Home Remedies for Worms

Worms affect mostly the small and large intestines but there are also others which affect other parts of the body such as the liver, heart, brain, bones, skin and even the bloodstream. Worms vary in size as there are some which cannot be seen by the naked eye and require the use of a microscope to see them. Most worms are found in the stomach although most people may not experience any symptoms associated with worms until the later stages of infection. Parasites enter the body in various ways, some of which can be contained while others cannot. Most worms find their way into the body through drinking water as well as foods. There are some which enter the body through insect bites such as those of mosquitoes. Others enter the body through the nose or the skin which is difficult to contain.

There are various types of worms that affect the body. The most common type of worm is the round worm which is mainly found in the small and large intestines. Round worms can be seen by the naked eye as they can measure up to 15 inches in length. Hook worms are also very common and are relatively small as they measure about half an inch in length. They feed on blood but are found in the stomach and are among the deadliest worms as they cause anemia and cardiac arrest.

Pin worms are the most common worms found in children and their eggs may be resistant to most deworming medicines which necessitates the use of natural remedies for a cure. These worms are small, measuring about half an inch in length, and spread easily in small children who may not be aware of the importance of cleanliness and personal hygiene. The tape worm is among the most common worms found in the body and can be fatal if the necessary home remedies for treating them or medical advice is not followed. The tape worm is the biggest worm as it can measure up to 35 feet in length. It mostly affects the intestines and can infect both people and animals, so all necessary precautions should be taken to alleviate the attack.

There are symptoms which a person with worms will show though they depend on the type of worm infecting the body. Signs such as anemia and constipation may be a sign of either hook worms or tape worms which inhabit the digestive system including the intestines. Being allergic to or sensitive to certain foods may be due to the effect of worms on the stomach. The other most common sign of having worms is skin rashes which may, at times, blister.

Other signs may depend on body resistance such as restlessness, watery eyes, fatigue, depression, bloating and nervousness. Children who have worms may notice conditions such as irritation around the anus or vagina which is the major sign of being infected by pin worms. Other minor signs include bloody watery stool, gum or rectal bleeding, bedwetting, hyperactivity and grinding the teeth at night which are common signs among children. It is therefore necessary when considering the best home remedy for worms to look into these symptoms to determine which type of internal worm is to be eradicated.

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Home Remedies for Worms

Coconut as a Natural Remedy for Worms

Coconut Properties: Coconut is among the natural remedies for worms that have been in use for ages. It has some very powerful ingredients which can kill the worms in the stomach. Coconut has been beneficial in treating worms in both adults and children as it has no known side effects. Coconut has also been used to expel all parasites that may be found in the stomach as well as in the intestines. The only shortcoming of coconut is that it cannot expel the worms that are found on other parts of the body such as ringworm which is found on the skin. Coconut can be a good home remedy for fighting worms if used continuously as it acts within a few days.

Use of Coconut as a Cure for Worms:
Coconut should be ground into small fine powdered particles. One teaspoon of coconut should be taken in the morning a few minutes after eating breakfast. The efficiency of coconut can be increased by taking a teaspoon of castor oil mixed with a quarter liter of warm milk at intervals of three hours. This remedy should be used until all worms are expelled from the body which can take two to three weeks. The advantage of this remedy is that it can be taken as part of your routine diet for the day.

Pumpkin as a Home Remedy for Worms

Pumpkin Properties: The seeds of a ripe pumpkin are very useful in treating a person infected by worms. The seeds contain very powerful properties that eliminate tape worms in the stomach for both adults and children. These seeds will also kill the eggs of the tapeworm thereby disrupting the breeding cycle. The seeds of pumpkin also play a major role in extracting toxic materials from the body including the eggs of these worms. Pumpkin seeds are among the best recommended home remedies for treating a person with tape worms.

Use of Pumpkin as a Treatment for Worms:
Seeds of a ripe pumpkin are the most highly recommended due to the fact that they are richest in these curative properties. Peel the pumpkin and then remove the seeds. Crush the seeds until they have become small powdered particles. Infuse the powdered seed into a quarter liter of boiling water. When taking the remedy for the first time, do not eat anything for the whole day as the worms will have no protection from the effects of the remedy. After that, the concoction should be taken about three times a day and will take about ten days to eradicate the worms. Pumpkin has been a popular home remedy for worms due to the fact that it is found in many places at a reasonable price as a staple food for both adults and children.

Garlic as a Natural Remedy for Worms

Garlic Properties: Garlic has been in use for ages as a deworming herb as its use has been traced back to the Greeks, Romans and Chinese, among others. Garlic is also used today in making medicines that are used in deworming both animals and humans. This herb has very powerful properties that eliminate the presence of all kinds of worms in the body, especially in the digestive system. Worms have soft porous skins which absorb the garlic, killing them easily. Garlic is among the most used natural remedies for worms as it is found in most places and can be easily added in the diet for the day.

Use of Garlic as a Treatment for Worms:
There are several ways that garlic can be used as a cure for worms. One of the commonly used methods is to chew two to three cloves of garlic daily. However there are some people who do not like the smell of garlic. The ancient Chinese used to put a clove of garlic around the toe and then put on their shoes. While walking around, the oil excreted by the garlic was absorbed though the body until it reached the places infected by worms. For anyone affected by skin worms, you just need to cut cloves of garlic and then smear the oil on the rashes for a few days. Treatment for worms using garlic takes only a few days to be effective due to the large amount of anti-parasitic properties in garlic which will kill the worms.

Vasaka as a Natural Remedy for Worms

Vasaka Properties: Vasaka is one of the natural remedies for worms that are found in the stomach as well as for other intestinal parasites. This plant has been used for many years to treat worms as its use can be traced back to the ancient Babylonians and the Chinese. The plant has a scorching effect on parasites due to their vulnerable skin. The property of this plant is that it does not support the breeding of these parasites. The reason why vasaka has been regarded among the best remedies is that it can be used by either adults or children.

Use of Vasaka as a Cure for Worms:
The parts of the plant used to treat worms are the leaves, flowers, roots, fruits and the bark. When using the roots or the bark, cut into small pieces of 30 grams. Each piece is then boiled with a half-liter of water for several minutes until two thirds of the water has evaporated. The decoction can be taken in equal measured doses of 30 ml 2 to 3 times a day. One can also opt to extract juice from vasaka leaves and then take it in a dosage of one teaspoon three times a day. Use of this remedy as a treatment for worms will take three to six days of continuous use.

Other Natural Remedies for Worms

Papaya has been a common natural remedy for treating worms due to the fact that it is inexpensive and commonly found in most of the places. Papaya can also be used as a part of a diet for eliminating worms as well as a fruit that has an extra benefit for the person infected. The best papaya to use is an unripe one, as a ripe one has less powerful properties to attack worms. Papaya has been used as a cure for worms in both adults and children and will take a few days to eradicate them. Two options are available to prepare papaya as a cure for worms. First and foremost, extract papaya juice from the unripe papaya, mix with honey and warm water and take four teaspoons of the concoction three times a day. The other option is to mix papaya juice with equal parts of castor oil and warm milk and take in equal measured doses twice a day as it will take only a week to expel worms from the body.

Calamus is another useful home remedy for use as a cure for worms not utilized by many people. The reason why calamus is so unknown is that the herb does not grow in most places. It contains a substance known as acorin which has a scorching effect on the worms. Calamus is one of the most useful home remedies for worms as expelling them in the body starts within minutes of use.

Another ancient natural remedy for treating intestinal worms is wormwood and has been used for ages by the Romans and the Greeks. This herb has very powerful properties that expel all types of worms from the body after only a few hours of use. The useful part of this plant that is used as a treatment for worms is the flowering part. Dry it in the shade for several days and when dry, grind it into a powder. The powder is then made into small tablets of 10 grams each which can be taken daily for several days.

When dealing with either roundworms or tape worms, choose belleric myroblan and palas as they eliminate the worms from the body within a few minutes of using it. The herbs should be mixed in equal proportion and be ground together until they form a fine powder. The herbs should be taken orally in a measured dose of one teaspoon a day continuously until all worms are eliminated from the body.

Tea tree oil has been in use for ages as a treatment for external worms for many years, especially by the Greeks and the Chinese. Apply the tea tree oil on the affected skin and then wash with soap and water after 30 minutes. The remedy should be applied three times a day and the skin worms will disappear after a few days of use.

The most effective of the home remedies for external worms is mustard seeds as they can eliminate worms from the body a few hours after application. Grind the mustard seeds into fine particles and then mix with water until they form a paste. The paste should be applied to the affected area on the skin two times a day and will take less than ten days to eliminate the worms. It is essential to thoroughly investigate the use of home remedy for worms as there are some which cannot be used by pregnant women or by children as they can be hazardous to their health.

Diet for Eliminating Worms

After noticing an infection by worms either internally or externally, the first thing one should ensure is that a well-balanced diet is eaten. A well balanced diet for curbing worms ensures that the body does not become weak due to a deficiency as the body is sharing food with the worms.

One should include fresh fruits in the daily diet for treating worms as most internal worms can be killed by fruit enzymes as they contain some effective substances that are lethal to the worms.

There are some foods that should be avoided as they aid the existence of the worms in the intestines and the stomach.

When suffering with worms, ensure that the food eaten does not contain a lot of fat. Foodstuffs such as butter, cream and oil are not a good diet for ridding oneself of worms as the worms will stay and feed on these fatty substances.

It is also good to include carrots in the meals and to not allow them to overcook. Carrots contain some very powerful properties that help to curb internal worms.

There are many people who are infected by worms and don’t notice it but the diet they use in their meals help a great deal in curbing this condition. People who use onion in their daily meals remove worms in their bodies without even knowing it.

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