14 Home Remedies For Reduce Hormonal Acne

Hormonal Acne

Acne that is caused due to hormonal imbalances is known as hormonal acne. This kind of acne is most common in the teenagers, girls having their menstruation periods and pregnant women.The hormone responsible for causing this kind of acne is known as Androgen. It blocks the skin follicles, thereby causing enlargement of pores and production of sebum in them. Similarly, testosterone is the other hormone, which causes outbreak of acne, when imbalanced.

Hormonal acne troubles people of almost every age group and gender, and medications seem to make it more aggravated. So, what should you do to get relief from this condition? Thankfully, there are several remedies that can be easily prepared and used at home, for this purpose.

Home Remedies For Hormonal Acne

Cleanse Your Face Properly

Use Rose Water For Hormonal Acne Cleanse Your Face Properly For Hormonal Acne


Dirt and impurities have very profound and bad effect on the acne, so it is very important that you cleanse you face daily.Also, never ever forget to remove your make up, before going to sleep, using a mild cleansing lotion, as it may worsen the condition of acne.

Use Rose Water


Rose water is very mild and soothing for skin and you can use it in your face mask and also for cleansing and toning your skin. Always apply rose water in diluted form or add few drops of it in your face mask, or take it on cotton ball and apply gently all over your skin.

Rub Ice On The Areas Having Acne

Rub Ice On The Areas Having Acne


Ice soothes the burning and itching sensation caused by acne and helps in controlling its spread.It also restricts the flow of blood to the affected areas, thereby reducing inflammation. So, you can rub ice cubes over your face, to get instant relief from pain, and itching.

Use Face Mask Made From Strawberry

Use Face Mask Made From Strawberry For Hormonal Acne


Take strawberries and make their puree. Add half teaspoon of sour cream to it, mix well and apply this mixture on your skin, once a week. You can also apply cut strawberries directly on your face. Strawberries help in reducing the vigor of acne and pacifying them.

Use Crushed Neem Leaves

Use Crushed Neem Leaves For Hormonal Acne


Neem or Azadirachta indica is a tree that comes with great medicinal properties. Applying crushed leaves of this tree can have amazing effects in curing acne.

Use Oatmeal Face Mask

Use Oatmeal Mask For Hormonal Acne


Powder the oatmeal and cook it with water for some time. After it cools down, apply it on your face or other body part, having acne and rinse it, as it starts drying up. You will be left with a softer and cleaner skin and acne will also be reduced. You should use it regularly for best results.

Application Of Garlic Also Helps In Acne

Application Of Garlic Also Helps In Acne


You can crush garlic cloves and apply it on your acne. Keep it for as long as you can, until you get burning sensation, and wash it off with water.This remedy has been observed to be very effective in the cases of hormonal acne.

Use Mask Made Of Sandalwood

Use Mask Made Of Sandalwood ForAcne


Sandalwood mixed with rose water is a great home remedy for acne. You can apply this mask on your face or body part having acne, and rinse it off, on drying.

Apply Your Early Morning Saliva On Acne

Morning Saliva On Acne1


This may look a bit disturbing to some people, but the fact is, your early morning saliva contains some very useful bacteria and germs.Applying them on your acne, will give some relief from this problem. You need to apply your early morning saliva, before you brush your teeth and rinse it off, after 10 to 15 minutes.

Papaya Is Very Effective In Acne

Papaya Is Very Effective In Acne


Take out the pulp from papaya fruit and apply it on your face. Leave is for 30 minutes and rinse it off with cold water. This fruit can work wonders in case of acne.

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Use Honey And Cinnamon

Use Honey And Cinnamon For HormonalAcne


Applying cinnamon and honey over your skin, can give you visible relief from acne. You should apply its thin layer and then rinse it off with water. Using this for 2 weeks will give you visible results.

Chamomile Tea

Chamomile Tea For Hormonal Acne


You can use dampened tea bags of chamomile leaves for soothing the acne. Keep these tea bags on your acne for 30 seconds, and then remove them, to get instant relief. You can also make a face mask by adding few drops of this tea to ripe banana and mixing it well. Apply it on the affected skin, and see the difference.

Consume More Of Organic Food

Organic Food For HormonalAcne


The organic food does not contain any pesticides or harmful chemicals that can cause hormonal imbalances.So, you should prefer organic food products and in addition also reduce the consumption of meat, to get relief from hormonal acne.

Control Acne With Slippery Elm

Control Acne With Slippery Elm


Take slippery elm powder and add Echinacea tincture to it. Mix well, till it forms a smooth paste. Apply this thick paste over acne, in lumps, and cover it with a band aid. Keep it for 90 minutes and then remove. It will definitely reduce your acne.

Acne is not only a painful condition, but also damages your skin and ruins your looks. So, it is very important to control it, and what better way, than to do so, with the help of simple home remedies.These remedies are easily available, extremely effective and without any side effects. So, if you are having trouble with hormonal acne, then go ahead and try them.

Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.