Home Remedies for Orchitis

Orchitis refers the inflammation of the testicles in men. The disease is very serious, considering that the testicles are essential reproductive organs and any kind of infection on them could easily lead to infertility. The inflammation also comes with a lot of discomfort and pain to those suffering from it. In most cases, men fear getting medical help, as they feel that this is a sensitive part of the body, making most of them embarrassed on talking about the condition to their doctors. However, it is important to get the right attention to help in avoiding more severe cases of the condition, and worse still, render you infertile.

Orchitis is caused by several aspects, which include infections of the urinary tract, surgeries of the urinary tract and other problems affecting the track by birth. Unhygienic lifestyles could also lead to the condition and so are diseases that are sexually transmitted. Viral and bacterial infections are other causes of Orchitis. The conditions seems to be more common in men aged 45 years and above, hence age can be taken as a contributing factor to the condition.

The major symptoms and signs of the infection include nausea, painful testicles, swollen testicles, fever and discharge coming from the penis. Others may experience difficulties in sitting and walking, or even standing, which can be very irritating. Other symptoms are bloody semen, groin pain, scrotal abscess, tenderness, headaches and testicular atrophy. The symptoms vary from mild to severe, and patients, therefore, need to get attention or treatment to get rid of the painful condition.

There are several home remedies for treating the condition and which have proved to work effectively in dealing with the condition. The best thing about the remedies is that they are easily found and are simple to use. Since most are natural remedies for the treatment of Orchitis, patients can rest assured that they won’t develop any side effects during or after treatment and will actually say goodbye to the uncomfortable state of affairs.

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Home Remedies for Orchitis

Dandelion Root as a Home Remedy for Orchitis

Dandelion Root Properties: Dandelion root contains antibacterial properties which assist in treating orchitis by getting rid of the swelling, hence eliminating the pain resulting from the condition. The medicinal properties of the herb help in treating various other conditions, making it one of the most beneficial remedy among natural remedies for the condition.

Using Dandelion Root as Cure for Orchitis:
Take the root of dandelion and add into boiling water to make tea. The tea should then be taken on a daily basis as treatment for the condition. The root can also be dried and ground into powder. The powder should be applied in form of paste on the affected areas to give quick relief.

Echinacea as Natural Remedy for Orchitis

Echinacea Properties: Echinacea is an herb widely used in the treatment of a variety of condition, because of the many essential properties it contains. It stimulates the immune system, thereby helping in getting rid of orchitis within a short period of time. This is one of the most important natural remedies for the painful condition.

Using Echinacea as Cure for Orchitis:
The herb can be added in water and the water taken at least twice daily as an effective way of dealing with the condition. It is also easily available in tablet form and can be taken as directed to get rid of the problem. Another way of getting fast relief from the pain that comes with the condition is applying a paste made of the herbal powder and applying directly onto the affected testicles.

Gentian as a Home Remedy for Orchitis

Gentian Properties: This herb contains anti-inflammatory properties which work very well in eliminating the testicle inflammation. It also has a soothing and cooling effect, making it very helpful in getting the heat off the testicles, aiding proper healing.

Using Gentian as Treatment for Orchitis:
Make a concoction using the herb and then drink several times a day, till the symptoms go away. A paste can also be made and applied onto the painful testicles, as a way of dealing with the pain and getting rid of the heat. This remains to be a helpful home remedy for the condition.

Saw Palmetto as Home Remedy for Orchitis

Saw Palmetto Properties: Saw Palmetto is widely used because of its anti-inflammatory properties, helping in the treatment of various infections, among them orchitis. It aids healing by eliminating the inflammation, dealing with the swelling and the pain effectively. It is considered to be one of the best natural remedies for the treatment of the condition.

Using Saw Palmetto as Treatment for Orchitis:
Take the herb and add a few leaves and stem into boiling water. This should then be drunk on a daily basis as treatment for the infection. The herb’s extracts can also be used in a small amount of water and taken as home remedy for orchitis.

Yellow Dock as a Natural Remedy for Orchitis

Yellow Dock Properties: Yellow dock helps in dealing with the condition by cooling the excessive heat that may be experienced by patients. This aids proper healing process taking care of the condition within a short period of time. The dock is available in capsule form, and those who do not have access to the natural herb can use the capsules for treatment.

Using Yellow Dock as Cure for Orchitis:
Take the herb and add in a small amount of boiling water. This should be allowed to boil for about 15 minutes before cooling and taking once daily as treatment for the condition. The herb can also be ground into powder and a paste made, before applying onto the affected testicles. This is one of the most effective home remedies for the inflammation.

Coccinia Extract as Home Remedy for Orchitis

Coccinia Extract Properties: The herb contains antibacterial properties, which are very effective in treating orchitis. It is also used for the treatment of other condition caused by bacteria and fungus, as it is very effective in dealing with the underlying problem.

Using Coccinia as Cure for Orchitis:
The leaves of the herb should be boiled in a reasonable amount of water to get the extracts. After boiling for several minutes, filter the water and drink the strain twice daily, to get effective treatment from the condition. To completely get rid of the condition, the remedy should be used for a whole week.

Caltrop as a Natural Remedy for Orchitis

Caltrop Properties: Caltrop is another herb that is essential in treating orchitis as it contains antibacterial properties which work well in eliminating the bad bacteria from the system. This is one of the best home remedies for the condition and is widely used, as it is very beneficial and also offers fast relief from the pain.

Using Caltrop as Cure for Orchitis:
Get extracts from the leaves of caltrop by adding in boiling water and allowing boiling for at least half an hour. The liquid should then be strained and taken after cooling, as an effective way of dealing with the condition. The remedy is most effective when taken thrice a day for a whole week, giving the desired result and relieving patients of the pain and discomfort that comes as a result of the infection.

Other Home Remedies for Orchitis

Take several ice cubes and wrap using a piece of cloth of towel. This cold pack should then be applied onto the scrotum to help soothe the inflammation, thereby aiding proper healing. This can be done several times throughout the day to also get rid of the excessive heat that could be present, making the situation unbearable. It is one of the simplest natural remedies for the treatment of orchitis.

Take a towel and dip in cold water, before using as a cold compress over the scrotum. This helps in reducing the pain and irritation caused by orchitis. It is also a good natural remedy for soothing the inflammation, thereby dealing with the condition well.

Add alanguim leaves in boiling water and then take the concoction twice a day for a week, to get effective results from the condition. The plant’s leaves can also be crushed to make a paste applicable onto the scrotum. The paste should be left for a few minutes before washing off, as an effective way of dealing with the pain.

The leaves of emu bush and Pavonia can also be used to treat the infection. The herbs should be added into a small amount of water and allowed to boil, till the water is almost half. This should then be strained and consumed as natural remedy for the condition. They can also be used in their tablet form, easily available in drug stores, and should be used as directed.

Take radish leaves and dry before grinding into a fine powder. The powder can then be used in warm water and the water taken as natural remedy for orchitis. Hot compresses can also be made from the leaves to effectively reduce inflammation and pain. A towel should simply be dipped into the concoction and then placed onto the scrotum area, to effectively deal with the problem. The leaves can be taken on a regular basis as diet for orchitis.

Relieve the pain coming as a result of the inflammation by lying with the scrotum area well elevated. This helps by cooling the area hence getting proper blood flow and eliminating the pain.

To avoid worsening the condition, ensure that you use mild soaps for your bath. Soaps can increase irritation; hence there is a need to go for mild soaps only when suffering from the condition.

Another effective way of dealing with the condition is adding Epsom salt in bathing water. Patients should then remain immersed in the warm bath for at least 20 minutes, as a simple way of getting rid of the swelling and pain.

Take hot water in a basin and add a reasonable amount of salt. You can then use a piece of cloth to gently, but firmly, press the scrotum area. The remedy works by getting rid of the swelling that comes with the infection, giving fast pain relief.

Take lots of water on a daily basis to keep the body well hydrated, and also as a way of flushing out toxins, leaving the body free from wastes. This is also an effective way of promoting bodily functions and boosting the immune system.

Diet for Orchitis and other Precautions

Eat a healthy and balanced diet at all times. Fresh fruits and vegetables should be used as diet for the condition, as they supply the body with the essential nutrients and minerals it requires to maintain good health.

Increase your intake of foods rich in vitamins, to offer fast healing from the condition and to help in proper absorption of foods, allowing proper blood flow.

Ensure that you take enough rest and sleep every single day, as a way of relieving the pain that comes with the infection.

Viral infections can be kept at bay by ensuring that the right immunization for mumps is administered. This kind of immunization deals with orchitis from the base, and also helps in preventing it from occurring.

Get rid of sexually transmitted infections by using a good condom every time you engage in sexual relations. It is also very important to avoid having multiple partners, as this increases the chances of contracting the infections.

Always ensure that the scrotum area is dry and clean, to avoid providing breeding grounds for bacteria and viruses. Tight undergarments should be avoided and replaced with comfortable and safe ones to help in keeping the area well conditioned and free from unnecessary heat.

While walking, use a bandage in lifting the scrotum, especially when swollen to reduce pain and make walking easy. Medications should be kept at bay when suffering from the condition. A doctor should advice on any medication that one should take, as some are known to only make the condition worse.

Avoid engaging in vigorous activities, or too much work, as it only exposes the area to a worse situation. Instead, take enough rest, till the infection is well taken care of and is no longer a problem.

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