Home Remedies for Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction also known as impotence is the inability to achieve an erection or sustain it for long during sexual intercourse. This disorder is a man’s worst nightmare when it comes to love making. There are many causes that are believed to cause erectile dysfunction. These causes range from physical to psychological causes. Let us have a look at some of these.

A. Physical causes of erectile dysfunction. Here are the known physical causes of erectile dysfunction.

  • Diabetes
  • High insulin and cholesterol levels in the body.
  • low levels of testosterone
  • use of tobacco
  • prostate cancer treatment
  • treatments involving or affecting the spinal cord or the area around the pelvic region
B. Psychological causes. In the normal function of the body, the brain plays a major role in determining how the rest of the human organs function including the production of hormones. There are a number of things that would affect your performance sexually. These include:-
  • Medical health conditions, cases of anxiety or depression
  • Stress
  • Poor communication or relationship issues.

Due to the increased cases of erectile dysfunction, many people are looking for ways of treatment for erectile dysfunction. In the process of doing so, various home remedies for erectile dysfunction have come up to take care of the same. These remedies are natural remedies for erectile dysfunction.

  1. Home Remedies
  2. Other Remedies
  3. Diet
  4. Other Precautions

Home remedies for erectile dysfunction

Ginseng as a natural remedy for erectile dysfunction

Ginseng Properties: Ginseng is rich in saponin. Saponin promotes the production of nitric acid in the body. This is the best herb that could be used in the cure for erectile dysfunction.

Use of ginseng as a natural remedy for erectile dysfunction:
The most advised way of taking ginseng is in the form of soup that can be prepared with chicken. The correct procedure of preparing the soup is: cut 3-4 pounds of meat into 1 inch pieces; mix it with ginseng, astragalus, ginger and dates with salt and boil with water.

After one to two hours of boiling the soup should be ready to consume and one can leave it to cool for a couple of minutes. Patients suffering from erectile dysfunction are advised to take a bowl of soup twice a day without fail. The saponin alleviates all symptoms of the dysfunction giving the patient enhanced sexual stimulation and good stamina, therefore being the best treatment for erectile dysfunction.

Ginkgo as a natural remedy for erectile dysfunction

Ginkgo Properties: The ginkgo leaves contain compound minerals which improve the muscle tone on the walls of blood vessels and enhance the flow of blood within the circulatory system, this is a good cure for erectile dysfunction since it relaxes the body muscles.

Use of Ginkgo as a natural remedy for erectile dysfunction:
Roast the ginkgo leaves for a couple of minutes to allow them to release the minerals contained in the seeds. Take it under the prescription of a specialist. It is included in the natural remedies for erectile dysfunction.

Rhemannia as a home remedy for erectile dysfunction

Rhemannia Properties: In most parts of Asia, medicine men use it as one of the natural remedies for erectile dysfuction because of its medicinal elements such as magnesium, zinc, copper and iron that maintain blood sugar levels. It is used to increase libido in men.

Use of Rhemannia as a home remedy for erectile dysfunction:
Mix the Rhemannia herb in water and boil it for one to two hours. Then let it cool. Take this mixture twice a day especially in the morning after breakfast and in the evening after evening meals. You should take this for a period of one week without failure. When you use this herb, cure for erectile dysfunction will not be hard but easy to handle.

Carrots as home remedy for erectile dysfunction

Carrots Properties: When it comes to nutrient’s value, carrots have the most including vitamins like vitamin A, B, C, D, E, G and K. Carrots have high content of calcium and phosphorous that helps in production of blood. They can be used to prevent erectile dysfunction because intake of carrot juice lowers both cholesterol and blood pressure that are some of the main contributors to erectile dysfunction.

Use of Carrots as home remedy for erectile dysfunction:
Grind two pieces of carrot and measure two tablespoons from it. Mix the two tablespoonfuls of ground carrots with milk, heat on low temperature for about ten minutes. Take 100ml of the mixture thrice a day for a period of one week.

Apricots as a home remedy for erectile dysfunction.

Apricots Properties: The apricot is a very nutritious berry containing a host of nutrients but the most notable nutrient is vitamin B17 which is considered as one of the best anti-cancer treatments considered for protection from prostate cancer, one of the major causes of erectile dysfunction. The sweet tasting berry’s nutrients have a wide nutrient scope, so they are good for your general health.

Use of Apricots as a natural remedy for erectile dysfunction:
The apricot is a berry so no preparations are required. But the higher concentrations of B17 are in its seed, once done eating the flesh one should break the hard shell of the seed and eat the nut in it.

Onions as natural home remedy for erectile dysfunction

Onions Properties: Onions have long been known to have a large diversity of medicinal value. Its extracts are rich in sulfides that act as protection against cancer and growth of tumors. Hence high consumption of onions could protect you forever from getting prostate cancer which when operated on may lead to erectile dysfunction.

Use of Onions as home remedy for erectile dysfunction:
Chop 3 medium sized onions into tiny pieces, add to it about half a liter of warm water and let it sit for ten minutes. You can take hundred milliliters of the onion extract thrice a day. You can stop its smell by adding a few drops of lemon juice. So when preparing a diet for persons with this problem, onions should never lack in their meal. This is one ready home remedy for erectile dysfunction.

Asparagus as a natural home remedy for erectile dysfunction.

Asparagus Properties: Asparagus is well known for its richness in vitamins A, B and C. It is also rich in calcium and fiber. If well taken asparagus has a detoxifying effect on the body, hence it rejuvenates the body and sex drive.

Use of Asparagus as home remedy for erectile dysfunction:
Wash asparagus in clean running water preferably tap water. This is because its ends may keep some dirt. Then soft cook them, the preferred method is using a pot that can be covered: be careful not to overcook it because it may turn out to be bitter. Serve asparagus with the main meal as part of diet for the person having this problem. Serve warm.

Dried dates as home remedy for erectile dysfunction.

Dried dates Properties: Dates have long been used as a supplement in foods to increase libido. This is due to the high amino acid contents that are required in the diet for many patients. Dates also have a high vitamin and mineral content that makes them essential for treatment of erectile dysfunction.

Use of Dried dates as home remedy for erectile dysfunction:
Crush the dates into a flour like powder, then mix it with almonds and quince seeds using the same measurements. You can mix this powder with warm milk to make it easy to take. Take 100 grams of this mixture once in a day for a period of a month. When using this, you will notice a remarkable increase in your sexual power and vitality.

Ginger and honey as natural remedy for erectile dysfunction

Ginger Properties: Ginger is well known for its high nutrients content. It is rich in calcium, magnesium and sodium among other minerals that help in bringing back vitality in men’s sexual ability. Ginger is well known for its ability to make the platelets in the blood to be less gummy, hence helps very much in blood circulatory syndromes and blood flow. Ginger also helps in relieving stress, especially if taken in tea as ginger tea; this is because of its refreshing ability and anti-cancer properties.

Honey has its functions in acting as an energy giver and immune booster.

Use of Ginger and honey as home remedy for erectile dysfunction:
Grind ginger into fine powder, then mix it with half a teaspoonful of honey. Take this mixture three times a day and you will see the changes in your sexual life and rejuvenate your body like a teenager. This is because when honey is included in the diet for patients, it gives and provides ready energy to them, hence it is essential in treatment for the same.

Hop-plant extract as a remedy for erectile dysfunction.

Hop-plant extract Properties: Hop plant is commonly used for its replenishing value. It is commonly used as a preservative and substitute for beer. It is being used medically in treatment of erectile dysfunction. This is due to its active minerals and enhancers like humulene and lupulin.

Use of Hop-plant extract as home remedy for erectile dysfunction:
Take a leaf of the hop plant, add a glass of boiled water and cover it for about five minutes. Then filter its extracts. Take half a glass of this extract twice a day before meals for a period of ten days. Take a week’s break, then repeat the procedure again.

The Watermelon as a home remedy for erectile dysfunction.

Watermelon Properties: The Watermelon is also known as a fruit that has bioactive phyto-nutrients. These nutrients help in relaxing the blood vessels and hence producing erections. The watermelon has elements that have concentrates of lycopene and cytruline: these two concentrates are considered to work just like Viagra. This is one natural remedy that should be included in treatment for erectile dysfunction.

Using dietary supplements as remedy for erectile dysfunction

Dietary Supplements Nutritional supplements provide dietary support in cases where certain vitamins or minerals are required by the body and the person is not able to get the foods that provide them. In cases of erectile dysfunction, these supplements are considered helpful: -

Bioflavonoids in cure for erectile dysfunction: Take 1000 mg of bioflavonoids daily in treatment for erectile dysfunction.

Use Flaxseed meal in diet for people with ED in treatment for erectile dysfunction: directions - take 2-4 tablespoonfuls of grinded flaxseed daily. This has been recommended to patients because of its high vitamin and fiber content. In addition, these fibers are soluble directly in the blood and hence increase the patients’ health and vitality.

Other home remedies for erectile dysfunction.

Lifestyle change as a remedy for erectile dysfunction

Smoking - Nicotine found in cigarettes reduces genital blood flow which may lead to impairment of potency. Smokers should consider quitting smoking to increase their chances of potency.

Alcohol consumption - When you include too much alcohol in diet for persons suffering from erectile dysfuncton, the depressive effects of alcohol can have negative impact on sexual functioning. Excessive consumption is not advised in treatment for erectile dysfunction.

Physical health - Erectile dysfunction is often related with restricted blood flow to the penis. Keeping a healthy weight; a healthy diet consisting of fruits, vegetables and whole grains; avoiding saturated fats and Tran’s fats is helpful. Regular exercise is also very vital to enhance flow and keep healthy, hence it is a very good natural remedy for erectile dysfunction.

Diet for erectile dysfunction.

Eating a healthy diet is also considered as a home remedy for people suffering from impotence, this includes taking several fruits and vegetables that benefit patients affected by erectile dysfunction.

Foods with high fat levels contribute highly to the contraction of diseases like prostate cancer, heart disease and erectile dysfunction in men. It is wiser to eat foods with low fat levels to reduce risks of heart disease and erectile dysfunction. This way treatment for this disease will be much easier.

Using animal protein like red meat, eggs and hard cheese is one way that helps increase the vitality in a man and his sexual performance.

Aerobics and gym as alternative cure for erectile dysfunction

Physical fitness helps the cardiovascular system and reduces chances of any illnesses. It also promotes relaxation of the body. These are the practices one should have in mind while in search for a cure for erectile dysfunction.

Acupuncture as a remedy for erectile dysfunction

Acupuncture is the art of piercing the body’s pressure points to relieve or heal any problems within the body. One could find a licensed practitioner to help one try to treat erectile dysfunction. This is a natural home remedy for stimulating the human body to resist and overcome illnesses and conditions.

Basic communication as remedy for erectile dysfunction.

Communication is the key in any relationship: It helps bonds between you and your spouse to be stronger and opens up avenues for you two to co-exist. It helps to talk with your spouse and make your problem known and discuss treatment options and for moral support. This is a natural home remedy and the best in supporting and fighting erectile dysfunction.

Others ways of fighting erectile dysfunction.

Talking to your doctor on the herbal natural remedies for the problem you want to undertake before trying them out. This is because some side effects of herbal medicine are not reversible; hence a lot of care is required so that you do not regret later.

In the process of using home remedies for treatment of erectile dysfunction, you should be sure to make use of your doctor for advice in case you are taking over- the counter supplements. You should also involve him/her in case you are working with herbs; this is because there are many people claiming to have herbs that treat erectile dysfunction while they only make matters worse.

You should also consider couple counseling to know how to overcome this vice and discuss treatment options with your partner. This is the best home remedy that you can give your partner.

Nutrition: most of the mentioned natural remedies should be included in one’s diet to enhance body energy.

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