Wedding Cakes

Wedding Cakes

 In Western culture, wedding cake is served to the guests present at a wedding reception. It is the traditional cake. This cake is usually multilayered and a large one. This cake is highly decorated with icing and on top is placed the topper.

Wedding cake may be of different sizes, designs, colors, flavors and shapes. You can choose any one according to your liking by looking at pictures of the cakes. Traditional wedding cake is fruit cake. A good, heavily decorated wedding cake which is edible even after being decorated represents the baker’s skill and art. A wedding cake is more expensive than the normal cake because of various reasons. It costs include baker’s skill, size, decoration, type of cake and may other factors.

Wedding Cake Toppers

Wedding cake topper may be having traditional or funky design. Topper is usually a small statue representing the couple. Cake Topper can be of other motifs also like gold ring, doves or many others. Glass or crystal cake toppers are the most desired ones. Some brides choose to have replica of their wedding bouquet. Some couples want funky designs like their favorite childhood characters

Cutting of Wedding Cake:

Wedding cake is a very significant thing at a wedding which is loaded with symbolism and traditions. There are such beliefs about first cut of wedding cake that it represents fertility, first meal of married couple or start of their married life. It may also signify the end of wedding reception. Wedding cake is usually cut just after the guests have been received at a cocktail or tea reception and at a dinner or luncheon reception, just before dessert serving.

Traditions About The wedding Cake:

 First cut of the wedding cake id done by the bride and groom together. According to older and archaic traditions, bride had to serve all the portions to groom’s family signifying transfer of her household duties from her family to the groom’s family.

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