Home Remedies for Leucoderma

Leucoderma is a skin condition that can be stressful and distressing. The skin condition is also referred to as Vitiligo and is characterized by loss of skin pigmentations on a gradual basis. The loss of melanin pigmentation eventually leads to white patches on the skin. The patches can be very ugly, although not painful as they interfere with the complexion of the person suffering from the condition.

The disease is quite strange as it does not pose any harm and is not caused by germs or bad blood. It remains to be noncontagious and noninfectious, although it is believed to be more common in women than it is in men. Leucoderma mostly appears on the hands, back, wrist and neck areas. It is believed to be as a result of mental worry, gastric disorders, worms, jaundice and typhoid. Other causes include burn injuries, defective respiratory mechanisms or it can be hereditary.

When suffering from the skin condition, one will start by noticing small white spots on the different parts of the skin, which later fully develop into patches. The patches can be pale on color at first and then get whiter as time passes as a result of continued pigmentation loss. The patches get larger with time and may even merge with others to form large broad patches. One could end up with a body full of patches or have complete white areas on the areas affected by the disease.

While most people get confused on what to do when they first notice the loss of pigmentation, there are a few home remedies for the condition known to effectively take care of the disease before it worsens. The natural remedies for leucoderma are effective in curing the disease and are better compared to other forms of treatment, as they don’t pose any health harm to the patient. The home remedies for the condition can be made and used at home and are convenient in curbing a problem that is beginning before it gets to an advanced state.

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Home Remedies for Leucoderma

Psoralea Seeds as Home Remedy for Leucoderma

Psoralea Seeds Properties: Psoralea seeds contain compounds and minerals found to be very beneficial in the treatment of this skin condition. The seeds are not commonly known but have been discovered, tested and proved to have medicinal benefits, especially to people suffering from Leucoderma. They are effective and work by getting rid of the patches through the restoration of skin pigmentation.

Using Psoralea Seeds as Cure for Leucoderma:
Steep the seeds in a bowl of ginger juice and let them stay soaked for three consecutive days. Ensure that you renew the water every day before finally taking the seeds out and rubbing them to get rid of their husks. Dry the seeds under a shade. Then grind into powder after they are completely dry. Add a gram of the powder into fresh drinking milk daily for a span of forty days.

The powder can also be made into paste and applied onto the affected areas to get rid of the patches. You can grind them together with tamarind seeds and repeat the previous procedure for better results. This is the most effective home remedy for leucoderma, however it should be discontinued if the patient develops itching and the patches turn red or even start oozing.

Red Clay as Natural Remedy for Leucoderma

Red Clay Properties: Red clay contains copper which is essential in restoring skin pigmentation. This makes the clay one of the best home remedies for the condition and is widely used for the purpose. The clay can easily be found along river banks or on hill slopes.

Using Red Clay as Cure for Leucoderma:
Take and mix the clay with ginger juice in equal ratios before applying onto the areas affected by the skin condition. This should be done once daily and continued for as long as one may need to or till positive results are evident. The ginger helps in improving blood circulation onto the spots, helping the clay to work.

Radish as Home Remedy for Leucoderma

Radish Properties: Radish seeds have been found to be quite beneficial in treating leucoderma as they contain essential minerals and compounds that work in restoring lost skin pigmentation. The plant is also widely used in treating other skin conditions, as well as diseases of the digestive and respiratory systems

Using Radish as Cure for Leucoderma:
ake radish seeds and grind them into a fine powder. The powder should then be well mixed with vinegar and then applied onto the areas affected by the disease. The remedy is one of the most effective when it comes to treating the white spots, giving you back your glowing skin.

Goose Foot as Natural Remedy for Leucoderma

Goose Foot Properties: Goose foot is a vegetable containing important nutrients which help in treating skin patches. Apart from speeding up the healing process, the vegetable enhances proper blood flow into the patches allowing proper healing.

Using Goose Foot as Cure for Leucoderma:
Make juice by blending the vegetable’s leaves and then take a glassful every morning and evening. This remedy should be continued for at least two months to get positive results. Another way of using the vegetable is applying the juice onto the leuconderma patches as treatment. You should begin to see results within the first two weeks of use.

Turmeric as a Home Remedy for Leucoderma

Turmeric Properties: Turmeric has healing properties and is essential in promoting skin pigmentation to the skin areas affected by leucoderma. The spice is widely used medicinally because of the many medicinal properties it has and is, therefore, highly recommended for those suffering from the condition.

Natural Remedy for Leucoderma Using Turmeric:
Take the powder and mix well with mustard oil. The root can be soaked overnight in water, too, and then boiled in the morning before mixing with mustard oil. The mixture should then be poured into a bottle after straining and then applied daily onto the white patches. This is best done twice daily for a span of two months to get effective results within a short period of time.

Walnuts as Remedy for Leucoderma

Walnuts Properties: The blood purifying properties of the walnuts makes them a great remedy for treating leucoderma. Although the disease is not caused by bad blood, the nuts enhance proper blood flow and supply to the white patches thereby assisting in the healing process.

Using Walnuts as Cure for Leucoderma:
The nuts can be eaten on a daily basis or on a regular basis as diet for leucoderma or they can be ground into powder, which should then be mixed with water to make a paste. The paste is then applied onto the affected areas to give quick effective treatment from the condition. This is a very helpful remedy for leucoderma.

Holy Basil as Home Remedy for Leucoderma

Holy Basil Properties:Holy basil contains essential minerals that have been found to work well in the treatment of leucoderma. The herb is widely used as treatment for various common conditions as it has very strong and effective minerals and compounds.

Using Holy Basil as Cure for Leucoderma:
To thoroughly take care of the skin condition, the holy basil leaves should be taken raw. One can also crush them to make a concoction by mixing in water and then consume at least twice daily. This remedy should be continued for at least two months to be effective enough in dealing with the skin condition.

Pomegranate Leaves as Natural Remedy for Leucoderma

Pomegranate Leaves Properties: pomegranate leaves are rich in minerals and nutrients effective in dealing with skin conditions among the leucoderma. The remedy is among the most effective in the treatment of the condition.

Natural Remedy for Leucoderma Using Pomegranate Leaves:
Dry the leaves and then grind into a powder. Add the powder to water and drink twice daily as treatment for the condition. For every glass of water, 8 grams of the powder is enough. This should be continued till positive results are visible and one is satisfied with what sees.

Other Home Remedies for Leucoderma

Take ginger leaves and grind to come up with poultice. This should then be applied onto the white patches on the skin as an effective home remedy for leucoderma.

Neem contains a variety of minerals which work in restoring skin pigmentation thereby getting rid of leucoderma. The plant’s leaves can be blended or crushed into juice, then taken on a daily basis to effectively cure the condition. This is one of the best herbs used in treating the condition among other skin diseases.

Take a copper vessel and fill it with clean drinking water then leave it overnight. The water should be taken first thing in the morning while the stomach is still empty as treatment for leucoderma. Copper is an essential mineral in treating the skin condition making the water very effective in curing leucoderma.

Take 100 gm of alfalfa and mix in an equal amount of cucumber juice. After mixing well, take the mixture at least twice a day, preferably in the mornings and evenings as treatment for the skin condition. The minerals found in the two natural remedies for leucoderma are effective in restoring natural skin pigmentation. The remedy remains very useful in treating the skin disorder.

Take black gram and grind into a fine powder before adding in a reasonable amount of water to come up with a paste. The paste can then be applied onto the white patches on all affected areas. Allow drying before washing off using cold water. The treatment is best when continued for at least 5 months to get permanent healing from the condition. It is one of the most effective natural remedies for the condition and is therefore highly recommended.

Eat lots of figs in their raw form as a treatment for the disease. The figs can also be roasted and ground to make a powder which should then be mixed with water making a paste. The paste should be applied thoroughly onto the areas of infection as treatment. Figs are essential in purifying blood and improving its circulation within the body, including the white patches.

Make bitter juice using Indian lilac leaves and then drink the juice at least twice daily to enhance the healing process. Bitter drinks have been found to contain essential minerals and nutrients in the treatment of leucoderma and should, therefore, be taken to effectively cure the distressing problem.

Take lukewarm water on a regular basis several times a day to help in proper bowel functions. Flushing out toxins keeps the body toxin free, which is important during the healing process of leucoderma and is also a great way of keeping the body strong and healthy. Water is essential in keeping the body well hydrated and thereby, promoting proper functions of all body organs.

Diet for Leucoderma and other Precautions

Diet is essential when trying to prevent or treat a disease or infection. The foods we eat and how we eat them greatly determines how healthy we are and how strong the immune system is in fighting diseases and infections the body is prone to getting. For this reason, it is important to always eat healthy, balanced diets as a way of keeping diseases at bay.

People suffering from leucoderma should go on a juice fast during the initial stages as part of diet for the condition. Only fresh fruit juices and vegetable juices should be taken during the fast, to prepare the body for healing by flushing out all toxins and wastes.

After the fast, ensure that your meals are balanced and healthy. Always avoid foods which are too oily or contain fats as they only tend to make the situation worse.

Avoid taking junk food, canned food and packed food. Processed foods should also be limited as they deprive the body of all the important nutrients and minerals it requires to stay healthy.

Avoid carbonated and caffeinated drinks such as soda, tea and coffee, as they are known to irritate the skin making the condition worse. Foods which are too salty should also be avoided as well as sour foods, like lemon as they only worsen the skin condition.

Avoid taking non-vegetarian diets, which include fish and red meat, among other foods. Foods such as eggs should be avoided since they make the condition worse.

Include milk in your daily diet as a way of treating the condition, as well as a diet for the condition. The minerals found in milk are essential in dealing with the skin condition making it very effective.

Eat lots of fruits and vegetables on a daily basis as diet for leucoderma. Avoid foods which are too hot and spicy and include white flour.

Smokers suffering from this skin condition should try hard to quit, as smoking only aggravates the problem. Alcohol should also be avoided or limited to reasonable levels.

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