Home Remedies for Anorexia

Anorexia is an eating disorder which arises due to abnormal eating habits due to the fear of getting fat. An anorexic person is about 15% less than his/her ideal body weight and yet has the misconception of being overweight. This results in loss of appetite, an upset in the digestive system and weakness. At times it may even become very hard to overcome this problem which usually occurs in women, adolescents, teenagers and adults in their early years. The reason behind anorexia is the craving to look slim and attractive, genetic factors, emotional turbulence and imbalance in the chemicals of the brain.

Anorexia may sound simple to treat by simply eating the required amount of food but it surely is a lot different than that. Due to loss of appetite this may not be as simple as it sounds. Home remedies for anorexia are the best way to increase appetite the natural way and regain the nutritional deficiencies of the body.

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Home Remedies for Anorexia

Oranges as a Cure for Anorexia

Properties: Intake of oranges increases the appetite. Oranges are an effective natural treatment for anorexia.

Remedy for Anorexia using Oranges:
It is best to consume about 2-3 oranges everyday to ensure a healthy intake of food and nutrients.

Apples as a Treatment for anorexia

Properties: Apples have roughage which aids smooth digestion. Apples not only increase the appetite but also strengthen the digestive system.

Home Remedy for Anorexia using Apples:
Have an apple followed by a cup of milk with honey. This is an


Ginger as a Cure for Anorexia

Properties: Ginger is a popular remedy for anorexia. It is helpful in increasing the appetite and facilitates digestion.

Home Remedies for Anorexia using Ginger:
Peel a piece of ginger and add a few drops of lemon juice to it along with a pinch of black pepper and asafetida. Mix these ingredients to form a paste and consume it the first thing in the morning for 15 days.

Add some lime juice and rock salt to ginger juice. Store this mixture in a container and keep it under sunlight for 3 days. Consume 1 teaspoon of this mixture every day after each meal. It increases your appetite and your immunity level.

Tomatoes as a Remedy for Anorexia

Properties: Tomatoes are rich in numerous nutrients and their consumption will fulfill the nutritional needs of the body rather quickly.

Treatment for Anorexia using Tomatoes:
Have 2-3 tomatoes everyday on an empty stomach. Adding a pinch of salt or pepper will not only increase its benefit in increase of appetite but also add flavor. This is one of the simplest home remedies for anorexia.

Cloves as Home Treatment for Anorexia

Properties: Cloves are not only beneficial for digestion but they also help in increasing the appetite.

Natural Remedy for Anorexia using Cloves:
Add about 4 cloves to boiling water (one cup). Add one tablespoon lemon juice to it. Consume this mixture twice a day a week after you experience a change in your appetite.

Garlic as a Cure for Anorexia

Properties: Garlic quickens the digestive process in the body thereby increasing the appetite.

Remedy for Anorexia using Garlic:
Increase the intake of garlic in your diet or prepare a soup of garlic and consume it at least once a day.

Basil Leaves as a Treatment for Anorexia

Properties: Basil will not only increase your diet but also strengthen your immune system and keep you away from infections and health disorders which also result in a loss of appetite.

Home Remedies for Anorexia:
Add 3-4 basil leaves to hot water and consume the water once it cools down. You can add 3-4 leaves to your tea while it is being prepared. Have two cups of basil tea and it will be an effective herbal remedy for anorexia.

You can also simply eat a few leaves of basil.

Honey as a Natural Cure for Anorexia

Properties: Honey helps in toning the muscles of the digestive system and increasing the appetite.

Remedy for Anorexia using Honey:
Add ground black pepper (3-4 corns) to a tablespoon of honey and consume.

Almonds as a Treatment for Anorexia

Properties: Almonds are extremely beneficial in sharpening the brain. This helps in being mentally strong enough to face the fiercest events of life avoiding the occurrence of emotional setbacks causing anorexia.

Home Remedy for Anorexia using Almonds:
Soak about 8-10 almonds in water and leave them soaked overnight. Consume the next morning after peeling their brown coating.

Inhaling the paste of butter, sandalwood and almonds stimulates the cells of the brain.

Rosemary as a Remedy for Anorexia

Properties: Rosemary leaves help in increasing appetite and stimulates the activity of the brain.

Herbal Treatment for Anorexia using Rosemary:
Have tea prepared from rosemary leaves twice in a day.

Green Vegetables as a Natural Remedy for Anorexia

Properties: Green vegetables are helpful as a cure for anorexia as they have abundant amount of fiber and help in increasing appetite.

Natural Cure for Anorexia using Green Vegetables: Have salad at least twice in a day and ensure including green vegetables like capsicum, cucumber, beans and spinach. Adding some salt, black pepper and honey will not only provide additional benefits in the treatment for anorexia but also augment the taste.

Sour Grapes as a Treatment for Anorexia

Properties: The juice of sour grapes helps in toning up the stomach thereby increasing the appetite and acting as an easy remedy for anorexia.

Cure for Anorexia using Sour Grapes:
The juice of sour grapes can be consumed directly or adding it to various recipes like fruit punch or even flour while making dough.

Sage as a Home Treatment for Anorexia

Properties: The properties of the herb sage are exceptionally good as a herbal remedy for anorexia.

Home Remedy for Anorexia using Sage:
Consume tea prepared from the leaves of sage at least once in a day.

Vegetable and Chicken Soup as a Home Treatment for Anorexia

Properties: Vegetable soup is a popular cure for anorexia as it increases appetite. In case you are a non-vegetarian, chicken soup has equally good properties for increasing hunger.

Treatment for Anorexia using Soup:
Have soup daily sometime before dinner. Add salt and black pepper for supplementary benefits and added flavor to soup.

Mint as a Home Treatment for Anorexia

Properties: Mint is good for health as it facilitates the proper functioning of the digestive system and increases the appetite.

Home Remedies for Anorexia using Mint:
Have two teaspoons of mint juice in the morning in or order to increase hunger.

You can also add 2-3 teaspoons of mint juice to a glass of lemonade and consume it at least 3 times in a day.

Other Home Remedies for Anorexia

Yoga and Meditation

Yoga and meditation have numerous benefits including strengthening the stomach and aiding digestion thereby increasing hunger and contributing to the natural treatment for anorexia. They also help in dealing with emotional ups and downs which may be the reason behind anorexia.

Sun Bath

Sun bath is psychologically revitalizing and may contribute in cure for anorexia along with the other dietary measures.


Various herbs are known for increasing hunger by aiding in proper digestion and stimulating the function of the brain and eliminating the psychological factors behind anorexia. There are several herbs like hops, chamomile, thyme, lavender, sage, hawthorn, myrrh, gentian, marjoram and centaury which help in increasing appetite.

Diet for Anorexia

Spices add extra flavor to food and makes bland routine food also interesting. Sometimes simple routine food may also be another reason behind the feeling of loss of appetite and anorexia. Therefore, having spicy food once in a while is beneficial in the cure for anorexia.

Alcohol and caffeine contribute to decreased hunger and in severe cases even loss of appetite. Avoiding the consumption of the same will elevate the hunger level.

Avoid processed foods as they too contribute in decreasing appetite and depriving the body of essential nutrients.

Warm water facilitates cleansing of the digestive system and induces hunger. This helps in the natural treatment for anorexia.

Having pineapple regularly in the breakfast ensures staying hungry throughout the day.

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