a Cure for Amoebiasis:
Look for unripe bael fruit and roast it over an open fire. This is done to remove the pulp of the fruit as it is hard to remove when it is not fully ripe. Then mix the fruit with a few teaspoons of sugar to make it sweeter since when the fruit is unripe, it is very bitter when eaten. A few grams of honey can be added instead of sugar. Then eat the fruit at least twice a day such that great improvement can be seen in a few weeks. The mixture can also be applied to the skin in areas affected by amoebiasis.

Neem as a Home Remedy for Amoebiasis

Neem Properties: Neem is one of the most useful herbs for treating amoebiasis as well as other illness that may be caused by microscopic creatures. The leaves of this herb destroy the breeding cycle of the parasite that causes this disease. The enzymes of the plant are also known to reduce the toxic effect caused by these parasites. A person who has allergic problems on the skin as results of amoebiasis is advised to use this herb. The herb was commonly used by the Chinese in the 17th century during the period of floods to contain the disease.

Use of Neem as a Treatment for Amoebiasis:
The most effective part of this herb to use as a treatment for amoebiasis is the leaves. Neem herb is most effective if used together with turmeric powder and mustard oil. Dry several leaves of the neem herb and mix them well in equal proportion with turmeric powder. After thoroughly mixing, add few drops of mustard oil. Then apply the mixture on the parts of the body affected by amoebiasis and leave it on for approximately one hour. Within this hour, the antibiotic nature of this mixture will have treated the amoebiasis. Then have a bath with moderate heated water. The remedy should be done at least two to three times a week.

Peepal as a Natural Remedy for Amoebiasis

Peepal Properties: Peepal is one of the most effective external home remedies for amoebiasis. The results of using this remedy are seen after a few days of use. The plant has some properties that help to break the life cycle of the parasite causing amoebiasis. The herb is also known to kill other microscopic parasites that may be harmful to the body. This herb has been in use for a long time and has been recommended by many medical practitioners as a treatment for this condition.

Use of Peepal as a Treatment for Amoebiasis:
The bark of the Peepal tree is the most effective part for use as a cure for amoebiasis. Peel off the bark of the Peepal tree and then wash it thoroughly. After drying it under a shade, grind it gradually until you get a fine powder. Then strain the powder through a fine sieve, set aside the powder that goes through the sieve and regrind the bigger particles that cannot pass through the sieve to obtain the most powder from the bark. Then apply the powder on the marks on the skin of the amoebiasis and results will be noticed after a few weeks of use.

Apricot as a Natural Remedy for Amoebiasis

Apricot Properties: This plant is one of the most used and most effective external natural remedies for amoebiasis. The plant is known to contain antitoxic substances that fight microscopic parasites in the areas infected by amoebiasis. The plant also helps to ease the allergic effects on the skin caused by the parasite. The herb is widely found in markets and is easy to use as a home remedy for this condition.

Use of Apricot as a Treatment for Amoebiasis:
Leaves are the most effective part of the plant to be used as a cure for this condition. First of all, wash the leaves of apricot well with clean water. Then look for a grinder to extract juice from the leaves. The extracted juice is then applied to the areas infected by amoebiasis. It is advisable to apply the juice once in a day, especially a few minutes before going to bed.

Guava as a Natural Remedy for Amoebiasis

Guava Properties: Guava is one of the cheapest home remedies for treating amoebiasis. It is known to control the breeding of the parasite that causes amoebiasis. The herb is also known to ease the allergic effect on the skin due to infection by amoebiasis. Use of guava as a home remedy for amoebiasis is one the most affordable remedies to treat this condition. Guava is very advantageous as it can be used as well as part of a diet for curbing this condition. The herb is known to have an acidic effect that destroys the microscopic parasites in the stomach as well as their eggs.

Use of Guava as a Cure for Amoebiasis:
The most effective part of this herb to treat amoebiasis are the leaves. Pluck 5 leaves from a guava tree and wash them thoroughly with clean water. Dry the leaves under a shade and then make a paste with them using water. Mix in the proportion of five leaves to one glass of water. Consume this concoction at least two to three times in a day. Or the concoction can also be applied externally to the skin in areas infected by this condition.

Bieler’s Soup as a Natural Remedy for Amoebiasis

Bieler’s Soup Properties: Use of Bieler’s soup is one of the cheapest and easiest natural remedies for treating amoebiasis. Bieler’s soup is known to have antibiotic effects that destroy the amoebiasis-causing parasite in the stomach. Bieler’s soup is also known to destroy the eggs of these parasites in the abdomen. The soup also helps to remove and ease the effect of all the toxic substances in the stomach secreted by the parasites.

Use of Bieler’s Soup as a Treatment for Amoebiasis:
It is among the simplest and most commonly used home remedies for amoebiasis. The soup is made by mixing zucchini and string beans together as well as adding a bouquet of fresh parsley to it. Add a few liters of water to the mixture and boil it for a short time, probably 10 to 15 minutes. Then blend the mixture well until you come up with a fine viscous liquid. This remedy can be taken in a dose of 200 ml per day for a period of 3 weeks.

Garlic as a Home Remedy for Amoebiasis

Garlic Properties: The plant has been known as a means of treatment for many stomach ailments and is one of the most commonly used natural remedies for amoebiasis. Garlic is believed to contain anti-parasitic elements that curb and destroy the parasites that cause this condition. Garlic has also been known to curb the effects of the toxin produced by the parasites that cause amoebiasis. Paramedics have recommended use of garlic as an effective cure for this condition.

Use of Garlic as a Cure for Amoebiasis:
The herb can either be eaten in raw form or cooked together with a meal. Take a few cloves of garlic and chew them for several minutes while swallowing the saliva. It is good to chew it until the bitter effects are no longer tasted in the mouth as this indicates all the healing elements from the herb have been exhausted. It is recommended that at least one clove of garlic be eaten each day immediately after having the last meal before retiring to bed. Also use garlic in your daily food. The meal should be cooked well and the odor of the garlic allowed to be felt before serving while hot.

Other Natural Remedies for Amoebiasis

Among other home remedies for amoebiasis, pineapple has been rated highly as a home remedy for this condition. It is known to assist in destroying some abdominal parasites. The fruit contains one of most helpful enzymes that assist in digesting food in the stomach. Due to its high fiber content, it helps to cleanse the intestines which are vulnerable to the parasites that cause amoebiasis.

Papaya seeds have also been regarded as a useful natural remedy for treating amoebiasis. The seeds are known to contain some anti-parasitic properties that discourage the presence of the parasite that causes amoebiasis. Take at least 2 tablespoons of papaya seed on weekly basis.

Drinking of black tea without sugar has also been recommended in easing the condition. Black tea is known to be anti-parasitic as well as anti-toxic. Black tea helps in killing abdominal parasites as well as removing any harmful waste that may be found in the stomach. The recommended intake of black tea is taking at least one glass on a daily basis.

Diet for Amoebiasis

Although there is a diet for treating amoebiasis, cleanliness is the key precaution which should be observed to prevent any infection of this kind. However, in your meal you should ensure that there are some foodstuffs that are rich in fiber content as they help to cleanse the intestines which are the breeding place for the parasites that cause these infections.

Meals rich in potassium should be eaten frequently as it is a good diet for treating the condition. Fruits such as bananas are recommended as part of daily meals to be eaten regularly as they contain high potassium content and fruit sugar which help to curb this condition.

It is also advisable to avoid substances such as alcohol, refined sugar, coffee and refined food as they are known to worsen the effects of amoebiasis. You should consume foods that help in cleansing the intestines such as beetroot, pumpkin and other fruits that are rich in fiber and potassium. To avoid infection with amoebiasis, you should also eat meals that will strengthen your immune system against disease. Meals with a large amount of zinc are suggested as it is part of a good diet for amoebiasis.

When deciding on a diet for treating amoebiasis, ensure that the food has vitamin C as it is very useful in containing this condition. It is also important to add some natural spices to your meal as they have been proven to destroy most of the parasites in the intestines. Spices such as turmeric, olive leaf, barberry and oregano, among others, are known to contain anti-parasitic substances that destroy both the intestinal and abdominal parasites. Last but not least, ensure that meals contain fruits and cabbages that are dry and well cleaned to avoid amoebiasis.

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