Wedding Dress

Wedding Dress

Wedding dress is the dress worn by the bride during her wedding ceremony. In most of the cultures and religions, this is the traditional dress, bride like to wear. The style, color, design and the ceremonial importance depends upon the culture of the bride and the groom. Girls start dreaming about their wedding dress from very young age. Wedding dress is very important for a girl and she keeps it as a treasure after her marriage. After wedding, she wears it only on some special occasions.

Importance of Wedding dress

A wedding symbolizes more than a union between just two people. It can be a union between two families or business or countries. It may be the result of some political action. For that purpose, bride needs to be dressed in such a manner which significantly tells about the social class of their families.

Brides of rich families often wear wedding dresses made up from rich and expensive fabric. Colors used are bright and it carries layers of velvet, silk and fur. Brides of poor families wear wedding dresses, the best they can buy. Bride’s wedding dress reflects the social standing of the families to their guests.

Western Wedding dress:

In Western culture, basic wedding dress is based upon the Victorian style. Again, wedding dresses are also based upon the popular styles of any particular era. Earlier wedding gowns used to be short in front and had a longer train in the back. But later on, long, full-skirted designs came in fashion which is in trend till today.

Color of western wedding dress is white which is called wedding white and includes creamy shades such as eggshell, ivory and ecru. Though traditionally, white was not the color of wedding rather it was the color of morning in France. Before the Victorian era, wedding dress could be of any color except black and red. Later white color of wedding dress was associated with color of purity. But now it is the tradition only to wear white wedding dress.

Eastern Wedding dress:

Chinese brides like to wear red wedding dress; red being traditional color of good luck. In Japan, brides change 3 or 4 dresses which are the traditional kimonos of any color. In North India, red is traditional colour of wedding dress, which may be a sari or a lehnga- Choli. In South India, brides wear cream and gold saris.

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